Unlock Your True Business Potential

Networking Masterclass

Title: – ‘Networking Skills Masterclass’

Duration: – All Day (From 9-5)

Introduction: – Your success is not just determined by what you know, but also who you know … and who knows and trusts you! Effective networking is therefore vital to your success. And once you’ve acquired the right networking skills you can quickly learn how to get out; meet people; make new contacts; develop quality business relationships based on trust; polish your communication skills … and maximise your chances of success. This seminar is your chance to learn those networking skills that can make a real difference to the success of your business. 

Objectives: – This masterclass will teach you:

  • Why networking can be valuable to you
  • How networking can help you to build relationships, develop more business, gain the support of others, build your confidence, source suppliers and achieve powerful results.
  • How you can rapidly build a network of thousands of people
  • How you can reach almost anyone in the world in six steps or less
  • What networking is … and isn’t
  • The boomerang effect … how whatever you give comes back to you again from often unexpected quarters
  • How to overcome your nerves and adopt the right attitude to networking
  • How to meet people more easily, conquer fear, be comfortable in any room full of strangers, introduce yourself properly, remember people’s names and follow-up effectively
  • Networking nightmares and how to deal with them
  • The importance of understanding your own strengths, expertise and accomplishments
  • Why you don’t have to be Superman … or Wonderwoman!
  • Understanding your own power and learning to harness the power of your network
  • How to create a contact map and uncover your “hidden network” – the single most important thing you can do to advance your business or career
  • Types of networking groups and which ones are right for you
  • How to promote yourself professionally
  • How to use your business cards correctly … and what to do when other people present their card to you
  • How to introduce yourself effectively, connect with other people and explain how you can help them
  • Understand the six stages of any relationship, and the twelve steps to developing rapport
  • How to remember people’s names and burn them into your grey matter … and what to do if you’ve forgotten
  • How to make effective requests to people in your network … and the difference between effective and ineffective requests
  • It’s not what you know, but who you know …
  • How to be the hub of your network, building your network and nurturing your network
  • How to interact with people at networking events and build and cement healthy, trusting relationships that are mutually beneficial and rewarding
  • And much more…

Summary: – Most high achievers are just ordinary people who happen to have extraordinary networking skills. So if you run your own business, if you’re a professional, if you’re responsible for developing new clients, or if you’re seriously interested in growing your networking skills, this is the event for you. 

Here’s what previous attendees have said about this seminar: – 

‘Clear and effective day breaking down the illusion of what marketing ‘isn’t.’ I look forward to implementing and growing my network’ – Ian Cann, Hexagon

‘Very well informed presentation, including good visual aids and examples to put across a clear and effective point.’ – Michelle Seddon, Hilliers HRW Solicitors 

‘Failure to attend may result in failure to market at your full potential’ – Ian Cooke, BRI

‘This is the A-Z you need to know about the topic of networking.’ – Frank Purdy, The Sales Hunter