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DNA Code for building a market leading business

Here at Marketing Wizdom we have a major mission: to create the equivalent of a DNA code to take any established business with high growth potential to market leadership in its field, niche or sector.

After 16 years of research, development, testing and refining we have now assembled over 4 million pages of know-how and created many unique procedures. Fifteen in-depth books have been published so far (with many more planned), and businesses are increasingly using this special know-how to outperform their competitors, achieve major awards or attain market leadership.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business founder or CEO of a business with high growth potential, you get the priceless knowledge and step-by-step processes and procedures you need to build in a fraction of the normal time, an award winning or market leading business that grows almost entirely by word of mouth.

Your business transformation starts with a 3-day intensive workshop that completely changes the way you think about your business, and continues with a one-day retreat every 3 months at a stately home or country house hotel, as part of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs.

As you progress through the Marketing Wizdom business transformation process you not only learn WHAT to do, but also HOW to do it, the bit that most “experts” conveniently fail to communicate. In addition you receive amazing support from a community of committed, like-minded entrepreneurs who willingly share their knowledge and experience with you.

This process saves you time; ends years of frustration; gives you a proven track to run on; accelerates your results and eliminates the need for you to figure out or try 100 things to discover the two that work; or do things the hard, expensive or overly time-consuming way when better, more efficient or faster methods for achieving the same or better outcomes already exist.

The challenges you face as an entrepreneur …

Despite the world’s knowledge now being readily accessible to anyone via the internet, as an entrepreneur today, ironically, you are probably “drowning in information but starved of knowledge.” You have a mission to fulfil, fires to fight, situations to resolve and a business to build. You simply don’t have the time, inclination or resources to discover, research or even consider a tiny fraction of the options available to you, never mind identify and separate those who really know their stuff from the charlatans who make empty promises and try to part you from your money … or those who can help you or implement the ideas and strategies that really matter or will make a difference to your business.

As an entrepreneur you’re aware that there is nothing easy about running a business, let alone attaining market leadership. It requires vision; time; effort; drive; dedication; focus; patience; business acumen; a sound business model; adequate funding; keeping abreast of rapid changes and trends; the ability to select, manage, motivate and retain the right talent; an array of additional skills; and vast amounts of know-how.

For your business to succeed you must build it on solid foundations. Foolproof processes must be developed, tested, systematically deployed and deeply embedded throughout your organisation. Getting every element right can take decades of trial and error. When success comes it brings increased visibility, which in turn attracts intense scrutiny, all of which you must handle effectively to sustain your success in today’s fast-paced business world. The enormity of these tasks, and the fact that most entrepreneurs and executives find it “lonely at the top,” with nowhere to turn for support, quite simply overwhelms most people in business.

Those are the challenges that Marketing Wizdom seeks to address.

The Marketing Wizdom Business Transformation Process

Marketing Wizdom does not offer one-to-one consulting, nor do we do marketing for anyone or provide any marketing services.

Instead our huge wealth of knowledge and experience is transferred to you in the first instance via an immersive 3-day Quantum Leap Workshop that has been continuously developed, delivered, updated and refined over 12 years. In this workshop you use innovative technology to learn and retain significantly more knowledge in just 3-days than most people will ever learn from an MBA … or from a lifetime in business.

As part of the Quantum Leap process you also create a completely bespoke and unique 3-400 page blueprint for your business to which you will be referring for many years ahead as you transform your business. If you run a business and you’re serious about growing it, whether it’s a start-up or an established business, you’ll benefit massively from this workshop.

The Eureka program, in contrast, plays out over a number of years. It is a mentoring program for hand-picked groups of business founders and senior executives normally drawn from the top 0.5% of entrepreneurs. The aim of the program is to help you build, in a fraction of the normal time, a market leading business that grows almost entirely by word of mouth.

Each Eureka group currently has around 20 committed, like-minded entrepreneurs who participate by invitation only. The program admits entrepreneurs running established businesses with annual revenues in the £1-50M range, while also occasionally admitting well funded startups with a clear vision, a sound business plan, a scalable model, and the ability and capacity to implement.

In either case, you must demonstrate business acumen; have the desire and ability to become a market leader in your niche; and be in a position to make the commitment required to achieve success in order to maximise the chances of a successful outcome.

As a member of a Eureka group you attend a one-day retreat every 90 days, typically at a country house hotel accompanied by dinner and an overnight stay. While there you receive the next instalment of Marketing Wizdom’s in-depth knowledge, information, focus, perspectives, strategies, step-by-step procedures, tools, implementation plans, checklists, roadmaps and a track to run on that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

Each of the 3 phases of the Eureka program is delivered over 3 years.

The first phase focuses on building the foundations for exponential growth, including positioning your business and the products and services you offer in a way that makes it very easy for your target market to buy.

Phase two focuses on building the ultimate sales machine; generating a constant flow of qualified leads and converting them effectively into business.

Phase three then focuses on attaining and maintaining high net margins; growing loyal clients; and turning those clients into zealous advocates who talk about the company constantly and spontaneously whether they’re there or not.

The ultimate aim of the program is to build, in a fraction of the normal time, a market leading business that grows almost entirely by word of mouth.

A Community Like No Other

In a fast paced business world where uncertainty dominates and the unknown is the only constant, the Eureka mentoring program is invaluable. It imparts a huge wealth of knowledge; enables the achievement of extraordinary results and becomes a huge asset to participating businesses. It not only teaches you WHAT to do and HOW to grow your business, but the tangible community feel fostered in each group also encourages you and your fellow entrepreneurs to inspire, support, challenge, enrich, and drive one another. And that overcomes the “lonely at the top” syndrome suffered by so many entrepreneurs.

If you need a contact, expert advice, a person to bounce an idea off, a sounding board, or someone who can provide a perspective and insights free of bias and pressure, theres always someone in the group you can turn to. When you’re running a business, being able to access that support and ‘business intelligence’ is invaluable. So for many participants the Eureka program becomes a natural extension of their own business.

Aside from what we do at Marketing Wizdom, this site should give you plenty of rich, jargon-free (and FREE of charge!), insights into an array of simple, obvious, commonsense marketing strategies that’ll cost you little to implement—and they’ll work for just about any business. Subscribe to the newsletter alongside to get regular updates.

To find out more about how Marketing Wizdom can help you in your business, simply call us direct on 01908 933535, or email us at office@marketingwizdom.com.

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