Unlock Your True Business Potential

Advertising for response

Title: – ‘Your introduction to effective advertising: Learn how to advertise your business for little or no extra cost’

Duration: – 2 Hours

Introduction: – Good advertising should do the same job that a top sales person would do face to face.  Approached in a scientific manner, following proven principles and facts, advertising no longer has to be a gamble. This seminar will show you how you can use an array of simple, effective techniques to maximise the profitability and efficiency of your advertising. 

Objectives: – This seminar covers the following topics …

  • Effective advertising defined
  • How to target with precision so that your message reaches the people that really count
  • How to sell people what they really buy … and gain an enormous advantage over 95% of your competitors
  • Giving your prospects and clients a complete understanding of why they should buy from you
  • How your prospects can experience your product or service in their mind before they experience it in reality
  • Companies that have gone from obscurity to market domination by employing the right techniques
  • The elements that will multiply your response rates, ten times, twenty times … or more
  • The simple advertising rules that do nothing less than set sales records
  • The obvious things that most advertisers just don’t know or forget or ignore
  • How to make the ordering process hugely, blindingly obvious and clear
  • The rules for achieving 15-20 times the normal response … with examples from well known companies
  • The common recipe for advertising that doesn’t work, why it doesn’t work … and what you can do about it
  • How to stimulate immediate response and promote an instant sale
  • The essential steps in creating direct response advertising
  • A series of simple, effective million dollar copywriting tips
  • How to write successful ads … step by step
  • Effective layout and design tips, richly illustrated with examples 
  • And much more …

Summary: – This seminar will provide you with dozens of simple secrets you can apply to your advertising to get 10-20 times the normal response. If you want to know how you can successfully advertise your business without breaking the bank then this is the seminar for you.

Here’s what previous attendees have said about this seminar: – 

‘You would love it! Fast talking but smart ideas. You will save money by the minute’ – Janice Trayner, Euromarque Personalised Wines

‘Very valuable evening. Very skeptical from the outset, but enlightened by the end’ – James Parrish, Parripak Foods

‘You can’t afford not to hear this – stop before you waste anymore of your advertising budget!’ – Jane Owen, Vital Product Solutions 

‘A must for anyone remotely interested in increasing the success of their business – Excellent!’ – Michael Oakley, Oakleys Estate Agents