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Seminars and Workshops

Over the years Robert Clay has delivered hundreds of seminars and workshops to thousands of business leaders in all parts of the UK … and beyond. These events have always been very highly regarded, meeting or exceeding the expectations of 997 out of every 1,000 attendees. Read some of the 3,000+ testimonials here

Building on this heritage Marketing Wizdom creates, organises and delivers seminars and workshops on a variety of low-risk/high-return marketing topics. These events are aimed at business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs, and are normally delivered to closed groups (within organisations, industry-specific associations, conferences etc.), or as open events that can be attended by any qualifying business leader.

In 2001 Robert created and launched an intensive 3-day workshop which has now been delivered dozens of times. Its 30-hours of spellbinding content has spurred on large numbers of Robert’s clients to achieve extraordinary growth in their businesses, and many have gone on to win coveted awards; become market leaders in their field; or have eventually sold their businesses for £10’s of millions. A significant development of this workshop will be incorporated into an exciting new programme currently under development.