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Skip the trial and error stage and focus only on the marketing activities that’ll have the biggest impact on your business
Stepping Stones Online Program
FREE Stepping Stones Marketing Masterclass
Discover how to skip the immensely frustrating trial and error stage and focus only on the marketing activities that’ll have the biggest impact on your business
This FREE marketing masterclass puts you on the path to:
  • Understanding how 442 business owners projected an average 628% growth by focusing only on marketing activities that were right for THEIR business
  • ​Finding, fixing and implementing many of the key elements of success your business is missing
  • ​Rethinking the way you do business from the ground up
  • ​Rocketing your business to that elusive next level, the one that always seems just beyond your reach
  • ​Achieving the business results you’ve always wanted
What are you waiting for?


  • Get instant access to your first masterclass lesson now and learn about four key building blocks that are essential to achieving the business results you’ve always wanted
  • ​Learn why the latest and greatest techniques or shortcuts rarely work in isolation and why you need to have the right foundations in place before you can achieve lasting results
  • Discover the crucial importance of educating your marketplace; why it’s your best route to market; how it does much of the heavy lifting for you; raises your visibility; attracts a self-selecting audience of pre-sold buyers; and accelerates your clients’’ buying decisions.
  • Find out how the marketing leverage mindset gives you the keys to achieving virtually unlimited business results and puts you years ahead of where you would have been without it
  • ​Download, print and work your way through the downloadable action guides that accompany each lesson to open your mind, inspire your thinking and help you identify dozens of ways to supercharge your business results
  • ​Join hundreds of other business owners who now see possibilities in their business that they were blind to before and describe this masterclass as a “complete game changer”
“The clarity and structure I’ve 
been searching for, for years”
“Working with Marketing Wizdom gave me the clarity and structure I’d been searching for, for years. A lot of it was already in my head, but not connected together the way it is now. This training gave me so much clarity. I know exactly what I’m going to do moving forwards - on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis - and, incredibly, it doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. It feels empowering.”

Katia Febrissy, award winning filmmaker, director and screen writer

Get ready to change the way you think 
about your business forever 

Embrace key principles that will make a dramatic difference to your results including:
  • Lead generation. Learn some inexpensive but powerful online and offline lead generation techniques and rules that, when combined, will enable you to generate new customers at will
  • Conversion. Discover simple yet highly effective techniques for rapidly converting a much higher portion of your existing enquiries into sales, regardless of the business climate
  • Retention. Retain more customers, attract ongoing repeat business and build loyalty. These strategies alone can help you achieve consistent, predictable and dramatic results
  • Acceleration. Multiply the impact of every strategy you implement using a series of accelerators that will further increase the results you can expect to achieve by 50-5,000%
Your Stepping Stones Masterclass Questions Answered
Who is the Stepping Stones Marketing Masterclass for?
This masterclass is aimed at busy, ambitious and driven business owners who lack time and need practical, easily implemented and, above all, effective marketing strategies to raise their game, accelerate their business growth and achieve the business results they always wanted.

Whether you’re a business beginner getting a new business off the ground with little or no capital; or you’re looking to expand and scale an established 6-7 or 8 figure business to the next level; or you’re looking to grow and maximise the value of your business with an exit in mind, then this masterclass will help you achieve your objectives more easily and rapidly.

It really doesn’t matter if you operate online or offline, where you’re located … or what business you’re in. Yours could be a retail business, an industrial business, a training provider, real estate agent, recruitment company, financial adviser, serviced office provider, software developer, designer, manufacturer, charity, marketing agency, printer, a consultant or caterer just to name a few of the types of businesses I’ve worked with recently.

Regardless of your situation, the concepts you’ll learn in this masterclass are based on universal principles that work for ALL businesses regardless of size or business sector. 

Unless you are already achieving as much growth as you can handle in your business, you WILL gain enormous value from this masterclass regardless of any qualifications or experience you already have.
How does the Masterclass work?
When you sign up for your free Stepping Stones masterclass you get instant access to the first of four lessons that will put you on path to achieving the business results you’ve always wanted. Further lessons are unlocked every three days until you’ve had all four lessons. 

Each lesson will help you to start rethinking the way you do business; work much smarter than before; reach more clients; understand what you have to do to grow and scale your business more easily; gain complete control over your cashflow and financial future; and achieve the business results you’ve always wanted.

Once you experience everything in this masterclass for yourself, you’ll realise just how powerful and transformational this masterclass is. And if you enjoy it want to go deeper, when you’ve completed the masterclass you’ll be offered an opportunity to join the full 12-month Stepping Stones program ... but we only expect you to join if you decide it is right for you! 
“I understand the challenges you’re facing in your business right now”
I’m Robert Clay and, as a lifelong business owner myself, I truly understand the daily challenges and frustrations you face. The truth is, no matter how good your product or service, if you're not getting some key marketing principles right, you will struggle. 

Over the last 23 years, I’ve helped over 600 business owners identify the marketing activities and strategies that have enabled them to reach new levels of growth and prosperity.

Many have gone on to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. Get the full story when you join the Stepping Stones masterclass.
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