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The knowledge of marketing legends …

For many years Robert Clay, Chris Billington Hughes and Andrea Pickerin have been building up their in-depth world-class knowledge of an array of low-risk/high-return marketing strategies.

They have studied the life works of 276 of the world’s top marketers from the past 130 years, including such direct response advertising, marketing and copywriting legends as:

  • John Powers
  • F Wayland Ayer
  • John E Kennedy
  • Walter Dill Scott
  • J Walter Thompson
  • Albert Lasker
  • Claude Hopkins
  • E Haldemann-Julius
  • Fairfax Cone
  • Leo Burnett
  • Robert Collier
  • Maxwell Sackheim
  • George Gallup
  • Victor Schwab
  • Eugene Schwartz
  • John Caples
  • Rosser Reeves
  • David Ogilvy
  • Bill Bernbach
  • Raymond Rubicam
  • Theodore Bates
  • Clyde Bedell
  • Joe Karbo
  • Gary Halbert
  • Gary Bencivenga
  • Joe Sugarman
  • Drayton Bird
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Ted Nicholas
  • Frederick Reichheld
  • Dennison Hatch
  • Herschell Gordon Lewis
  • Bob Bly
  • Yanik Silver
  • Harry Beckwith
  • George Silverman
  • Jay Conrad Levinson
  • Mark Joyner
  • Al Reis
  • Jack Trout
  • Jeffrey Fox
  • Seth Godin

They have assembled a large collection of hard-to-find books, audios and videos from all of these legends, including many rare originals. Just take one example: Robert Clay has built possibly world’s largest collection of materials from Jay Abraham, the world’s most highly paid marketing consultant, and one of the most articulate. This collection alone contains over 1,300 of Jay’s audios and DVDs (recorded at 3-10 day events, each one costing from $5,000 – $25,000 to attend), plus tens of thousands of pages of written materials. Had you attended the events covered by this collection, or bought these materials new from Jay, you’d have had to invest over $300,000.

A single copy of Jay’s extremely rare, valuable and highly sought after 6,431 page Strategic Marketing Encyclopedia, with resale rights, would have taken your investment over $500,000. Robert owns one of these rare works, and Jay is just one of 264 knowledge sources that Robert has studied.

In addition, we maintain day to day contact with an array of today’s top marketing and business growth authorities to maintain the cutting edge.

To assimilate, dissect, and analyse this vast body of knowledge—with a view to turning it into practical strategies to take  clients to market leadership—Robert and his colleagues have accumulated and written up some 4 million pages of notes since 1996. Those unique and priceless notes have been painstakingly organised, arranged and entered into a unique knowledgebase detailing the best marketing practices worldwide in every conceivable industry. This knowledgebase contains the world’s most valuable marketing know-how, all instantly accessible using a unique artificial intelligence knowledge retrieval system.

This world-class knowledge, together with his real life experience of building successful businesses from age 19, forms the basis for Robert and Chris’s highly acclaimed seminars and workshops. It is the knowledge that will be imparted to you if you attend a Quantum Leap workshop, or join the Eureka program for aspiring market leaders.

It’s also the knowledge behind the four books a year that Robert writes (N.B These books are not for public consumption. They are only available to participants in the Eureka program).

And that’s why so many of Marketing Wizdom’s clients have routinely achieved 6-20 times the results they achieved before working with the company.

The knowledgebase in action …

The image above shows 9,901 search results in 0.035 seconds when searching the knowledgebase using the term “referral system”. That’s 9,901 separate documents, some extremely substantial in their own right, e.g. just ONE of the documents showing up in this search contains over 243,000 words — that’s around four 250-page books. Few, if any, other people in the world have as much information on this topic at their fingertips … or could produce as many relevant results so rapidly.

Here’s another example:

The example above shows a knowledgebase search for documents on “Lexus.” As you can see 1,456 documents were found in 0.088 seconds. We follow many of the companies who are re-writing the rulebooks and setting new standards in their sectors. Vast quantities of this knowledge are instantly available to us whether we’re developing a world-class marketing procedure, or consulting with clients who aspire to market leadership in their fields.