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Eureka Curriculum

The aim of the Eureka program is to help you build a market leading business that eventually grows by word of mouth.

Word of mouth is by far the most powerful, persuasive marketing weapon that exists. It drives buyers to try products or services more than ANY other marketing technique … more than advertising, salespeople, direct response and public relations COMBINED! To observe its power, just look at Apple. When Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997 they were 90 days from bankruptcy. Now they’re the world’s second most valuable company.

But nobody can achieve worthwhile word of mouth with the mere click of a finger. Most companies take decades to get all the necessary elements in place. The Eureka program provides you with a series of step-by-step roadmaps and the tools and peer group support you need to accelerate that process considerably.

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Each phase of the program is delivered over three years. In the first phase you will focus on building your foundations for exponential growth. With those foundations in place your focus in phase two will switch to building the ultimate sales machine. In phase three you will focus on attaining and maintaining high net margins for your sector; growing loyal clients; and turning those clients into zealous advocates who talk about you constantly and spontaneously whether you’re there or not.

Eureka Curriculum, Phase 1 — the first three years

1. Strategic Planning Part 1 — Designing a great tomorrow

The first of three in-depth strategic planning modules based on several disciplines that should be applied relentlessly for the duration of your business to achieve ever higher performance. Topics include: understanding what business you’re really in; understanding what business you could be in; understanding who or what you are really competing with; understanding your area of excellence; understanding your critical constraints; practicing zero-based thinking; reinventing your organisation; clarifying your values; practicing blue-sky thinking; and creating an inspiring mission.

2. Social Media Part 1 — Preparing for social media success

Social media has been embraced enthusiastically by hundreds of millions of people, and it has changed the way they interact. It is one of the most important changes ever to have come about in business, and it is rapidly turning traditional marketing on its head. Ignore it at your peril. In this module you’ll embark on an in-depth social media roadmap and implementation process involving: a fast-track social media familiarisation process; hands-on exploration and assessment of the tools in the social media ecosystem; finding your social media niche; preparing for success including identifying your target audience; assessing your competition; developing your concept; validating the execution of your concept; considering your sales viability; evaluating your existing resources; and creating your strategic plan.

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3. Discovering and addressing the real needs of your marketplace

Many entrepreneurs speak of taking their business to the next level. The right research can be the catalyst for transforming a small business into a big business. Few investments can yield a more valuable return than discovering and addressing the real needs of your marketplace. In this module you’ll discover how you can use research to discover what really matters to your prospects and clients; improve your existing business; and generate new business. You’ll learn how to ask questions; what questions to ask; how to conduct custom-designed research with no significant investment; how to establish the key motivations of your marketplace; what messages you need to use to stimulate action; how to get to know your existing customers better and avoid lost sales; turn many more prospects into new customers; understand how you compare with your competition and obtain proof of your excellence.

4. Disempowering your competition by setting the buying criteria for your marketplace

You’ll develop a multi-faceted Unique Selling Proposition based on an in-depth story that details everything that happens behind the scenes in your business. This story and a number of associated documents will act as the foundation for all of your future marketing messages and will communicate the uniqueness of your proposition in a clear and captivating manner that’ll be understood and shared by everyone associated with your business. It will also provide the proof that will compel your prime prospects and clients to buy into your proposition and do more business with you more often and on the best possible terms.

The messages coming out of this process will be among the most valuable assets in your business, allowing you to generate new business at will, maximise the value of that business, and keep your customers for years. Your prospects and clients will be much better educated about what you do, and will come to you ready to do business which means that you will be able to charge what you are really worth. You’ll also have the tools you need to disempower your competition, making your business the only logical choice.

5. Social Media Part 2 — Building your online destinations

Builds on Social Media Part 1 with an additional in-depth roadmap for building your online destinations, involving: Creating an online community around your content; establishing and managing your community; understanding online behaviours; thinking and acting like a publisher; building your online destinations incuding websites, blogs, forums and wikis.

6. Creating customer value and profiting from it

If you feel you are under-compensated for the real value you deliver to your customers this module will give you all the tools and techniques you need to turn your value-added into real revenues. You’ll discover how to effectively articulate and communicate the economic value created by your products and services; how to completely bypass the lowest common denominator, price; a step by step approach to sales and marketing that goes beyond features and benefits, but calculates the monetary gain a customer receives in exchange for the price paid; how to handle price objections; shorten sales cycles; protect your business from competition; get appointments and more.

7. Social Media Part 3 — Building trust, visibility, traffic and a loyal online community

Builds on social media parts 1 and 2, with an additional in-depth roadmap for building trust, visibility, traffic, engagement and loyalty involving: RSS; Search Engine Optimisation; Email marketing including newsletters and autoresponders; social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; Search engine marketing including pay per click and landing pages; mobile marketing and measurement.

8. Making it easier for your prospects to say yes than to say no

You’ll learn how to win more customers through a fundamentally different way of raising the quality of your offering, while simultaneously reducing the customer’s sense of risk at the time of purchase. You’ll learn how to design an extraordinary guarantee for your offering; when it makes sense and when it doesn’t; what limits to set; how to build a commitment statement to get immediate buy-in to your proposition; how to position your business in a compelling manner that instantly sets it apart from all your competitors; how to roll these strategies out and more. This will raise the bar on your company’s performance; energise your managers and employees, create enthusiasm and give you breakthrough results.

9. Building irrefutable proof of excellence

The more you can prove the value of your product or service the more people will invest in it. The more irrefutable the proof you can provide, the stronger your proposition will be. In this module you’ll learn how to identify and approach the dream experts, endorsers, champions or prescribers; how to engage them in what you do; how to secure from them powerful testimonials, references, endorsements and case studies that’ll set you apart from all others. If you can get the 100 most important buyers in your marketplace to recommend you, you’ll find it easy to convince 10,000 others that they should do business with you too.

10. Strategic Planning Part 2 — Improving your operations

The second of three in-depth strategic planning modules based on several disciplines that can be applied repeatedly to achieve extraordinary performance, including: selecting the right people; marketing more effectively; selling more effectively; and building layer upon layer of marketing strategies to multiply your results.

11. Social Media Part 4 — Deepening online engagement and exploiting your niche

The final part of the in-depth social media roadmap for deepening your engagement involving: communication, collaboration, education and entertainment; understanding when engagement strategies backfire; the use of photo sharing; audio sharing; video sharing; livecasting; interpersonal communication, and productivity applications.

12. Targeting the right prospects to build a word of mouth business

There’s always a smaller number of “best buyers” than there are of all buyers. Marketing to those people is a lot less costly, and a lot more effective, than marketing to all possible buyers. In this module you will learn how to identify and focus your marketing on the dream clients who will buy your product or service faster, in greater quantities, and more frequently than any other buyers. Landing just a handful of these dream clients can have a seismic impact on your bottom line. You’ll learn how to create an avalanche of qualified leads; clever ways to get in front of your dream prospects and earn their long term admiration, respect and endorsement; how to build a trusted relationship with those ideal prospects; and win your place as the business that no one else can compete with.

*N.B. The sequence and the contents of each module may change from time to time as the program evolves.

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