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An Unusual But Highly Effective Marketing Technique

The story that follows shows you what phenomenal results you can achieve once you start to truly appreciate yourself and/or your products and services. It comes from Bernadette Doyle, Ireland’s leading marketing maven. I liked it so much that I asked her permission to reproduce it here in its entirety for you to read, and she kindly agreed. So here’s the story:

Bernadette Doyle: “Let me tell you a quick story. A few years ago I heard of a store owner who had developed an interesting technique for increasing sales. Whenever trade slowed down, she would go around her store, touching the items that she sold, and silently blessing them. Whenever she did this, trade would pick up.

Not long after I heard that story, I was having a clear out and decided to sell some of my old books on Amazon. I listed the books and put them on the corner of my desk ready to send out when people bought.

Well this went on for about two weeks, but no orders came. I started to get irritated by the pile of unwanted books taking up valuable desk space. Every time I caught sight of the books I would groan inwardly.

Then I suddenly realised that I was doing the opposite of the enlightened store owner. To me the books were ‘unwanted’ and the world was agreeing with me! So I sat down and I picked up each book in turn. I thought about what I had learned from the book, and gave gratitude for it, then I imagined that book matching up with the next person in the world who would most benefit from it.

All six books sold out in the next 48 hours.

This experience got me thinking about how, for those of us who are selling ‘ourselves’, how powerful are thoughts are. When you’re selling yourself, every small judgment you have on yourself affects your value in the marketplace. The world will reflect back to you, with unerring accuracy, how much you value what you are selling. As long as I believed the books were ‘unwanted’, they were. As long as you believe that you’re ‘not good enough’ the market will agree with you.

In other words, learning to love yourself is a highly effective marketing technique! Louise Hay says, ‘When we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works. It’s as if little miracles are everywhere.’

Your self-love is a gift not just to yourself, but to everyone around you. That’s because a lack of self-love doesn’t just hurt you – it hurts the people around you too.

If you don’t truly love yourself, then your children, partner, family, colleagues and clients are probably already paying a price.

Today bless yourself, the talents you were born with, the skills you have honed, the experience you have earned. You deserve quiet glow of self-appreciation that warms you no matter what is happening in the world. You deserve an end to the self-criticism, self-blame, self-deprecation that keeps you small and hurts not just you, but the people around you too.

I told you this was an unusual marketing technique, but don’t be surprised that as you do this, new opportunities pop up in expected places. Just try it with an open mind and see for yourself!”


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