Marketing your business in our age of mass empowerment

This is a large post, but also an important one if you haven’t fully embraced or adapted your marketing approach to today’s vastly changed business landscape. For 150 years mass marketing was about the ONLY economical way to get your message out there. But today we’re living in a new age of mass empowerment fuelled by commercial clutter, the rise of internet, sophisticated online search, social media, broadband, wi-fi and smartphones. It spells the end of mass marketing as we’ve known it for most businesses […]

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Where good ideas come from

A friend from Argentina, Exequiel Delgado, recommended this video on breakthrough creativity and innovation. He suggested that I check it out. He was absolutely right. I love it. It’s amazing. It explains where good ideas come from and why hunches need time to incubate and turn into breakthroughs. It’s in English with Spanish subtitles. Everyone should watch […]

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