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Over 3,000 testimonials on file …

Many clients have attributed the transformation in their mindsets and business fortunes to Robert Clay’s low-risk/high-return marketing strategy seminars, workshops and the work he and his team have carried with them.

Since 1999 Robert’s seminars have certainly exceeded the expectations of 99.7% of participants. And his 3-day workshops have exceeded the expectations of 100% of participants since 2005. Good enough for most people you’d think … but not for us. Until we’re 100% satisfied with every aspect of what we’re offering we’ll continue to strive higher and higher towards achieving the shining pinnacle of perfection that is every perfectionist’s goal.

Trying to describe the impact that Robert’s knowledge and strategies can have on your business is rather like trying to describe the taste and texture of your favourite food or drink to someone who has never experienced anything like it. Rather than try, here is a small selection of testimonials from over 3,000 held on file in our offices.

You can inspect any of the original written testimonials and feedback forms by arrangement, or listen to audio recordings from more than 500 clients as they describe how they’ve gained from Robert’s input.

Here is a small selection from over 3,000 testimonials …

Thank you for inviting us to your 2 day Crunch Buster Seminar in December 2008. Your advice was very helpful and gave us new perspective on opportunities to stay ahead of our game. I sincerely appreciated the time you spent discussing Creating Winning Websites and the strategies for achieving them. Sharon found Customer Surveys especially worthwhile for her role within the company and how they can identify strengths and weaknesses within our businesses. We plan to devise a customer survey as you suggested. Again, thank you for the information you provided throughout the two days.

— Peter Cheal, designers and manufacturers of disability equipment

What was really really enlightening for me was the clarity of the strategies, how simple they are if you choose to implement them, and how fruitful they can become. As with any business, the simpler the concept or strategy is to implement, the more productive, efficient and enjoyable it’s going to be, and that’s what for me has really come out of these three days. It took me a long time and several meetings to decide “OK I’m going to pay the money to do this.” For a business of our size the outlay for this course seemed hard to justify. I thought I was doing a pretty good job as it was. It’s only a 3-day course, how much can I learn in an extra 3 days? But each night I’ve gone home and I’ve just been buzzing. I’d say now that it was the 3 most enlightening days I’ve ever had in my life and from where I’m sitting now, I’d pay double. Even so, I would still find it very difficult to explain the benefits of this course to my friends and business colleagues. if I tried to put over the full power and potential of it in black and white, I couldn’t even scrape the surface of what you would get from it. So I would say just trust me, you need to go on it. Until this point I thought I was going in the right direction, and all was going well. But now it’s like “PING! The sleeper has awoken!”

— Scott Conchar, Bars, Restaurants & Clubs

I really don’t envy you trying to market this course because it’s worth a lot more than it costs. Trying to convey what you can get out of it is not easy without sounding ridiculous because of the value of everything you learn. I don’t think there are any number of words that can successfully convey what you actually get from it. I can literally wipe the slate clean and know for a fact it will have a massive effect. It’s just phenomenal. The process oriented way it’s structured has particularly exceeded my expectations. I was already confident that I would get a lot of ideas and new knowledge out of it that would set me off on roads that I hadn’t thought about before, which is definitely true. But I didn’t appreciate the structured nature of it and the fact that we get, basically, a step by step guide. It’s not so much marketing or business growth in a conventional sense, it’s more a philosophy for how to get the most out of your business. I’m sure that even with all the testimonials on your website, some people will always wonder “Is it REALLY that good?” and “Can you REALLY justify it”. That is why I dont envy you at all, its not an easy thing to explain. My response is that you need to go on this course, you are missing out on so much if you don’t. It has so many ideas, possibilities, opportunities. This is what I’ve been waiting for and it will now send me on a journey of discovery & success for many years. If you’re in business and want to learn how it should really be done – go on this course. The first day alone is worth the fee.

— Mike Cheney, Website Optimisation

I got way more out of this workshop than I expected. There’s so much going on in my head at the moment from 3 days of intensity. What encapsulates it for me is that it’s very clear, it’s very simple, and if you stick to it you almost can’t go wrong. It really is enlightening, without sounding too cheesy about it, and I feel very fortunate to have experienced it because it is an experience that I really do believe could be the 3 most productive days of your life and your business career. If I have three more productive days consecutively later on in life, I’ll be shocked because this changes your mind set, your view on things and how you are going to move forward. Marketing has never been my biggest area before. I never really focused on it enough, and it never really interested me massively. I did it simply because it’s a vital part of business, but this shows how important it actually is. I came in not thinking this exactly related to what we were doing, I didn’t see that at the time. But it’s done exactly what you said, and you said marketing is vital to any business, no matter what it is, and that’s so true. Well it’s all here, and I learned way more than I thought I would. You will not take your business or your personal development to their full potential, unless you experience this workshop. It turns the light on, literally.

— Mike McGuigan, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs

My biggest realisation is that marketing can be structured, and scientific. This is a whole new way of thinking about and looking at marketing, and marketing strategy and all different components and how they all fit together. All the working examples were also really good. This will give you a structured approach to marketing, packed with lots of ideas that you can put in place easily.

— Ben Thornton, Vistage, World’s No.1 Organisation for Chief Executives

I’ve appreciated this opportunity of getting to know you and your team because I know you’ve been working closely with our organisation for a while. My Chief Executive said to me “You have to get on to this course, it’s brilliant,” and then he had to rush off into a meeting so I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve been on a number of marketing and sales courses and technical marketing courses, but they’ve all been in isolation, so what’s been particularly interesting for me is the linkage, from day 1, between the marketing strategies and where they fit into the sales side of things. I also picked up a lot of tactical tools and tips, and found the overall power and the multiple-dimensions of the process, very helpful. It has been more practical, than I expected. I can take home things that I now believe will make a difference rather than being told it will make a difference.

— David Banyard, Vistage, World’s No.1 Organisation for Chief Executives

We have been working with Robert’s Team for quite a while now and although I thought I had a pretty good idea of where you were coming from, I don’t think I had even an inkling of depth that you go into, and that’s been really valuable about this workshop. It is really quite exciting because it has given me a clear understanding that although nominally we’ve got many of these strategies in place — we even teach our own consultants to do many of these things — but we’re definately not putting many, if any, of these into effective or meaningful practice. It’s given me an idea of how we can go about building and measuring a proper strategy. Every aspect of our business is impacted by this and we should all be applying different strategies at different times in the different markets that we are looking at. In all honesty I didn’t know what to expect in advance. I’d seen the blueprint before I came, so I had an idea what the end result was going to look like and I’d been told about the software that we’d use. What particularly impresses me though is the way that the lessons have been layered one on top of the other and seeing the cumulative improvement that results. I also like the flexibility, and although it sounds a very corny word to use, the empowerment of being able to go away and cherry pick whatever you need from this to make your own business work. I also enjoy the fact that there is an emphasis, not so much on the technical things, but on the idea of really enjoying your business and actually coming at the whole thing from the whole other side of the equation, which is almost the idea of not chasing the money or chasing the success. Its quite revelationary, if that’s a word!

— Kirsten Vigar, Auditel, World’s No.1 Cost Management Consultancy

I’m excited about the impact this could have on my business. I’m normally very cynical, but I’d already heard good things about this workshop, so I was not as cynical as I could have been, although I tried not to expect anything. The workshop has passed the test of the cynic, yes, and has highlighted how little I knew, and how much I have been underperforming, frankly. It’s also made me realise the potential in my business, and will help my staff too, by using a more structured and measured approach, so ultimately it should make everyone happy. I certainly wasn’t expecting as much detail, in particular the detail of the psychology of advertising, because I’d never really got to grips or done that before, so it’s all been incredibly useful. You would not believe how little you know until you attend this workshop. It could change your life.

— Nick Damon, Woven Gift Items

This workshop allows you to tap into a great source of distilled knowledge and is ideal for people like me who are too close to the coalface. I came here thinking there really was massive opportunity in my business and that we needed to get in front of more customers. I’ve now spent three days learning about simple strategies for growth and opportunity. The straightforward way that these strategies have been described has helped me to understand how they can easily be applied to my business. The thing is, when you come in here you have such a powerful shift in your thinking that whereas you were thinking you could perhaps fix a particular problem area, you discover that you’ve actually been treating the symptom rather than the actual problem. I also recognise now that I’ve had no structured approach at all to anything, and that I’ve been a world class expert at not recognising the opportunities available to me. Having said that I’ve enjoyed doing what I do and its good fun and we’ve never taken it too seriously … but I know now that we can do it a lot more effectively and still have fun. The tools from this workshop will change my business — and I will be driving it from now on rather than letting it drive me. There’s a lot we can do to tighten up what we already do, and there’s so much more we can do and in a more formalised way. I’ve started to re-evaluate my business which will pay great dividends.

— Nick Gould, Telecoms

I enjoyed the way that we’ve been covering everything over these three days. I also thought that the way that the software brings everything together and very cleverly ranks the importance of everything for you was a tremendous benefit, e.g. a framework for tackling areas in order. It has made me realise that there are a good many things which we can do in a straightforward manner to make a big impact. We’ve fleshed out an awful lot over these three days and there were are a lot of revelations, particularly in how other people have built their businesses and ways of thinking outside the box. It’s given me the confidence and the background I needed and the knowledge that in working with you we will be doing a very solid job and covering everything. I also very much bought into your philosophy about values and how it’s about what you can do for other people. It’s a different approach, that fits very well with our philosophies. This workshop is highly worthwhile for any business, and is defining my business role in life – a huge difference in mapping the way forward.

— Jane Gould, Telecoms

”My biggest concern was that the workshop wouldn’t be of any practical value. At a lot of courses somebody spouts away and talks about theories and you don’t really get anything practical out of it. As soon as we heard you speak we knew that we would get practical help. Nothing you’ve said is actually revolutionary or obscure. It’s all common sense but the fact that none of us is really doing it, demonstrates the importance of what we’ve learned, and as with anything like this you need someone to mentor you and push you and give you advice. I’d like to add that we have tried some of the techniques in the past but we obviously haven’t tried them right, so when they failed, we assumed that it was the technique that was wrong. It probably wasn’t, it was just that we did it badly, so it was getting to the point where we were wondering ”What on earth do we have to do?” It was not quite desparation, but we were heading that way … and this workshop has lifted the fog and made us realise that actually we were probably doing the right thing, but just doing it very badly. And that’s been very useful too. If you are serious about developing your business, this is the ONE workshop for you. Unmissable.”

— Nik Plevan, Psychometric testing

”Before coming on this workshop we had spoken about whether we REALLY could afford this time, because we’re just so damn busy in trying to grow the business and it’s a bit like ”I haven’t got time for this gatling gun, I’m fending the invaders off the ramparts with my spear, go away.” Of course we didn’t know this workshop would turn out to be a gatling gun. I thought I was going to hear a lot of things I had heard before. I thought I knew how to run businesses, but I’ve learned things. It’s a bit like this big black curtain alongside me, and I’ve never realised it’s there and someone’s now gone ”Hey, have a look at this …” and I’ve now looked at it and thought ”Oh! Them shiny things are like the shiny things I’ve got, only they’re bigger and better!” I now understand why things that I thought I was doing well are not having the effect that they should. So it’s given me clarity and more than anything else, focus. It has lasered us down onto two or three things that we really just have got to do, bar nothing. And then I think we’ll start to move. The other thing I’d say is that I’m now looking at a much bigger mountain but I can see a path up it. The fog’s cleared up and I can see the mountain now, whereas before I could see bits. But now I’m very focused on what that mountain looks like and how I can climb it where before I just knew it was there and I was sort of trying to attack it. I suggest you go and listen with an open mind. You’ll understand why you’re not succeeding. You’ll understand what you have to do. More to the point, you’ll understand WHAT you need to do to be more effective, how to achieve it and how to deliver it.”

— John Wigham, Psychometric Testing

”Working in advertising it’s very easy to think of that as the most important thing, so it’s been great to see all the other little bits of marketing and realise that they’ve all got to fit together. Nothing is more important than something else, and it’s all got to be built up together. So that’s been very useful, as has the realisation that a number of simple strategies combined together can produce a massive impact. Also all the examples you’ve given have been excellent. You’ve explained a concept and you’ve given examples … we’ve all been listening for a long time to you, but it makes it more interesting. It’s been really easy to listen to. Even though we’ve been here for ten hours a day, it’s not been in the least bit boring and really interesting. We got so much information and we’ve got it all to take away. We can go and use it now. But you’ve used this time valuably to give us all that information which we need to build on the next step. It’s definitely been better than I expected. I would sum up by saying that it provides a valuable insight into marketing and most importantly straightforward ways to improve your business. It is not unrealistic.”

— Clare Waldron, Advertising Agency

”The workshop helped us to focus on ideas that I’ve been aware of but couldn’t label whereas now I’m able to identify them and label them … The examples you’ve covered for us have been very useful whether it’s Julian Richer’s idea of success, or whatever. It’s highlighted that there’s so much available out there if you just focus yourself. It’s great information, it’s fantastic and it certainly has exceeded my expectation on the basis that I think a lot of it was very logical, and extremely applicable. The ideas and concepts are very useable. If you wish to be rewarded for your effort better than before then you cannot miss this workshop.”

— Walter Beaton, Furniture Retailer

”There’s so much to take in. One of the things that’s hit home for me most about this whole course is how you demonstrated that we had the opportunity to get to know our clients to a much higher degree than I had ever thought before. Prior to coming to this, I thought I knew my regular clients pretty well but now I realise that I don’t know the first thing about them. I’m now relishing the chance to really delve in and get to know them on a much deeper level so that we both can prosper. That’s something I can start tonight without putting too much preparation or thought into it. I can literally get stuck in and go for it. It’s been fabulous, thank you very much. But I’m frustrated with myself because it now seems so obvious but had I not come it wouldn’t appear to be obvious . So that’s what I’m taking away.”

— Melanie Kidd, IT Training May 2003

”I liked the whole 3-days in terms of ‘the journey’ and the way it pulled together on the final day. I’ve spent a lot of my business life with aspirations to grow my business, but working in the business doing jobs that need to be done and, if you like, plates on sticks, and not doing a great deal that necessarily adds value. What’s been really uplifting for me in the last three days is that I felt we were actually working on the business and doing something that can add significant value subject to us doing the implementation. It will now be possible to change the dynamics of our business and provide our customers with more perceived benefits. The other great thing for me has been bringing my key team members along. I can’t see a downside for having done that. It was a little extra cost but the value in that to my mind has far outweighed that. The workshop has exceeded my expectations across the board really, so it’s all about taking away what we’ve learned, putting an action plan together, and if we seek to do one thing, it’s getting to grips with the implementation. Doing the testing and following through. It will/has help(ed) to re-focus my long term objectives for the business and make me realise that they are achievable. I’ve enjoyed it. None of it is rocket science. It is all doable. I think that’s probably the most refreshing thing. You’re not coming away thinking ”I’ll never get my head around that,” and it’s all bite sized chunks. Take 3 days out of your working life and come away with knowledge that you probably would not acquire in 30 years. More importantly that knowledge is relevant.”

— Robert Begg, Furniture Retailer

”The most beneficial 3 days I have ever invested in my business. It helped me take a step back and now I can move forward in a refocused and re-energised manner. Every year we’ve grown and just plucked figures out of the air hoping that we will achieve them but we never really quite get there. This will enable us to over-acheive and be what we want to be and grow a strong business that is fun and enjoyable to work in, that achieves our goals and creates an environment that is rewarding for everyone involved in it. Knowing that there is a support network there will also really help us. It’s helped to re-energise, re-focus what we’re trying to do and give us concrete ideas about how to achieve that. The workshop has also rekindled the excitement of running/owning a business. The aspirations that I started with are now real again – and I have ideas for making the necessary changes. It by far exceeded my expectations.”

— Craig Smith, Software Developer

”This has been quite an eye-opener. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself in this workshop. Although I enjoy dealing with people, there are things I can change about myself in order to make things work smoothly and motivate other people as well, which is really great. The biggest surprise? It’s the little things that make the difference. I expected to sit here and go ”hum, har, yes, I’ve heard this all before.” But although I’ve heard certain things before, the implications and the meanings are different, so it’s shown me new aspects of what you can do to achieve maximum growth. It’s been interesting, thought provoking, enlightening and somewhat surprising! Above all it’s just plain common sense. It’s exceeded my expectations.”

— Linda Clarke, Optometrist

”My biggest realisation is how small a percentage increase is needed in each of the three areas in which we build the business to develop massive growth. When you take the whole thing together that’s quite significant. A lot of it is very simple commonsense strategies. The majority of it can be carried out on a shoestring budget and yet can result in much greater growth than investments. In retrospect, you wonder why everybody doesn’t do this. This is an excellent vehicle which will revolutionise and lift your business head and shoulders above the competition before they even realise it.”

— Nat Vaja, Optometrist

‘I found it’s good to spend some time in an environment where I’ve been able to think about the strategic planning of our marketing. I needed to get out of the hubbub of what we’re doing and think about where we’re going overall and what to do next. I’ve been impressed with the software tool you’ve got here as a part of the learning mechanism … it helps stick it in your head. This workshop has helped enormously. I’ll be going back knowing what I want to do next. I recommend you go on this workshop.”

— Adrian Barnes, Security Monitoring Equipment Manufacturer

”This workshop has put us on a road that we didn’t know even existed. One of the biggest things for me is that in software development, we take a very process or framework oriented approach to what we do. We’ve never before had the sort of framework that tells us how to operate our business. The discovery that there’s a framework that we can now use so we’ll know where we are and where we’re supposed to be is a big comfort. So is the knowledge that there is someone out there who can help us because it means that we can apply this knowledge and know that we stand a very good chance of being successful. It will make a huge difference. It has also re-kindled excitement in our business and I hadn’t expected that. You couldn’t pay me enough money to tell any of our competition about this. You’d have to kill me first. I’d be crazy to tell them because it’s such a competitive advantage. I’ll tell my next door neighbour, but I’m not going to tell my competitors. If you want to change the way you do business, have more fun, and see extraordinary results, then stop being a sheep and sign up.”

— Paul Collins, Software Developer

”I’m over the moon with what you’ve put across. It’s really opened my eyes. Before I came here I was getting into a rut where I had this mentality that I’ve got to compete on price alone … now I understand why I haven’t got to compete on their terms. You’ve given me the tools to put across my case where my service is better value for money in the long run and I’m sure that’s going to be successful. I think it’s just going to go and go now so thanks very much for that. I would say to other businesses that you should take the leap and make the investment to learn the full potential of your business. If only one concept that you will learn will help you achieve your goals, it’s great value for money.”

— Paul Willis, Automotive Valeting

”I’ve benefitted from a whole raft of things that perhaps I knew but that had sunk to the pit at the back of my brain and have been brought back to the fore and a realisation of the way that they all interact and can be put together. Most importantly I’ve learned what customer focus REALLY means. There’s a huge number of companies out there who claim to be customer-centric but they’re no more customer-centric than an atom bomb really. To me it was just a phrase, but now I do know what it means. Before this week I would have said I was 100% customer focused, but perhaps I was only 10% customer focused. The biggest surprise for me besides the quality of the lunches was the depth of my ignorance. I’ve come here and I’ve been enlightened.”

— John Flack, CD Mastering and Duplication

“Some of things in the workshop were familiar concepts but I’ve never seen anybody knit them together before. One can see the power of that. I now have a toolbox I can use. The ideas, concepts and the clearly explained examples have all exceeded my expectations. I can see now that we have all the tools here we need to take us forward and dominate our small niche and it wouldn’t take much to become totally pre-eminent in it. We have a couple of pretenders and we could really show them a clean pair of heels. The 3 days have been very good, the material has been first class, and the presentation has been very impressive.”

— Geoff Griffiths, Ethical Investments

“First and foremost I’d like to thank you for the course, I’m really glad that I attended. I’ve really enjoyed it and have learned a great deal. I don’t see how any individual can fail to learn from the workshop, no matter what. I’m now better equipped and more confident as a result. I’ve benefitted greatly and now have much greater understanding about business strategies, something that I was never interested in before. I was only ever interested in keeping customers happy, but this has really helped me to see the business strategies behind that and I feel more confident. If you are looking for professional, genuine help and guidance on how to improve your business in every way, go on this workshop. The content is riveting and based on sound knowledge and experience, expertise and most of all integrity. Thank goodness for Robert’s team, an organisation that cares about your success in business. It’s been a great course, it?s been real fun, and the food was great.”

— Pauline Beaumont, Serviced Office Provider

”Over the last 5 years my business has grown a little each year. The last three days has given me a toolbox of things I can go out and do to double my turnover this year. The weird thing about it is I’ve been on sales and marketing courses forever, but as you say none of it is any good unless you use it and what’s different about this is that all of those workshops would probably cover two or three of these areas, but you’d never get to a stage where the whole thing started to mingle in together. So that has been excellent. The fact that I can actually achieve my aims by not increasing my customer base has surprised me … getting more out of what I’ve got already is a valuable lesson. This is the workshop to attend when you have done the rest.”

— Andrew Freestone, Office Equipment Maintenance

”The revelation for me is that you can achieve so much for little or no money. I thought most of the ideas were going to cost me money, and that I’d have to have sales people, loads of advertising, marketing and whatnot. I think if you give those activities or jobs to other people you lose your power to do anything and lose the responsibility for what actually happens and I hate doing that. I’ve now got a relatively clear plan about what to do next in my business with common themes running through. Outstanding quality of materials. Real life examples are excellent. Great value for money. Yes, it’s far exceeded my expectations, I’m really glad I came. Thank you very much!”

— Paul Browning, Network Support

”I’ve re-membered and re-learned principles I’ve known from the past. I’ve also learned an abundance of new things and it’s now just finding the time to implement all of this. I know that the techniques that you’ve shown us here work because I’ve seen them work in the past. Also I’ve heard your examples and I know some of the business people who have been talking. I didn’t know I was going to know them when I came here, but I do, and I’m looking forward to working with you too. This is a must-have course that will refocus you and your team on the possibilities of sales you only dreamed of if you could go back to the basics you’ll learn on this course … and implement them.”

— Janice Melrose-Brown, Automotive Management

”I’m dazzled with ideas and raring to go. I’m also feeling quite guilty when I think of how long I’ve actually known and been involved with Robert and how much of this you’ve told me before. It’s been really helpful to have revisited a lot of it over the three days and to see it all together, whereas before I heard lots of it as bits and pieces. It’s been really good to slot the whole lot together and realise the multiplying factor and I’ve realised that I’ve got to basically just take time out to implement patiently and methodically. This workshop will transform the way you think and how you communicate with your clients and prospects. Thanks very much.”

— Ian ODonnell, Graphic Design

”Everything in the workshop has been very very useful and applicable to my business in its quest for growth. I was always aware that you had all of this knowledge and it’s been useful to have such an insight into it. There were times when the real depth and potential was evident in some of the tools and tactics that we’ve learned about. The thing that I really appreciated, amongst everything we covered, was the value statement I heard this morning. That really had an impact. The ways and means to get into some of these big accounts was also extremely enlightening. I’ve learned so much. It was most definitely worthwhile. Thank you very much.”

— Andrew Pearson, Management Consultancy

”I came here as an engineer with very little sales experience and after three long challenging exciting days I think it would be quite easy to launch into a bunch of superlatives. The number of potential growth activities was really exciting. It will take some time to sit back and digest what’s happened. This three day workshop has given me a sense of structure. It’s proved to me that by using the strategies I’ve learned here I can actually achieve my goal. I’ve now got 100% more knowledge on the sales and marketing arena, so it’s been very successful. If your business is underachieving or it would be a benefit to increase your success in the marketplace then I would strongly recommend this workshop. Thank you.”

— David Smith, Honeywell Aerospace

”I was a business baby when I came here and was actually quite frightened because I didn’t think I had enough skills to actually make use of the course. But what I learned was that the skills are those that I’ve been applying in my personal life anyway – common sense ideas backed up by dedication to the client – so a lot of it was actually familiar. It just needed transferring over. So I’ve come out of it feeling I want to go out there and sort it out. I don’t want to go home. I want to learn more. I’m really motivated and excited … I shall sit up in bed every night now and read my blueprint. It’s definitely exceeded my expectations. Robert’s team are a motivational, friendly, you oriented company who will get you back out into the world with a fresh attitude and obvious goals. It was refreshing, personal and so useful. An excellent package.”

— Kate Innes Miles, Interior Designer

”This workshop bridges a huge gap. It reminds you of what is possible and is essential for clarifying values and focus. It’s met my very high expectations and has put the whole experience for me into a digestible package for lifelong returns. This has been a genuine deep seated, fundamental approach to marketing which has affirmed my own thoughts and values on the matter, which is great. I’m very reassured that it’s not all about the hard sell and gimmicks. It has given me stability and confidence which means that I no longer have to question or debate what to do … I now know I can do whatever I want to and I’ve got a structured way of doing it.”

— Di Fisher, Digital Portrait Photographer

”For about the past 10 years I’ve been doing courses, reading things and putting together a great deal of what we went through over these last few days, but I’ve never seen it so integrated before as a package which can work together. We’re guilty of getting something going, getting some response to it and moving on to the next thing … so we may have put four or five different things together over a period of time, but in fact we’re actually only working on one because the other three or four have gone by the wayside, so there’s a discipline that needs to come in from that. I’m really looking forward to going back, taking the blueprint and re-examining what we’re doing, and taking it back step by step, one by one. I’ve enjoyed the course very much. It’s been fast paced, hugely informative and very practical. Suitable for all SME’s from start-ups to established businesses. Well structured and presented with authority. Very enjoyable. Thank you very much.”

— Paul Battle, Textile Manufacturer

”The workshop has certainly exceeded my expectations, and I’m excited that huge improvements in customer satisfaction, revenues and happiness can be achieved through fairly simple means providing they are well executed. All of it has been valuable – The importance of a value statement & USP have really been enforced – as has testing. And I found the software very useful as a framework for actually building my business strategy rather than being given a framework that I then have to take away and try to adapt. Although some of the typing has been furious at times during the last three days, we managed to get a lot of really good ideas so I’m looking forward to getting the blueprint and revisiting what we’ve covered. This workshop provides a useful framework to deliver optimal growth, and can serve to prove the growth is realistic and attainable without huge cost but rather by taking proven ideas and philosophies and applying them to your business.”

— Rob Edwards, Event Ticketing Systems

”The workshop has been exactly what I expected, which is great because I had high expectations! Some very useful ideas and good lateral thinking has come out of it. It’s been very useful to take quality time out of the business for three days purely thinking about the strategy and the future and the way forward instead of fire fighting. I’ll be applying three or four strategies to start with that I know will provide some rapid leverage to gain the cashflow, to hire the people that I need to free me off to do all the rest. If you only ever do one workshop – do this one – then apply what you learn systematically.”

— John Kirk, Telecom Company

”I’ve been in business for 32 years and just wish I’d had a workshop like this 12 years ago, 22 years ago, 32 years ago. It would have made a huge difference to what I’ve done over that time. It’s been interesting because I was doubtful before I came that this was actually the right kind of workshop for us, but it certainly has been and I’m very pleased with it. It’s reinforced a lot of ideas which we’ve been trying to put into practice without huge success … we now need to apply what we’ve learned. Although we’ve had strategy away days for the management team this has been enormously valuable. Certainly from my point of view it’s a realisation that I need to put aside one or two days every week just dealing with strategy. It’s been great, thanks very much indeed.”

— Christopher Goodhart, Event Ticketing Systems

”Many thanks for a first class workshop over the last three days. As promised the workshop was very ”intense” and incredibly comprehensive. I wrote on my notepad before I left ”It’s all here, there’s nothing left to learn, so stop looking and start applying!” The workshop has helped me to focus more clearly on what has to be done and what changes have to be made. I look forward to receiving the ”Blueprint” and getting the plan underway. I could do with ”cloning” myself a few times to find the time to do it all. Even if the clones only lasted as long as ”Dolly” the sheep, it should be long enought to get the job done. I sat at your computer at 6 pm yesterday having set a target turnover of £500,000. What I saw on screen was both exciting and scary. Just by improving the top 4 strategies would result in a turnover of £1.3M. BUT, if I ever manage to apply in full what I already know how to do, the potential turnover rockets to many £millions! (That’s the scary bit – the huge gap between what I know and what is currently being achieved). I shall keep you posted on progress. Please pass my thanks to Jean and the rest of the team for keeping us ”fed and watered” to a very high standard.”

— John Kirk, Telecom Company

”I’ve learned an awful lot about understanding the customer base and their needs and how acting on a multi-layered plan will multiply its effects. I now realise how much of what I do is a total waste of time so there’s a whole host of things that I’m not going to do any more, because they’re almost valueless. I never realised before that the USP is a whole library that you can make available and dip into and select when you need it. It has been enormously powerful to recognise that. I now have a COMPLETE plan for growth with an end result, not just more questions. Thoroughly enjoyable. So thank you.”

— Robert Burley, Honeywell Aerospace

”My expectations were very high and have been met but in different ways from what I expected. I’ve got a lot more insight into some of the things that I do best, and now realise that I have still a long way to go to optimize some of the things I do best. Some things have been really very reassuring, for example, the sort of values that I try to bring to my business are very much in line with some of the sort of things you’ve advocated. It’s been very challenging for me. because the unique selling point, which I sort of thought I’d got sorted and I realise that actually I haven’t, and I’ve got a lot more work to do on it. This is a high energy way to discover how to improve the whole way your business works. Very worthwhile experience.”

— Dr Paul Holmes, Management Consultancy

”I came into the workshop with some pre-knowledge because I’ve known Robert for a while. I’ve always been skeptical, exceptionally skeptical, about marketing. And what has really hit me over the three days is that I’ve been wrong. I’ve relied on vastly expensive organisations in the past to put campaigns together for me and I’ve spent a whole wad of money … big, big, millions of pounds … on campaigns that I don’t think really were done correctly – and certainly done by people who didn’t have this knowledge. We would have been much better having gone on one of Robert’s events years ago and applying this knowledge internally, so it has been excellent and I’m chuffed to bits. The effect on me is far beyond what I expected and it exceeded my expectations in all areas. I also loved the interaction by the way. As a Managing Director I was challenged in my thinking and motivated to explore some ways to maximise growth. You should not miss an upcoming event.”

— Doug Brownlie, Parity plc, UK’s No.1 IT Training Company

”It’s 1,000 times better than I expected. I didn’t think any course would ever make me more enthusiastic than I already am, and this has done it. The whole three days has been completely and utterly 100% inspiring. We now have an absolutely clear plan as to what we need to do next, all the steps that we need to take, and how we get there, right down to the nuts and bolts. It’s not just conceptual stuff, it’s the actual day to day ”there it is, and that’s what you do to do it.” I just wish I’d done this 10 years ago. I can’t praise it enough. I expected it to be telling us things I already knew. It’s thrown everything I did know on its head and made me start again. I’ve now got a plan to do about ten times better even the things I thought I was strong in and knew. I look at them now and think ”no there?s a far better, more effective way of doing all this.” And that’s really blown me away. The whole thing about reducing attrition has also been stunning for me.”

— Alan Suggitt, Parity plc, UK’s No.1 IT Training Company

”I have been searching and searching for some sort of guidance and it’s nearly impossible to find. I now feel that I’ve found a way of harnessing what I have inside me and this course has started to link a lot of things together. Long term it’ll allow me to apply a scientific approach to everything I’ve had ideas for. I’ve been desparate to find that personally because I’ve had no training ever, I was terrible at school, never went to college, and I’ve never been on business courses. Yet I was always sure that I could improve what other people were doing. This has been extremely beneficial and it’s exceeded all my expectations because I’m very cynical about the idea of paying someone a few £ thousand and making your life better … but it’s proved to me that there are good people out there, it’s just a matter of finding them. I would advise any other business to take the chance and go on this workshop. You’ve got nothing to lose and all to gain.”

— Jonas Zambakides, UK’s No.1 Independent Porsche Specialist and President of the Independent Garages Association

”This workshop has given us a fresh perspective from outside the forest. Your ideas for building our selling strategy and focus were very good. So for those things alone it’s easily been worth every penny we spent and the rest of it was a free bonus, in terms of our value perception. The unique nature of our business means that the stuff that wasn’t directly relevant was more a result of the way our business works.”

— Mike Hamlin, Executive Jet Sales & Management

”I didn’t know what I was coming to when I came here. Never having been on anything quite like this before, I found it very interesting. The actual use I’m going to get out of it will become apparent in the weeks to come as we start putting things into practice. And then I think one will think before you do anything, ”What do we do here and can I apply what I learned?” The interaction from participants really added to the whole session, which did make it interesting. Try this workshop for yourself – the difference it makes will be eye opening!”

— Peter Roberts, Executive Jet Sales & Management

”I’ve got an awful lot out of these three days. Certain areas were more applicable that we could do without too much time. The suggestions and ideas are obvious when you think about it and make complete sense. I’ve found this very very good and we can really build on what we’ve learned. I now understand much more the importance of doing the things we’re doing and I think the results are going to be absolutely substantial. And certainly if we move and get another depot, which is one of the things we need to do, things are going to go so much faster through what we’ve learned, that will be absolutely fantastic.”

— Sarah Whisker, Temp Agency

”I now feel that I’ve really started to grasp concepts which were a little bit hazy before. The idea now of testing – I knew what it was, but it was such a scary concept before, whereas now I think it’s not actually that difficult to do, it’s just knowing the right approach. That taught me a lot. And writing catchy headlines, the orientation of your letters and how they’re written are just very simple changes but really quite influential. It’s also being able to put together a solid strategy which is more proactive than reactive. I now see how it all slots together better. The workshop has given us a fantastic insight into the opportunities available for improving current business and marketing strategy.”

— Alex Wright, Software Developer

”I certainly got more out of the workshop than I expected. You’ve taken some issues that can be very very complex and turned them into a business plan that focuses people into areas where there’s going to be some quick wins if you implement these things properly. It’s been a catalyst for bring the company together and setting a goal for it which I think is very very important. Personally I thought that salesmanship in print was fantastic, because I’ve never done that before and just didn’t have any knowledge about it. For that one thing alone it was worth it. It was superb. This workshop will open your mind so you discover what can be achieved.”

— Rudi Dalman, Software Developer

”It’s been very valuable to find out what’s involved in customer care and the little things we can do to make such a big difference. A wealth of information was gathered in a short space of time that we can implement to increase our revenue and the number of customers we deal with. I got from the workshop a very broad understanding of what marketing is all about and lots of little ideas which have been brought into conscious awareness that we can very easily implement to reduce stress, improve revenue, foster team spirit, generate happy customers etc. It’s been enlightening and has surpassed all my expectations actually.”

— Tracy Doran, Software Developer

”The workshop is a very strategic guide through dozens of growth strategies. I came with very high expectations because to see the sort of results you were talking about related specifically to your own business is quite a stretch of the imagination. For me the greatest value has been to understand how concepts can be layered and interrelated in ways that are relevant to your customer. I like the simplicity of the concepts, as well as recognising the gaps in what I’m doing now. It’s given me a lot better understanding of the commonsense and logical side to marketing. It’s really hammered home how little things add up to create much bigger impact, and how simple and how little financial implication there is to a lot of the concepts. I would recommend Robert’s workshop 100% to any marketing professional – there is huge potential for expanding your understanding of concepts to grow and optimise all business activities. Worth every penny.”

— Abigail Crowley, Manufacturer of Branded Toiletries For Hotels Worldwide

”The workshop wasn’t quite what I originally expected, but after an hour I was starting to think ”This is superb” and all of the software, the way that it hangs together, and looking at the incremental benefits at each stage really hit home at the end. I’d been looking for the holy grail of how we not only make our numbers but also grow the business. Even with quite an intimate knowledge of Jay Abraham over the last 5 years it was still painful because I still didn’t know how to do it and what it really meant. So obviously capturing and expressing our knowledge through the software and coming up with the priorities has been key. I’m absolutely delighted at what we came up with and excited about the future because now I believe it is possible to achieve and even surpass the targets that have been set by our parent company … it’s great. Three days very well spent. And I’m pleased with the feedback from the other members of the team as well. Go – and see what you have been missing.”

— Nigel Prue, Software Developer

”This workshop has certainly exceeded my expectations. Three days of concentration is a terrific benefit – with no bullshit. I told you before I booked that I didn’t expect to learn very much, but was looking forward to having three days just going over it, thinking about it again. We’ve identified some very positive steps we can take by getting away from the fire fighting for a while and thinking about a subject which we’re pretty weak on. Because of the support I hope I can sustain it and I’ve essentially got so much going on in my life personally that I would find it difficult to cope on my own. If this works, and I expect it to, it will give us more long term stability and place us better in the marketplace. So it’s a good fit in the jigsaw and it’s done us a power of good.”

— Lou Bates, Packaging Machinery Manufacturer

”I was a little apprehensive before I came, but now I realise that I can do a lot of the things I do much better. The whole concept, the bits of the jigsaw and how we apply them knits together well and we know it’s going to be worth it. It’s been much better than my expectation. It’s really about understanding why people do things, and they do things because they understand them and the reason they don’t do things is because they don’t understand them. It’s so simple. Like a lot of things in life it comes down to fairly simple basic things. The workshop is good, logical, understandable and effective. It allows you to step outside the box and work smarter not harder.”

— Trevor Watts, Packaging Machinery Manufacturer

”I’ve done an awful lot of courses in my life so I thought here we go again, another crusty boring thing, but actually it wasn’t crusty and boring at all. For me this has been a mind-opening experience into something I knew nothing about. It’s made me look at things quite differently and I suspect that anything we’ve done until now, however well intentioned, has been blundering around in the dark. Now I believe that there’s a candle to illuminate that darkness. We’re going to look at things totally differently from now on. You presented it very very well, and you’ve made the subject exciting, whereas I was always doubtful about marketing people before because no-one knew what they were doing, they often inflicted crazy ideas on us all and frequently they were impractical. But this is a practical course. A scientific approach to marketing without going into mumbo-jumbo. It’s been three very enjoyable days. Go. It will open your mind.”

— Chris Kenney, Packaging Machine Manufacturer

”I’ve gained an awful lot. I was looking for a way out of the achilles heel in my current business practice and what I would have to do. Over the 3 days it’s very easy to see the way I’ve got to go forward now. So while I was aware of a lot of the ideas, I’ve never put them into practice, and if I don’t do it then I’m not going to get anything from it. This has brought all those ideas together into a method that I can actually operate as well. I did have high hopes for the workshop, and they have been exceeded. The ability of working with somebody over the next 12 months is very valuable to me as well … because I’ve been to workshops, although not as detailed or as long as this, and come away motivated thinking ”Oh yes I must do that”, or ”that was a great idea” and then if I don’t do something within 24 hours I’m back into my old routines and it just evaporates, but I know that?s not going to happen this time. You won’t let that happen.”

— Jeff Barnes, IFA

”I’ve done loads of courses, and had decided not to go to any more because I thought I already had the knowledge and the ability to use it. So this was one more course that I wasn’t going to do. In hindsight, now that I’ve been on it, I’m incredibly pleased I came because it delivered what you said it would deliver and it gave me time to look at things afresh. I can now see how I’m going to implement a huge number of these strategies, and it will not be as hard as I thought it would be. You’ve simplified a lot of it and taken some of the mystery away from it. So has it exceeded my expectations incredibly. It’s been exciting because it has allowed me to see the potential of applying this knowledge. Thank you.”

— Stephen Askew, Chartered Accountants

”I just wanted to say thank you for looking after us so well on the course last week. Robert’s training was top class and we had a great group of people on the course, but it was made all the more enjoyable because all the organizational and administrative details had been taken care of so professionally. In particular, the food was world class and I know I’ve found lunchtimes very disappointing since I got back. You chose some excellent caterers so not only was the food of a uniformly high standard, but there was tremendous variety too; I’ve been on training courses before where they serve the same food every day for a week. I won’t stand for that again!”

— Steve McGrady, Change Management Consultancy

”We have spent years trying to to get things to work without really knowing how or why it wasn’t working. We thought we already knew about all these things, but they were presented in a different way that has given more depth to our understanding and made us more comfortable with the ideas. Perhaps the most important aspect was testing, which we’d never done. The workshop has given us the comfort and the confidence to actually put some of these ideas into action. If I could set the clock back and start again, this is where I would start. Yes the workshop has done a lot for us. I don’t regret for one second these three days.”

— Richard Calderwood, Chartered Accountants

”We’ve already implemented a lot from the six weekly sessions we previously had with you so we thought ‘hang on, Robert’s already told us most of his secrets, there can’t be too many more to come out.’ I think we were a little wrong there!! He’s got another big bagful under the desk somewhere. And the examples make you realise that it’s all very well having the theory and the ideas but people look for evidence, and I think the evidence is the strongest aspect of what you do. The lunches were wonderful but the workshop was even more satisfying.”

— John Reeds, UK’s No.1 supplier of automotive windscreen products

”The workshop has shown us that we’ve got the ability and the capability to go further than we’ve actually gone so far with the help and the guidance of some of the things we’ve learned over these three days and with Robert’s continued help. It has been very very beneficial. It’s come across very very well in the examples and literature that you’ve given us. The software is very very easy to use and understand. It arms you with the ammunition to fulfill your customer’s needs. It’s been very very worthwhile. Keep an open mind – speak to Robert!!”

— Mark Jarmin, UK’s No.1 supplier of automotive windscreen products

”I’ve absolutely no training marketing, and we decided to make a better job of it. Getting new customers is very very important for us these coming years. The exciting thing about going through this workshop is the realisation that it’s achievable, and you can do it. I honestly feel that we can go back now, and can get started on something very very quickly. It’s been very very good. I’ve really enjoyed it. Marketing is sometimes perceived as a necessary evil – with no scientific thinking behind it. You just don’t realise how simple it is to get just a five percent increase on something, and what effect that increase can have on the bottom line. Go on this workshop. It’s enjoyable, thought provoking, and you can’t lose. The suggestions are so powerful that you won’t be able to wait to get started when you get back to work. It’s been great. Thank you.”

— Janet Burton, Developer of Logistics Software

”I’ve tended to get on and do our sales and marketing and think that I was doing things right, but this workshop has made me realise just how wrong I was. What I actually have discovered is that across a wide range of things we were just not doing it right, because we were just ignorant of the way it should be done. This course has made us rethink our whole marketing approach – to advantage. It’s definitely exceeded my expectations. We now know how to really do it, and the process to go through to arrive where you want to be at the end of it.”

— Alex Mills, Developer of Logistics Software November 2002

”We are flooded by competition and we’re fed up with getting nowhere and banging our head on the wall trying to promote ourselves. What we’ve been through in the last 3 days has really opened our eyes up to the potential. Very well researched and planned. Easy to follow in well planned stages. Great software. Very good insight into marketing. We now see the whole picture not just small fragmented parts. It will allow us to rise above everybody else and set new standards in the way we work, the things we do, the products we offer and the way we market ourselves. The evidence you’ve given us over the three days is very very compelling and it all fits into place just as you said it would at the very beginning, so it’s been very very useful. Thank you.”

— Nigel Smith, Conservatory & Outbuilding Manufacturer

”Well quite worryingly really, it’s made me realise after going through this excellent software that we’ve managed to stay in business and go as far as we have through complete brickwall stupidity and enthusiasm. I don?t really quite know how we managed to do it to be honest. And yes, it’s highlighted our complete ineptitude when it comes to running a business, from the marketing point of view. I have a host of things I will take back to the company and work through from now for the forseeable future. Masses of ammunition and new opportunities. Working through the software has made me realise the differences our company has compared to the 20 others that are within 3 miles of us, let alone everyone else in the local area, so yes the workshop has been a really positive experience and we’ll now get somewhere and become a lot more professional. Thanks a lot.”

— Phil Harrison, Plastic Moulding Toolmakers

”If you are serious about growing a successful business you can’t afford to miss this workshop. Probably my biggest single fear was that a) my business idea might not be quite right b) I might not be able to compete against the existing encumbents, some of whom are very big, very rich, very powerful, and have been around for a long long time. I now realise the problems and issues people have with existing management consultants and it’ll be very easy to create a very open honest ethical informative educational truthful document, pitch or whatever that completely positions what I do. So the workshop has clearly identified the most important strategies and their priority and dependency, which means that I will now be able to launch into a difficult market with confidence and optimism. It’s exceeded my expectations and moved my ideas forward in three days probably the equivalent of a year, so from my perspective it’s been incredibly valuable. Thank you.”

— Steve McGrady, Change Management Consultancy

”I’m excited about every aspect of this workshop. It has opened my eyes to a different way of doing things in the way it brings together ideas that will allow me to prospect effectively, put tangible solutions in place to make a difference in our marketplace and grow the business. If you want to really move your business forward, I would advise you to go on Robert’s workshop.”

— Aitcheson White, Software Development

”It’s tiring – but worth it. It’s been valuable to get the brain working, coming up with idea after idea. The workshop has made me realise how effective it can be to implement a few low risk strategies and has given me belief in our ability to achieve what we want. We will approach everything we do differently from now on and apply what we have learned. You will be amazed and satisfied with this workshop and will leave with a determination to change your entire approach to business.”

— Joanna Da Val, Vistage, World’s No.1 membership organisation for CEO’s

”Everything about this workshop has been valuable – Marketing ideas, addressing customers needs, being aware of USPs, Telenurturing, Exceeding customers expectations etc. It’s given me hope that by implementing several of the key areas our business can grow and I now have the confidence to take the next steps to grow the business, which will help me to get my goals sooner. A great 3 days that I think would benefit anyone and grow their business.”

— Tony Bailey, Hairdresser

”I now understand why the things I have tried in the past have not worked and I can now start to focus on more time/cost efficient marketing and implement proven marketing tools to increase my sales without having to employ another salesman. I am scared at what my competitors could do if they ever went on this course and programme. I think I could be a success in any business field with this knowledge, not just in the world of finance.”

— Alan Adams, Factoring

”The exposure to different techniques in this workshop has encouraged me to think outside the box and given me a much broader perspective on marketing. It has also given me a more structured, focused and clear approach, making what was previously fuzzy very clear.”

— John Hartwell, Xerox

”You have opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities and directions that are open for me to develop my business. I have been surprised by the sheer complexity of marketing and business development material. I now expect to transform my business in the next year or two. If you want to take your business to another level or if you want to develop it in directions that you haven’t even thought about then you should invest in this workshop.”

— Dick Bird, Cost Management Consultant

”This workshop has been a great reminder of what is important, learning different strategies – most not costing a lot of money – that will make a vast difference to the company. It’s opened my eyes to different methods of getting a result and has given me the confidence to go forward. It has also me to understand the importance of better trained sales staff. Investing in them will make a huge difference.”

— Geoff Thomas, Designer Menswear

”I have re-learned things I knew but had stopped doing. It’s been particularly valuable to break down the areas of each strategy so they now become more manageable. If you have lost your way or want to improve what you do you’d better come on the workshop. I won’t be recommending this course to any of my competitors.”

— Kathy Doran, Temp Agency

”This workshop is special. It is packed full of ideas, clear and relevant examples. It’s made me realise the importance of my USP and how essential it is to educate one’s customers not only about what we CAN do for them but what we HAVE done for them. The blueprint will be the key to motivating me to really focus and move forward as a ‘bible’ for my business.”

— Jennifer Lindley, Process Improvement

‘You need to be on this course because it will undoubtedly improve your business instantly in a few ways or many ways. I’m particularly excited about the structure and blueprint for application of layered and tried strategies to grow your business in simultaneous ways. By developing each facet we have covered one by one, it will give our future growth a clearer path and more original framework to build around and enable us to use more strategies to develop our business.”

— Paul Thomas, Referral Cards

”I have completely changed the way I feel about what my business is, and what it can achieve. I also feel more confident that I can achieve these things. The sheer volume of information and tried and tested ideas – from all industries – is exciting … distilled down to a manageable 3 days of powerful information, techniques, ideas and visions of how to create a world class business. This workshop will identify the top few things that will make the difference to your business – small things that done well could put you way above your competitors who have not attended this course or thought about applying these techniques!”

— Fiona Gray, Financial Planning

”It’s mind boggling to see what could be achieved just by implementing the first four strategies. Our previous attempts at marketing have been disappointing and we now understand why. For anyone who muddles along with their marketing efforts this course is great fun, enlightening, full of common sense and easy practical ideas that can easily be incorporated without huge financial outlay. The whole experience has made us much more focused on the customer, more attentive to their needs and more pro-active in our communications with them. The whole workshop has been enlightening, inspiring and extremely motivational. Highly recommended.”

— Nina Robbins, IT Solutions

”Brilliant concept, content and I anticipate, outcomes. The way that everything came together at the end was particularly valuable, showing how incremental improvements leverage the business. It’s been a great opportunity to reconsider ‘work done’ and how it can be done differently. The examples that inspired thoughts about our own business were particularly valuable … and you absolutely could NOT improve the food! This is a great way to kick-off your search for the marketing tools that will help your business. Great programme, well done.”

— Debbie Reeder, Training

”The workshop made me realise how far we’ve come after working with Robert for nearly 2 years … and how little our competitors are doing. If you have little knowledge of marketing or no direction in your business this will fill those gaps and helps to show your potential.”

— Colin Reeder, Training

”It’s been valuable to see that there is a simple series of steps methods or approaches which, if targeted, and implemented well, can bring huge benefits and results both financially and in overall value offered. All this information will be helpful to assist me in pre-empting many potential snags and building in many benefits for my new business. Eye opening workshop both in depth and scope of what excellent marketing strategies can bring to optimise your business venture. As Einstein said, the value of ‘compounding’ is unfathomable – and I’m now sure that when correctly directed to marketing my business it can lead to amazing results.

— Donna Kim-Brand, Creativity Training

”This workshop made me realise that I am in control of my own destiny and can make an immediate change without huge amounts of cash. We are now going to achieve far more than we ever thought possible. It is imperative you take time out to do it!”

— Richard King, Computer Maintenance

”This workshop has motivated me no end … It’s made me realise that you don’t have to be a mastermind to do or implement this and you don’t need loads of money to market. It will make a huge difference in the way I work, in the way I get others to work and motivate them. This workshop not only will produce happy customers plus new ones it will produce happy staff. If you’re considering ANY type of training go on this workshop first.”

— Rachel Tarbox, Computer Maintenance

”This workshop has already made a massive difference and has crystalised my feeling that the business is worth a lot more to the market place than at present. Robert has clearly demonstrated why so many companies never get close to achieving their potential, and why the rare few achieve way and beyond most people’s imagination. But there is no magic, it’s all simplistic and perfectly achievable – if only you knew about it. The impact will be huge and will change our entire approach to the business.”

— David Hollands, Referral Cards

”I have gained a superb insight and understanding of the numerous marketing activities and the tools and techniques available to develop an aggressive growth plan. It’s given me lots and lots of ideas that are wholly relevant and has raised my expectations that substantial exponential growth is achievable.”

— Steve Clay, Printer Maintenance

”This workshop has been truly educational. It has highlighted the multitude of possibilities available to us, to expand our business in strategic ways without serious capital risk. It should also allow us to confidently enter our intended new product market at a higher price level than may have been done. Making improvements and getting it right first time is now much more likely. I don’t want my competitors to do this workshop! We don’t want you as a serious competitor!”

— Grant Corbett, Aluminium Capping Machines

”This workshop has shown me that I can increase my turnover quicker than I would have guestimated. Everything we covered has been enormously valuable. I also like the fact that you can type notes in as you work through the sessions. I will pass this info onto clients and would say to anyone in business that if you are not sure how to approach marketing your company, then this is a must attend course. Lunches were excellent and the team are terrific too – very friendly, welcoming and ‘walking the talk’ of Robert. Worth every penny and also the chance to network with people on the same course.”

— Kim Wilkins, Event Management

”A marketing masterclass which has brought together the business improvements we work on with CEO’s into a process that leads to bottom line results. It has given me a lot more knowledge and a more efficient sales and marketing process. Through Vistage and Robert working together I now expect to be part of a faster growing more successful organisation.”

— Arthur Cunningham, Vistage, World’s No.1 Membership Organisation for CEOs

”This has been the best 3 days of my working life!! The concepts and vision I’ve gained from the 3 days would have never have occurred to me if I had not been on the course. I now know how to utilise my time better and achieve better results with less effort. Every aspect will be applied to my working life from now on.”

— Chris Jeffries, Printer Maintenance

”This workshop must be the nuclear weapon of marketing. LIKE DRINKING FROM A FIRE HOSE. It has revolutionised the way our company views itself and does business – corporate ethos and empowerment. It has been particularly valuable to crystalise a lot of common sense concepts into principles of marketing and has enthused and empowered us to be brave enough to carry out our convictions – develop strategies etc. The difference between working for no reward … and SUCCESS!! Well worth the time in potential future gain unlocked. Well thought out and practical.”

— Scott Graham, Structural Engineers

”The most in-depth and informative days of training I have ever had. Tremendously valuable. I’m excited about the concepts behind the subjects you covered. This workshop will change the whole approach of our business which has been product driven, to customer driven.”

— Dennis Swinden, Structural Engineers

”Thanks so much for a great 3 days. The time, effort and knowledge that has obviously gone into this course is stunning. I feel energised and focused again – ready to go back to doing what I love – but now with the prospect of having a LIFESTYLE that I’ll love just as much! It’s been great to find you – a great idea, a great team … and now a great deal to do! Looking forward to working with you.”

— Fiona Gray, Financial Services

”Many thanks for the course. It was great! Thought provoking and stimulating with loads of gold nuggets just itching to be put into practice. We’re already starting to put a few ideas into play. I have also started to communicate our risk reversal money back guarantee on the phone today and I hear and feel the difference in attitude of the prospects. We are beginning to realise that we didn’t realise the level of benefit we are now going to realise … Great stuff, thanks again and look forward to being in touch soon.”

— Paul Thomas, Referral Cards

”The workshop has far exceeded my expectations … I’ve had around 10 businesses in my life, the biggest got to 46% market share, so I thought I was a pretty good businessman but I don’t think I have ever listened so intently for three days and not been tired. It’s been phenomenally informative. In my MBA I probably learned 1% of what you’ve taught us in the last three days. It’s going to help our business tremendously and I want to thank you.”

— Robert Drew, Vistage, World’s No.1 Membership Organisation for CEO’s

“I’ve realised the necessity of developing testing everything and developing an action plan / strategy more fully, and consistently adhere to it. Watch this space – here we come! The workshop has renewed enthusiasm to keep momentum going – the sky’s the limit. This workshop will enable you to develop strategies which suit you to build your business to where you want to go, how you want to go and when you want to go. The group interaction was extremely valuable – more please!”

— Ruth Partington, Translation Agency

“Apart from the content of the course, which is superb, there are many other spin offs such as ideas coming from other attendees, business being generated between other delegates and the chance to stand back and focus on how to develop the business rather than day to day fire fighting. I now see more sales potential even when centre is full and expect to achieve better relationships with the team, clients and suppliers, generate more leads and give better client service. I’d recommend the workshop to other businesses. You’ll be more successful and have more fun.”

— Gil Moolenaar, Serviced Office Provider

“I found the whole workshop fantastic and if I apply all the strategies I have learnt from this course, my business will grow in a way that will far exceed my expectations. The information I have obtained has been extremely useful. I found that I could more than double my turnover, if I implemented some areas which I previously thought would be of little or no benefit to my business. As a result of this workshop I now view my business as a venture that is going to grow and grow, I know where I want to take it and I am focused and committed to getting there. This is the course for anyone who is serious about making their business a success.”

— Margaret Desir, Legal Recruitment

“I’m amazed at how much is actually possible without amazing amounts of capital and it was just staring us in the face if only we had looked. Can’t wait to get back to start putting them into practice. I’ve always seen the business as a goldmine but now we have found the carts to get the gold to the surface. As a result there will be gold in them thar hills! Everyone will benefit as a result of this wokshop, customers, suppliers and the team. Yes I would recommend this workshop to other businesses. It will show you possibilities for amazing growth which have just been waiting for you to discover.”

— Steve Jacob, Sportswear & Fitness Products

”This workshop has reinforced existing ideas and given me confidence to try more new things. It has made things practical and workable rather than boring theory or too much information. It will help me to increase sales by making my writing and selling techniques more effective. This is a valuable experience for anyone who wants to grow their business and make more money. Enrol on the course today, before your competition does!”

— Christian Finn, Europe’s No.1 Sports Nutrition Company

”Probably one of the most useful three days I’ve ever taken out of the office. The fact that four key team members can share and listen to what I’ve been trying to preach for years is amazing. The computer software, where you can take down all the notes and take away a blueprint so you forget nothing, is for me the number one reason for coming on this course. You lose nothing, you remember everything and you’ve got a bible. This is brilliant! It has been everything I expected it to be. Obviously you and me go back some time so I know what you can deliver.”

— Zef Eisenberg, Europe’s No.1 Sports Nutrition Supplier. Ernst & Young ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2002’

”This workshop is easily the best-executed and most powerful marketing, sales and business development workshop or seminar I have ever attended! Everything about it has been valuable, Particularly the computerised process for recording things has meant that notes are neat and structured and I think much more powerful. The fact that it is based on case studies shows everything is achievable – even the spectacular results. It will make an enormous difference to the quality of our products, customer service, marketing and last but most importantly – sales!”

— Matthew Tumbridge, Sponsorship Development

”Great, simple, eye opening and very powerful. An amazingly powerful database system that helps you find out exactly what needs to be done and what not to concentrate on. We are all very excited to implement these ideas. The best part is we can now go home, relax and wait for our written and printed blueprint to arrive, ready to implement, (with nothing forgotton) with 4 key members of the team already bought in and ready to implement it – superb! It’s the first time in 8 years, I have ever taken all my thoughts on marketing and put them down on paper. This is very important for the new ‘marketing manager’ we are looking to employ that will take over many of my roles. If you want to succeed in business, you can’t afford not to! The most productive 3 days I have ever spent out of the office!”

— Zef Eisenberg, Europe’s No.1 Sports Nutrition Company. Ernst & Young ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2002’

”This has been the most enlightening, knowledge gaining career and life changing course I have ever attended. It has made us realise the importance of remaining focused and enthusiastic to maintain the growth we require. The whole concept has been valuable in various ways particularly from both our and our client point of view. We will now apply what we’ve learned positively and excitedly.”

— Trevor Weller, Telemarketing

”Seeing is believing! It’s made me realise that it does not need to be costly to advertise. Only when you get it wrong! The workshop has provided me with a clear outline of my next important steps towards growing the business. I will now be working non stop to put together the foundations ASAP while also creating the initial service and product offering based upon the lessons learned.”

— Martin Smith, Website Development

”The three days has been enlightening and fantastically useful. It’s given me the ‘kick up the backside’ to do something about changing and focusing on the business. I have focused on the business to an extent that I have never done before and am now buzzing with ideas that I can go back and implement. It will give me more customers, more focus and ultimately more financial security.”

— Karen Trem, Management Training

”This is the best workshop I have been on. It has opened my eyes to a series of simple steps to achieve my aims and opened my mind to marketing after 40 years of selling! The opportunity to spend a lot of time on this area has been particularly valuable.”

— Brian Jackson, Dental Equipment Supplier

”All aspects of the topics we discussed on the workshop have been exciting and intensifying. It’s been particularly valuable for me to have the opportunity to ”step outside the box” and identify what value can be added to my business (thinking time). It has enlightened and inspired me to implement important strategies within our business to boost value. If you are struggling to know how to move your business forward and enabling you to achieve your personal and business goals then let me recommend Robert. If you attend one of their workshops you will have a total different perspective on how you can achieve this … and the rest!”

— Patricia Weller, Telemarketing

”Every aspect of this workshop has excited me. Having listened to a huge amount of Jay Abraham material, the course made this more solid and has helped me to establish what I really need to do to build the marketing foundations of my business. I now have a template for action and with the help of Robert’s team the tools to complete the required tasks. If you are serious about growing your business look no further. You will not find a better marketing course in the UK.”

— Paul Stewart, Business Consultant

”This workshop has provided me with specific strategies to improve my potential for bringing benefits to my customers. I am particularly excited about the number of areas in which it is perfectly possible to improve what I am doing. Most interested to hear about Albert Lasker. It’s been valuable to have so many specific topic areas to work on to improve the opportunities for development. Use of the computer has enhanced this.”

— Anthony Smith-Roberts, Health & Safety Consultancy

”This workshop has made a major difference – it’s opened my eyes to the full potential of the business. It allowed us to record our thoughts as we have them so we don’t lose out by forgetting anything. You have to do this workshop!”

— Collette Heyd-Smith, Aviation

”This workshop has defined the need to educate customers and not assume their knowledge. It will completely change the way I communicate with customers. I will now look at the outcome and benefits from using my products and services from a customers view point and identify the need to provide an outcome rather than a product. If nothing else this workshop will change your perception of how your business works.”

— Gordon McDill, Aviation

“Anyone who is serious about building a very successful business who isn’t already a marketing genius should take this workshop at the first opportunity. You can’t quantify the value it can bring if the information is put into action. I’m excited about the simplicity of the successful strategies which could have a dramatic effect on my business and how easily they can be implemented with some planning and action. It has changed my whole approach to business and made me far more customer focused. I see a dramatic bottom line increase as I apply what I’ve learned.”

— Dave Orrey, Financial Services

“This workshop is exceptional in stimulating specific ideas in relation to your own business and offering you a vehicle to move forward with. So often notes are neglected — here you help to develop a manual for your own company which you can continually refer to and refine. It is particularly pleasing that the workshop is centred on the customer and pleasing /being flexible/responsive to them—Driven by them—which is at the centre of our business philosophy and product concept. Also people: lovely friendly team — SO IMPORTANT.”

— Yannick Auckland, Training & Development

“If you want to succeed, you’d be a fool not to attend this workshop! Everything about it has excited me. My attitude has totally changed as I’ve learned to think outside the box. Robert’s enthusiasm and manner really pushes you into taking a different view towards your business and helps you build a confidence to take away with you. My brain is going to be buzzing for a week. I will now be more objective, constructive and critical about the business, in a structured manner whereby I understand far more. We will be more choosy with our customers from now on. I haven’t felt this excited about business since we opened the doors. The idea of having a blueprint to go back to and update over the years is fantastic.”

— Karen Brain, Design Studio

“I’m excited about many aspects of this workshop. It has introduced a lot of new ideas and re-introduced ideas already known and I am certain it will help to grow our business. I would suggest to other businesses that they go and find out about this workshop — it will help your company grow.”

— Gary Gay, Electrical Contracting

“Easy, commonsense but mind blowing solutions which will allow you to enjoy your business and to be in control of its growth to where you want to take it. I can now look at clearly defining our core values (via customer and colleague interaction) and set a USP and therefore build an experience, a feel and a purpose for our business. It was particularly valuable to fully appreciate how by being totally customer led, we can benefit not only financially but mentally and physically. It really is a full circle. the workshop will allow me to build a service that will be a success rather than a struggle. The difference will be just that — an easier, more structured and friendlier environment.”

— Julie Gibbons, Design/IT

”I now understand why 50% of all marketing is wasted – this workshop has given us a huge stepping stone to future growth. It shows how simple things make a difference and it breaks down the whole concept of the revenue model. It will make a huge difference to your business. Well worth the investment.”

— Gavin Morgan, Mazars Chartered Accountants

“Absolutely outstanding! A revelation. Unique in this country through capturing information, ideas and delivery by bespoke computer software. I would recommend any business to please just do it! Every aspect of it has been valuable. You are mad if you don’t come on this course. You’ll be restricting your life if you don’t act on this.”

— Paul Hugill, Personal Development

“Every aspect of this workshop has been very informative and educational. Its impact on our business could be enormous. Although we previously understood some of these ideas, we were completely baffled as to how to put them into a structured format that was relevant to our own business. The knowlege we have gleaned will be invaluable in taking our company forward as well as extending our skills for our own clients. I now have a view as to how to put all of these insights into practice in a structured systemised fashion so that we will improve on our client base enough to expand to our full potential.”

— Karen Brain, Design Studio

“I have learned more about marketing and sales in the last three days than I have attending dozens of courses and events over the last five years! It has taken the ‘mystique’ out of marketing and opened the door to new success. A few simple steps executed well can make a significant difference to our business. I’m amazed by the depth and breadth of new ideas, and the simple, no nonsense common-sense principles which can be applied in all businesses — delivered by a top marketing guru. I ventured into a mine expecting to find silver. I walked out with GOLD! — Thanks and well done Robert!!”

— Colin Ross, BT UK’s No.1 Telecom Company

“This workshop has taken the mystery out of marketing for me and is great value. It has shown me that with common sense, structure, planning and sharing information, we can become a successful business without having to break our backs in the process. It’s taught me to look through my customers’ eyes, to treat them like gold, to reassure them that they have made a good decision which they will continue to enjoy and to clearly define what they need and how we can deliver that in the most efficient and customer friendly way. It will not only help us to retain our customers but will also make us happier in ourselves and create pride in what we are building, making every day more of a pleasure for all concerned.”

— Julie Gibbons, Design/IT

“The workshop has increased marketing awareness of techniques not considered by us before, so we will now take some of the concepts and strategies and test and implement within our company. Good value. Good lunch. Excellent ideas and concepts.”

— Mike Lafratta, Electronic Design & Manufacturing

“The workshop is very intense, packed to the brim with simple systems and ideas that are very clear and well explained. I like the way it has been laid out—it has given me more confidence in myself and my business to take my company forward. I will now install what I’ve learned one item at a time. Very cost effective overall, and great value for money.”

— Chris Morphy, Fleet Maintenance

“Very beneficial workshop full of pertinent business examples to revert back to as guidelines. It really brought home the vital importance of attention to detail, having a totally customer focused philosophy and how easily you can ramp up the bottom line profits in both the short and long term by simply optimising what you are already doing. I now realise how a massive up side leverage can be achieved and equally important how money can be thrown away by not testing. It will have a big impact on my business without a doubt. A lot of the information is common sense but so easy to overlook and neglect. It has changed my thinking — I didn’t realise the potential for growing a business was so good from the systems/processes I already have/use. It makes you think about all the money ‘thrown away’ in the past.”

— Dave Orrey, Financial services

“This workshop has definitely focused us! It has highlighted what it is we want to achieve and we’re excited that a plan for success is now close to being in place!! I’d recommend it, it has been very good, and the software is excellent.”

— Stephen Holton, Office Wall Storage Manufacturer

“This is just a short note to express my thanks and appreciation for the Workshop this week. It was a goldmine of information delivered in a direct, no-nonsense style and supported by real-life case studies. I have to rank this as one of the top three events I have attended. Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I’m still on a high – absolutely fantastic and I look forward to receiving the blueprint. Thanks again for all your help.”

— Colin Ross, BT

“The whole 3 days has been excellent — it has reinforced the importance of our values being the core essence of our business and foundation for everything that we do. It has also given us more focus and more confidence about what we do and the value we bring. We have re-learned a load of stuff we already knew, which has helped us to prioritise our actions moving forward and spin various ideas to look at them from a different perspective. The good news is that we have simple straightforward methods to achieve our goals. Thank you Robert and the team.”

— Royston Guest, Peter Thompson International plc, Corporate Performance & Communication Strategists January 2002

“I would recommend this workshop without hesitation. It’s no wonder that Robert is a success when you’re as passionate, knowledgeable and congruent as you came across this week. This is the most pragmatic way of accessing the power of marketing in my business or in any business. I’m thrilled that it highlighted my core values, personal choices and systematic ways of growing a business. It has also given me reassurance that I am on the right track will undoubtedly contribute towards improving the quality of life for me, my family and my colleagues. This workshop should not be missed!”

— Paul Shrimpling, Bespoke Furniture Manufacturer

“What a great course! The content is fabulous — potentially flawless. Having attended live programs from Jay Abraham, I’d say that you get the same marketing inspiration from Robert Clay, delivered in a systematic way with depth of knowledge and passion for the subject, that encourages you to interact and record your thoughts on computer as you learn — clever and very effective. You leave with a plan of action prioriotised against your own personal assessment of each of the 12 modules. Comments from delegates like ‘Robert walks his talk and is inspiring’ and ‘I can now see where I was going wrong, what I can do to change it and how to change it’ are typical.”

— Paul Shrimpling, Bespoke Furniture Manufacturer

“Thank you for an inspiring three days in an ideas machine on fast spin. I enjoyed the workshop very much and I left each day with a list of todos. I think that the software makes a very good tool for the workshop. Great to use it to get all your thoughts down and to see the priorities emerge over the 3 days. Great customer service from the whole team as usual! Many thanks from a happy customer.”

— Paul Moss, Internet & IT Consultancy

“This workshop is full of ideas and highly recommended. It’s made me realise that what we have done so far was not far wrong, just haphazard and poorly executed and that with a little help/guidance from Robert’s team success is that much closer. There isn’t a business that couldn’t benefit from this workshop as long as they were open, honest and willing to listen.”

— Andrew Jamieson, Printer November 2001

“A big thank you to everybody who contributed to the running and planning for a SPLENDID workshop. It was hard work … but worth ALL the effort. An incredible amount of information, ideas, techniques and initiatives, MANY of which are immediately applicable to my business and which I REALLY feel will make a MAJOR difference. I’ve identified several nuggets that I can apply immediately at no cost. It’s also refreshed the importance of several ideas. Several new ideas/initiatives will give me more sales. More profitable sales. More profitable enjoyable sales — and a lot more professional satisfaction!”

— Martin Holliss, Market Research

“This workshop has been total stimulation — no time wasted. Makes simple ideas important, giving usable and identifiable tools. It has helped me to focuse and prioritise. It will make me more structured rather than do exactly what I enjoy — which will eventually lead to more enjoyment. I now realise many things that I really knew or was denying, and also that I can make PROFIT and enjoy what I do. This workshop is for anyone who has passion about their business and wants to succeed.”

— Lesley Arkin, Optometrist

“I would highly recommend this workshop. It is inspirational in answering the questions we all put off or avoid and helps you to move forward to achieve greater rewards. It’s made me aware of what I need to do to grow and that it’s possible to do so. It’s clarifyied areas for development as well as starting points. I now realise that I do not need 100’s of clients to develop profit and maintain quality of service.”

— Paul Laverack, Graphic Design

“I would definitely recommend this workshop. Although I have a marketing background, I found it full of so many practical common sense ideas which can be used straight away and will accelerate any business. The examples were positive and enlightening and I was surprised at just how many strategies were covered and how practical they are to implement.”

— Ian Staniforth, Chamber Business Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for an excellent 3 days. This workshop has allowed me to look more deeply into my business and find ways of better understanding my clients needs. I’m convinced that the knowledge I’ve gained will add more to our bottom line, and I’d recommend it to other businesses. I would now like my colleague to attend this workshop at the next available opportunity and would like to commence a long term relationship with Robert and his team.”

— Paul Thompson, Insurance Broker

Good content, good structure, good examples and good support from Robert’s team. I’m excited about the stimulating examples given, the detail and the way we captured information. It has been invaluable to gain agreement from my colleagues and identify and prioritise key action points, especially relating to establishing systems and processes to work through and implement. I would advise other companies to attend with a partner for added value, to prepare in advance and be open to possibilities during the workshop — and only to attend if you are serious about making a difference.”

— Andy Gilbert, GoMad Training

“I have already recommended this workshop and will continue to do so. I’m excited about the relative simplicity of actions to achieve results, and Robert’s continuous ideas/encouragement. It will enable us to take the business into a new dimension. Overall it has provided an intense yet powerful consultation and reflection on many of the nuts and bolts of our business — the best time out ever spent. Many thanks for a most excellent and stimulating 3 days.”

— Jonathan Geard-Beney, Training

“This workshop has been mind blowing! I Can’t describe in words the value to me as it is so astounding. I’m thrilled about the infinite possibilities open to me, the blueprint process, the real life case studies and Robert’s staff and enthusiasm with the whole marketing arena. I would definitely recommend it.”

— Elaine Jenking, Corporate Coaching

“This workshop is unmissable. The whole experience of delivery and transfer of knowledge has been excellent. Lots of well developed material, fast speed, innovative use of technology and inspiring results. It’s made me get a lot more focused on what can and will be done now — rather than continually refining my vision and methodology. It stretches your thinking and the scope of your business and shows how your business dream can be turned into reality.”

— Fran Kruc, Corporate Coaching

“The ability to put together and re-focus ideas and generate a platform for future growth has been particularly valuable. These sales/marketing structures will now be implemented by our team with my fullest support. I would recommend this workshop, it offers you a thorough and yet practical approach to targeting and forecasting.”

— Jim Lees, Electronic Instrument Manufacturer

“I would unreservedly recommend this workshop to other businesses! I’m excited about the wide revelation of opportunities, where so few seemed to exist before. It has awakened feelings of optimism and a belief that we can do things which frankly seemed impossible 3 days ago — I thank you!”

— Graham Laming, Electronic Instruments Manufacturer

“I now realise that I can achieve my goals and that marketing isn’t a mysterious gift that only some people have. The examples and explanation of how the ideas work has been valuable. It has re-energised me in terms of my view of the business. I would definitely recommend the workshop.”

— Steve Barnett, Computer Software

“This workshop takes the mysticism out of marketing and unlocks your potential. I particularly valued the clear explanation of simple strategies to implement. It’s helped me to crystallise thoughts that were previously only half formed and shows you how to develop and test well thought through strategies to grow your business in a focused way. I plan to use what I’ve learned continuously over the next few years with regular reviews. As a result of this workshop, we’ll now be redesigning our company “personality” to better fit our philosophy and educate our customers better.”

— Linda Bishopp, Reflexology & Wellbeing

“The workshop made me look at my business from a totally different angle — so far out of the box I couldn’t see it!! I now realise that I really can make it happen, and probably better and easier than I’d imagined possible. My focus will now be to ensure that from the very first meeting my clients will receive an enjoyable experience! Go along with an open mind and a vision to succeed and you’ll be captivated.”

— Audra Peacock, Cost Management Consultancy

“This workshop made me realise the need to keep the customer at the centre of everything we do and that we can move forward on several fronts to increase our business, develop our customers and improve the lot of our staff in a much more focused and targeted way. I’d say that this workshop would be a worthwhile investment (particularly in time) for any business.”

— Mark Tindall, UK’s No.1 Electronics Software Supplier

“I’ve learned simple ways to increase and develop an existing or indeed new business venture and my eyes have been opened to other options. It’s made me realise that a “finger in the wind” approach is probably a waste of time — also that fire fighting is a waste of time when so much of it can be prevented with the right customer focus! There are virtually no limits to the potential within your business when you start thinking on more than one plane.”

James Cooper, UK’s No.1 Electronics Software Supplier

“I’m impressed by the thoroughness of the approach and the simplicity and ease of adoption of the techniques—it’s an overall business strategy, not a marketing course. Not biased towards one particular industry or products overall. Brilliant inspiring examples. It has given me confidence to try and adopt new techniques. If you want to know the secrets of growing and running a successful business and learn all the techniques that those successful entrepreneurs use, then you must attend this course, but don’t tell my direct competitors please!!!!!”

— Camilla Mattison, Recruitment

“Made me realise that much better profits are attainable with perseverance and having goals. I’m now much more focused on our customers needs and requirements, not OUR needs. I’d certainly recommend this course. It’ll give you a complete overhaul of your marketing which you can carry out by yourself. Very enlightning. All business people should do this course”

— Gerry Butler, Europcar Car Rental

“I can’t tell you how invaluable this workshop has been to me already. Everything about it has excited me and it will make a huge difference. It has completely changed the way I thought that I was going to do business. I now have a much clearer picture of what is possible and will change how I operate to make the most of the opportunity. None of us attending this course would have any hesitation in endorsing the workshop or the company. ”

— Kim Davies, Personal Improvement

“Tremendous! It’s made me realise the tremendous value of what I offer. I can now substantiate everything I truly believe in, but was previously hindered through people who knew better. The workshop has given me the power and the focus to follow through on what I’ve been working towards over the last 9 years. As far as I’m concerned, you have no choice — go on the workshop. If you think it was a waste of time Robert will give you your money back. I’ll even give you the money back personally — that is how confident I feel about the knowledge you’ll gain from it.”

— Richard Flook, NLP Training

“This workshop has been inspirational. It’s allowed me to take a step back from my work and look at it strategically, exploring and learning new techniques and methods that reinforced what we’re already doing. It’s been amazing to discover how completely successful business strategies also apply to the voluntary sector. This workshop is Practical, highly applicable and useful for ALL businesses and results oriented — clearly comes across how and to what extent its lessons will improve business performance. This is least boring course or workshop I’ve ever been on.”

— Deborah Leach, British Sports Trust Charity

Rivetingly brain stretching. It’s shown the growth I can achieve by implementing the strategies. Re-affirmed things I was already doing coupled with enhanced skill levels and giving me ideas and expertise I wouldn’t have had. No business should be out there who hasn’t experienced the workshop, and I believe that those who haven’t won’t be!”

— Sue Neill, Recruitment

“This workshop has completely changed my business prospects and the way I look at my business. It has already had a huge impact on me as an individual and the business is already benefiting from it. Apart from the very interesting material, I found it good to have a lot of interactivity. I also enjoyed Robert’s presentation and attention to detail and the whole of Robert’s team joining us for lunch for a chat. Having seen how the other companies in the same workshop have benefitted from it, there can be no doubt that it not only has a “kick” in it, but it is absolutely inspirational!”

— Maria Alvarez, Corporate Coaching

“This workshop has given us focus and direction and we now know which strategies to work on first. We already have the tools available so it’s been particularly valuable to learn how to use them effectively. This workshop provides you with effective strategic planning for where we all need to be. I’d recommend it to other businesses … but I don’t want other dentists to know about it yet!!”

— Teresa Day, Cosmetic Dental Practice

“I’m particularly excited about my ability to contribute more effectively to the growth of the business. The workshop has increased my awareness of the customer’s needs and I have found it particularly valuable to look at things from the customer’s perspective. I’m hoping the workshop will help me to develop my sales techniques and personal ability by trying out new concepts that have proven worth. It’s been valuable to identify new initiatives to add value and profitability. The workshop allows you to think beyond the norm and look at what you are trying to achieve and is full of good practical examples of putting these into practice.”

— Sue Phillips, Executive Headhunters

“This workshop has unlocked a vision that was in my mind but which I could not see. The expansion of ideas and opportunities has been particularly valuable plus the realisation of a strategy to differentiate and elevate above the competitors. It’s made me rethink my business with greater vision and clarity and will give greater confidence to all in the future. This has been the most enlightening three days I have ever spent on business strategy. Invaluable! ”

— Stuart Fisher, Lean Transformation Consulting

“This workshop has shown me the exciting potential for business growth and the inevitable reality of achieving my dreams. It has also given me a strategic implementation plan and a path to follow which makes the goal mouth three times the size it was before. I will be carefully instigating the strategies for success. You must go on this workshop to see the potential of your future.”

— Anthony Harper, Executive Headhunters

“This workshop shows you how to achieve remarkable results from simple actions and has given me a blueprint for achieving my personal and business goals. I’m particularly excited that I can ‘do’ the outcome. Complete congruity with who I am and what I want and like and CAN DO. Seeing how exponential growth is achieved, and why running my own business makes sense have been particularly valuable. I will immediately apply what I’ve learned and my first priority is to become outstanding n my field.”

— Owen Lamb Marketing Consultant

“I’m thrilled about the very many ways in which I can turn my business into an exciting revenue stream whilst being creative. The focus on the human dimension has been a particularly important aspect. The workshop gave me focus, purpose and reinforced my vision — If I thought I could become successful before, I now know that I will become very successful. Creates certainty hence confidence feeling. I’ll now follow thoroughly and methodically the strategies learned about and develop new ways and most importantly constantly test before implementing. I would recommend this workshop without the shadow of a doubt. Robert’s team definitely teach what they preach. Admirable living proof of great minds at work — you must attend!”

— Katia Fèbrissy, Translation Agency

“I’m excited about the fact that I can control my own destiny and that having a very successful business is VERY achievable! It’s been valuable to learn the ways to improve / increase the business effectively, with minimal effort and risk. This workshop will benefit me at all levels. I would recommend the course to anyone who is serious about being successful. How can they afford not to join it!!”

— Jeremy Hunt, Graphic Design

“I’m excited about the enormous number of ideas and concepts that are now available to me to build my business. The particularly valuable thing about this workshop has been the many varied ideas which were built on repeatedly throughout the three days and finally the “how to” implement them. It has helped me to formulate goals and given me the confidence to believe they are achievable. Hopefully this will lead to my ultimate goal of increasing turnover whilst working 4 days a week. I shall now attempt to set aside one half day per week to work on the ideas that I have prioritised. I would definitely recommend this workshop to other businesses. A very thorough, intensive and inspiring workshop that cannot fail to provide you with an abundance of ideas, concepts and inspiration to move your business forward.”

— Angela Rhodes, HR Consultancy

”I’m excited now I know that the right application of direct response can generate profits for us. It’s been valuable knowing that there are many strategies that we can use to get where we want to go with the business. This workshop has made me aware of the great need to examine our USP’s, headlines and as importantly to test everything. I know many businesses that this workshop would be suitable for. I’m happy to promote it to them and create as many win/win opportunities as I can.”

— Keith Banfield, Training

“I’ve realised that the ideas which work best are usually very simple, incredibly sensible and nothing to be afraid of. They seem to be a lot less daunting now that we have discussed them all — and we don’t need to rely on getting one thing alone perfect. Seeing the effect of a small increase in frequency or transaction cost as opposed to increasing client numbers is absolutely amazing. We have an exciting challenge and rather than a company standing still, I think we have a blank canvas ahead. The thought of going back to the office to implement all these ideas is very exciting and scary at the same time. As a result of this workshop I’m definitely going to allocate 2 days a week to work on these ideas to start moving us forward. Yes, I would recommend this workshop to other businesses — the ideas are very much common sense, but exactly what you need to inspire you to take action. ”

— Lisa Adamson, Travel Agency

“I now realise the importance of educating customers to the benefit of using us, getting our direct marketing sorted and that it’s not all about obtaining new clients. It’s helped to focus my mind. I’m now a lot more motivated about my business and realise how creative you can actually be if you take a step away from the business. I believe I’ll have a more profitable business as a result of this workshop and will be one of the top recruitment companies in Milton Keynes. I would most definitely recommend this workshop to other businesses. It’s very innovative, with a good style of training and covers all aspects of running a business. Extremely motivational. Put across in a very intelligible way. Even to implement a couple of suggestions will have a dramatic effect on my business.”

— Francesca Lazzari, Recruitment

“The workshop is filled with simple theory and very interesting concepts that were explained well and are easy to integrate into our current business strategy. I now realise just how much potential exists in my business which remains untapped and feel that I can seriously improve our profits and working practices in many ways. I believe this workshop will have a dramatic effect on my business and I would recommend other business to go and find out about this workshop — with no risk. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Andy Piggott, Insurance Broker

“I thought we were client focused but I have learned so many ways of improving our business offering. A vast range of new ways of improving the business and enjoying the process and journey. Our business will grow a lot faster and we will raise the aspirations of all involved in our business. Yes I would recommend this workshop. I have attended many courses and run courses, but can unreservedly tell other businesses that the practical information given cannot but help them to be more successful and focused.”

— Chris Allison, The UK’s No.1 Cost Management Consultancy

“It’s been a revelation to ignore history, industry sacred cows and use sound promotional techniques to promote my company. Very positive with a lot to go for. We will do more business as a result and have a better future. I would recommend other businesses to go along with an open mind and learn.”

—Andrew Whyton, Advertising Agency

“It’s opened my eyes to realise that it’s possible to take any moderate business that has a reasonable product and make it highly successful. I now see my business as the start of a major enterprise and expect to achieve complete fulfilment in my life as a result of this workshop. I won’t bother telling you how good it is – you wouldn’t believe me! Blinding!”

— Rod Dutton, E-mail marketing

It was an enlightening, information packed course which has given me fresh ideas and has opened up opportunities and ideas to me which I would never have thought of previously 

— Emy Wright, Inlec

It WILL inspire, motivate and if implemented, WILL yield significant results in areas you couldn’t even imagine now

— Keziah Cunningham, Kent Community Foundation

It will improve the way you do business and offer you the chance for exponential growth

— Daniel Morris, Aidservice Ltd

A clear concise guide that covers all aspects of sales and marketing and offers a clear path to implementing and actioning change 

— Peter Burges

“An excellent no nonsense approach to increasing your business capabilities. Presented in plain English it focuses you on how you can increase your market share with simple steps that will make your work life so much more enjoyable.”

Karen Holmes, Palmac Contracting

“This workshop will change your business and your life. You will learn a battery of easy to apply methods of increasing revenues that will have an amazing effect if applied jointly, whilst enabling you to spend less time woking on your business.”

— Dr David Skinner, Garsdale Training

“Makes you take a step back, look at your business, and appraise the opportunities that you are allowing to pass you by.”

— Geoff Gardner, Wealth & Asset Management

“Excellent use of 3 days. We were in serious doubt as to whether we could afford the time & money – now I wonder how we ever believed we could not afford to come.”

— Bev Toogood, Little Sunflowers

“A lifetime of information and experience gained in three days. My brain is exploding but so is my enthusiasm.”

— Sue Gay, Flitwick Town Council 

“However good you think you are at your business this will open your eyes and make you realise how you should be doing things.”

— Laura Rozelaar, The Berkeley Gallery 

“No debate, you’ve just got to do it!!!”

— Anne Feeney, Afena Consulting

“In three days we learnt an incredible amount of priceless information. The presentation was flawless, the facilities were excellent and teh staff were very warm and genuine.”

— Neil Gateley, Clever4 

“All you need to know about how to grow a great business.”

— Mark Ainsworth, Talent Innovations

“Forget about all the courses you have been on before, come with an open mind. Educate yourself and your customers.”

— Andrew Vinall, Associated Laundry Systems Ltd 

“The three days I have spent on this course have amazed and enlightened me. It shows by working smart and using Robert’s Techniques our business can grow much quicker.”

— Scott Sanders, The Mortgage Shop

“An essential course for anyone who is really serious about moving their business massively forward.”

— Andrew Perryman, Bright Mortgage Advice