Unlock Your True Business Potential

Introductory seminar


Title: – ‘Your introduction to low-risk/high-return marketing strategies: Learn how to grow your business in just 2 hours’

Duration: – 2 Hours

Introduction: – This seminar is genuinely special. You’ll find it crammed full of simple, practical, commonsense ideas that have been the driving force behind £ billions in sales and profits for thousands of companies, in hundreds of different industries — ideas that’ll cost you little or nothing to implement, that’ll give you an edge over even your closest competitors and make a substantial difference to your business.

Objectives: – This eye-opening seminar is guaranteed to provide you with answers to some of your most frustrating and perplexing business growth and marketing challenges, including:

  • What effective marketing really is
  • How you can harness the geometry of business growth to achieve better results with up to 80% reduction in time, effort, manpower, money and risk
  • a simple realisation that’ll give you an instant edge over 95% of your competitors
  • The biggest single factor that will determine your success in the marketplace … and you’re unlikely to ever see it written or spoken about elsewhere
  • How to set yourself apart from all your competitors and get buyers to understand the tangible, compelling, meaningful reasons why they should buy from you … in minutes
  • What people really buy when they buy your product or service
  • How to influence up to 80% of people in favour of your business over your competitors
  • How to multiply your business results by discovering what your customers really want or need
  • And much more…

Summary: – Robert’s seminars frequently exceed the expectations of 100% of attendees, even the most sceptical ones!  That’s certain to be your experience too when you join us for this special event. If you’re a smart, successful business leader who is passionate about what you do, excited about your future and open to new solutions that can help you to achieve your growth potential … you’ll benefit greatly from this seminar.

Here’s what previous attendees have said about this seminar: –

‘Expectations were surpassed hugely. Speculate to accumulate was never more apt. You cannot afford to miss it. There is so much to learn.’ — Gavin Bain, Networking

‘Years of knowledge packed into 2 hours.  Common sense framework with excellent examples that will make a REAL difference to ANY company.’ — Jocelyn Peregrine, Consulting

‘I believe I can double my sales revenue with what I’ve learned today.  If you want more income and more time to enjoy it — go listen to Robert Clay!’ — Noel Brassey, Lighting Manufacturer