How to Self Publish Your Book

Writing a book is a fabulous way of establishing your expertise. If all your competitors give out a business card when they visit or communicate with their marketplace, and you give out the book you’ve written, which of the two competitors is your prospect more likely to choose? Are they more likely to choose the […]

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LinkedIn: 100 Million can’t be wrong!

If you’re in business there’s a good chance that you’re either a member of LinkedIn, or have at least been invited at some point to join. Lot’s of people join LinkedIn but really don’t really understand what it is for; how to use it; what it’s good for; what the benefits are; or how to leverage it. The aim of this post is to give you a simple understanding of what LinkedIn can do for you and get you up to speed quickly on the absolute basics to save you time when you use this powerful online networking tool […]

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