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    We won the premier award in our industry, The Sunday Times National Estate Agent of The Year, for 2 years running, making us the “Best Estate Agent in the UK.” We couldn't have achieved that without Eureka

    Robin King, CEO, Robin King Estate Agents

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    After starting to apply what I learned from this book, within 3 months my business grew 46% over the same period the year before

    Robert Callendar, CEO, Robert Callendar Opticians

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    Eureka has given me the confidence to really be the business woman I want to be. I am now confident about building a small business into a large business. I know what has to be done and I have the confidence to do it

    Elva Ainsworth, Founder, Talent Innovations

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    Before the Eureka program, we employed five or six staff and turned over around £700,000 a year. We now have over £2.5M turnover, employ twenty people, and within our field of professional HR qualifications, we're the UK market leader

    Robert Wagner, Managing Director, DPG Plc

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    When our relationship started we had £100K consulting revenue and £25K product revenue. Our product revenue is now £850K

    Elva Ainsworth, Founder, Talent Innovations

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    I can say without hesitation that this 3-day workshop was the most beneficial learning experience of my life. If you have ambition for your business to grow I can't recommend it enough

    John Williamson, Co-Owner, Tarzan Unbreakable Furniture

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    Probably the most useful three days I’ve ever taken out of the office. The computer software that allows you to create a blueprint so you forget nothing and remember everything is brilliant!

    Zef Eisenberg, Founder, Maximuscle, Europe's No.1 Sports Nutrition Supplier, National winner of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

  • The DNA of Growing Your Business – 1 Day Workshop

    Learn 7 ways to outsell, outsmart and outperform your toughest competitors. You’ll gain insights into strategies that have been proven with over 540 businesses.

    If you want to have a quick yet thorough look at your business in today’s environment, this workshop is a must

    Henk Elzenga, MOBO Music Awards/Artist Promotion Platform

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  • Quantum Leap 3-day Marketing Workshop

    Identify the 50 highest performing strategies for your business and create a uniquely powerful 3-400 page business transformation plan. 12 month 100% risk free guarantee.

    In my MBA I probably learned 1% of what you've taught us in the last three days.

    Robert Drew, When CEO of Vistage International

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  • Eureka Entrepreneur Mentoring Program

    Invitation-only mentoring program where you meet and work with other committed, like-minded entrepreneurs, four days a year to not only learn WHAT to do, but also HOW to do it.

    We've grown our CIPD business from £250k a year to £2.5 M in just 3 years, and within our field we're now market leaders.

    Robert Wagner, CEO of DPG Plc

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Client Results

  • 3-day workshop participants typically discover an average £2M in extra sales and profit … from just 4 of the 50 easily applied strategies

  • Typical businesses completing phase 1 of the Eureka mentoring program report 400%-1000% growth and many become market leaders

  • Many clients have won top awards e.g. Ernst and Young National Entrepreneur of the Year Winners and Runners Up; Sunday Times National Estate Agent of the Year for the past five years … and more