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24 Accelerators and Power Boosters

Accelerators and Power Boosters that will enhance the performance of everything you do

Here are some of the accelerators and power boosters that work alongside many of the strategies mentioned elsewhere on this site to improve the results of everything you do … from 50 – 5,000 percent.

1. Test and measure everything you do

Trying one approach against another, one supposition against another, one way of doing something, of saying something, of pricing something, of guaranteeing something, of explaining something, of promoting something against another, then measuring and comparing results, discovering which approaches always out-perform others, sometimes by a massive margin.

2. Use direct response approaches

Few ads or sales letters say anything meaningful or make a compelling case for the product or service being promoted. Most merely keep the company name in front of the public. Direct response ads or sales letters, in contrast, should be nothing less than ”salesmanship in print.” Even the smallest ad should tell a story; make a complete case for your product or service; present factual, specific reasons why it is superior on an analytically and factually supported basis; overcome sales objections; answer all major questions; stimulate a direct and immediate response, or promote an instant sale. The more you can create a picture in the mind of your customer that appeals to their emotions, captures their involvement and allows them to experience your product or service in their mind, the closer you’ll get to that sale.

3. Create a Perpetual Relationship

Investing in your customers to create advocacy and an on-going relationship so that instead of waiting passively for them to return, they keep coming back over and over and over again and look to you for all kinds of products and services.

4. Make It Easy, Pleasant, Desirable and Fun To Do Business With You

Ensuring that everyone within your business, everything your business does, everything you stand for, is a pleasant enjoyable and comforting transaction for your customer.

5. Focus Only On The Intended Customer

Identifying exactly who your prime target audience is and focusing your efforts on communicating only with them, no one else, instead of trying to be all things to all people.

Additional accelerators and power boosters include:

  1. Address the real needs of your clients
  2. Bonuses and incentives
  3. Direct response copywriting
  4. Educate people to the facts
  5. Educate your way out of a problem
  6. Graphic design and layout
  7. Leverage everything you do
  8. Military strategy principles
  9. Monetize to create customer value
  10. Stick with approaches that still work
  11. Tell your customers the reasons why
  12. Tell people what to do and why to do it
  13. Tell people what specific action to take
  14. The 80/20 principle
  15. Time management
  16. Understand and use NLP
  17. Use “Salesmanship in Print”
  18. Use key psychological influence factors
  19. Use your USP in everything you do

Which Strategies Will Supercharge YOUR Business Growth?

The strategies listed here are just SOME of the approaches you can use to accelerate your business growth. But here’s the thing: EVERY business is unique. What’s right for one business may not be right for another.

You need to know WHICH strategies will have the biggest impact on YOUR business. You need to know the RIGHT ORDER in which to implement them. And you also need to focus ONLY on those strategies. But how do you know what they are?

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