Direct Mail

Million dollar copywriting tips

In my seminars and workshops I’ve referred for years to a couple of “million dollar” copywriting tips which, at a stroke, can dramatically transform the effectiveness of everything you write. Both tips are incredibly simple and easy to apply, but less than one in a hundred written pieces even begins to get them right. My first tip is to write as you speak. Be you. Use everyday language. Give your writing a human voice … and let your passion shine through. My second copywriting tip—a golden rule for effective direct response copywriting—is such a simple concept, yet it will have a profound impact on how your written communications are received […]

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Taking the mystery out of list buying

The right mailing list can be worth a small fortune to you. The wrong list can cost you a fortune in the blink of an eye. Most people just pick up the phone and order a list. That’s a recipe for disaster. There is more to buying lists than most people realise. This article tells you how.

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