Lead Generation

Marketing your business in our age of mass empowerment

This is a large post, but also an important one if you haven’t fully embraced or adapted your marketing approach to today’s vastly changed business landscape. For 150 years mass marketing was about the ONLY economical way to get your message out there. But today we’re living in a new age of mass empowerment fuelled by commercial clutter, the rise of internet, sophisticated online search, social media, broadband, wi-fi and smartphones. It spells the end of mass marketing as we’ve known it for most businesses […]

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How to write emails that give you no choice but to read on

America’s No.1 sales authority Jeffrey Gitomer recently received an email from me. He says the email gave him no choice but to read on. His interest had to do with the subject line, the headline, the design of the content, and the copy. He liked the email so much that he wrote a widely syndicated article spelling out the 11 factors that compelled him to respond. He kindly allowed me to reproduce the article here, and he makes some great points as he analyses what made the email work […]

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How to Self Publish Your Book

Writing a book is a fabulous way of establishing your expertise. If all your competitors give out a business card when they visit or communicate with their marketplace, and you give out the book you’ve written, which of the two competitors is your prospect more likely to choose? Are they more likely to choose the […]

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What the Pecha Kucha?

Pecha Kucha is a presentation method, developed in Japan, that is reputed to improve audience attention. It is a method of presenting that ensures both content and length are kept short and to the point, hence the claim of ending the nightmare we’ve all experienced – death by PowerPoint.

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Create an avalanche of qualified leads

Identifying prime prospects for your product, service or expertise can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. But that’s an easy challenge to overcome when you employ “Packaged information offers” in an effective manner, writes Robert Clay of Marketing Wizdom. Packaged information offers are one of my all-time favourite low-risk/high-return strategies for generating […]

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Taking the mystery out of list buying

The right mailing list can be worth a small fortune to you. The wrong list can cost you a fortune in the blink of an eye. Most people just pick up the phone and order a list. That’s a recipe for disaster. There is more to buying lists than most people realise. This article tells you how.

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