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Our aim is to add value to what you do by passing on to you some of the best marketing knowledge and advice available from the past 150 years. This is all drawn from the unique 1.8-million page knowledgebase that Robert Clay has built up over many years. Along the way you’ll get an abundance of up-to-the-minute marketing advice that you can immediately apply to your business.

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About Robert Clay

Robert Clay is an entrepreneur and marketer who at age 19 and 23 started two businesses that went on to achieve global success. He eventually sold both to one of the largest companies in Europe and was instrumental in helping them to become No.1 in the world in their field.

He recently ended an unusual decade-long marketing experiment which resulted in many of his clients being catapulted from obscurity to market leadership, winning prestigious awards and achieving £ multi-million exits.

He is now independently ranked the UK’s No.1 marketer out of 42,559 UK advertising and marketing professionals on LinkedIn, based on rankings sorted by recommendations (March 2010) and his podcasts are distributed worldwide via the iTunes store.

Robert now works exclusively with aspiring market leaders, providing them with the world-class marketing know-how, systems, processes, roadmaps, tools, and the peer group support needed to build the foundations for exponential growth; turn their businesses into the ultimate sales machine; attain and maintain high net margins; grow loyal clients; and turn those clients into zealous advocates.

He currently writes four in-depth books a year. But for now these books are available exclusively to participants in his Eureka program.

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