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How I use Twitter

Hello, I’m Robert Clay.

Thanks for stopping by and Welcome to Marketing Wizdom.

If you’re on this page it’s probably because you’ve clicked through from my Twitter profile (@marketingwizdom). This page explains how I use Twitter, what you can expect from my tweets and who and how I follow so that you can decide whether you’d like to follow me.

How I use Twitter

I use Twitter as a news source, to add to my knowledge, to maintain cutting edge awareness in my area of expertise and to discover, learn from and engage with people globally who share similar interests. I also use Twitter as a publishing tool to share knowledge and information I come across which I believe will be useful to any aspiring market leader, entrepreneur, or anyone involved in running or marketing a business.

I have many rich interactions on Twitter and, time permitting, try to respond in person to everyone who interacts with me. I do not and have never used automated responses.

Tweet topics:

  • I mainly tweet about entrepreneurship, business and marketing strategy (including social media), trends and technology. These things interest me and are also at the heart of what I do
  • I occasionally tweet about cars, travel, economics, scientific breakthroughs, or current affairs
  • I regularly share tips and “words of wizdom”
  • I tweet links to my new and past blog posts
  • I often share links that may be of interest
  • I reweet useful or interesting things that others have tweeted

Much of the content I share daily on Twitter is planned in advance and, time permitting, I also share other content spontaneously as I come across it or think about it. I am always on the lookout for good content to share. Some days I tweet more than others depending on what I’m doing and where I am. My main aims are to add value to your day; share the best content I can find or create around my main topics; create conversations; and build productive relationships.

My Follow policy

Although based in the UK I’ve built businesses globally, travelled extensively, have good knowledge of the world and interact with people wherever they are (mainly in English but often in other languages including Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, French and German). I’m always looking for interesting people to follow. Having said that, I follow selectively and do not automatically follow back just because someone follows me.

I’ve found that people come and go constantly on Twitter for any number of reasons so I never spend any time checking or obsessing over who is or isn’t following me. Life is too short for that and there are better things to do. And I’m often pleasantly surprised when I discover well known people following me.

If I’m following you it could be because:

  • I know you personally
  • You’re one of my current or past clients
  • You’re a thought leader in business, marketing or technology
  • You’re an emerging market leader in your field
  • You’re an industry trendsetter
  • You write interesting or insightful blogs, articles or books
  • You share interesting links
  • Something you’ve tweeted has attracted my attention
  • Your Twitter bio looks interesting
  • You tweet about topics that interest me
  • You engage with me regularly
  • You stimulate me; amuse me or in some way add value to my day

How I follow

It’s hard enough to keep up with 1-200 people who have interesting things to say. And it’s impossible to keep up with everything that 50,000 followers say, so I don’t even try. Instead I use Twitter lists (an indispensable tool) to group together people, organisations, or media that tweet about topics that particularly interest me. I can then follow everyone on those lists in a much more focused and time-efficient manner.

This approach tames Twitter and delivers a very rich and useful experience with none of the spam, irrelevance or noise that clutters up so many Twitter streams … It also gives me time to contribute to my Twitter followers; keep abreast of what’s going on; write books; run my business; and yes, have a life as well.

If you tweet on topics that interest me; share interesting links; engage with me; or I particularly like you or what you do I may well add you to one of my lists, whether I actually “follow” you or not. Using Twitter lists means that I don’t actually need to “follow” you to follow your tweets or interact with you. In fact I have never “followed” some of the people I follow most closely and interact with most frequently.

How I deal with spammers

I have zero tolerance for spam, so if you spam me, I will report and block you. Spam, by the way, includes uninvited DMs along the lines of “My Godfather will make you an offer you cannot refuse …” pushing any brand of religion or politics, and any MLM or get rich quick solicitations.

Oh yes … and it’s amazing how many direct messages I receive, only to find I can’t respond because the person who sent the message isn’t following me. So please do not send direct messages if you don’t follow me because I won’t be able to reply!

Finally …

If you like what I’ve said here, please follow me on Twitter and say hello when you get a chance. I look forward to interacting with you and adding something to your Twitter experience.

If you’d like me to speak or share my knowledge with groups of Entrepreneurs or talk to me about anything specific please drop me an email or a tweet. And if you’ve gained a lot of value from what I’ve shared with you, a recommendation on LinkedIn is always gratefully received 😉