Unlock Your True Business Potential

2-day Eureka Induction Workshop

When you join the Eureka program, you’ll be invited to attend an eye-opening 2-day induction workshop that in its own right could change your thinking forever.

Your induction workshop has several purposes:

You’ll get a solid grounding in many of the concepts that will transform your business as the program unfolds; you’ll make connections between many different strategies and concepts that may not have been apparent to you before; you’ll get an understanding of how you can achieve your business objectives, and the fastest and easiest route to get you there; and you’ll get a good idea of the impact the Eureka program will have on your business as it unfolds.

You’ll meet and get to know many of the other participants in your group. The bonding that occurs between a group of committed like-minded entrepreneurs who are embarking on the same exciting journey together, each aiming to achieve market leadership in their different niches, has to be experienced to be believed.

If you’ve worked with Robert Clay in the past, you already know the Eureka program is good. But if you’re in any way unsure whether the program is right for you, your induction workshop will give you ample opportunity to test drive the program; get to know the other participants; and assess it’s likely impact before you have to make a final commitment.

You’ll capture all your thoughts using special software

The workshop is delivered in a unique manner. You will be provided with a computer using special software developed specifically for the purpose, to capture all of your thoughts and “aha” moments there and then as they occur to you. You will also be asked to score each topic as you go through the process with regard to its relevance to your business, its likely impact and implications.

By the end of the workshop you should have extensive notes on each of the topics we cover together and your notes will all be ranked in priority order, specifically for your business. You will know exactly which strategies will give you the greatest return for the least amount of time, effort, manpower, money and risk.

The content of your 2-days

The content of the 2-days is based on a cut-down version of the intensive 3-day workshops Robert Clay ran for a decade. These workshops, which started at £1,800+VAT a head, received rave reviews; met or exceeded the expectations of 100% of participants; and were the catalyst for many businesses becoming market leaders in their niches.

The induction workshop also includes a certain amount of Eureka specific content, particularly around building your business by word of mouth, and the effective use of today’s online media. It will allow you to get up to speed with some of the important content we will be covering in detail as the Eureka program unfolds.

Objectives for the two days

Rather than detail the specific content of the two days, here are ten objectives that we know from years of experience will be accomplished over the two days. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Put in place a strong and sustainable foundation for your future growth combined with a structured and much more compelling marketing approach. This will have a massive impact on the way that you, your team and your prospective clients perceive your business, giving you an unfair advantage over your competition, month-in and month-out.
  2. Create high levels of growth and prosperity in your business … as well as for you personally … when you harness the compounding effect of building one layer of strategies on top of another … each one representing an entirely new, fresh and powerful source of additional or replacement customers and profits for you.
  3. Set the buying criteria for your marketplace thus making you the only logical choice, resulting in more high calibre “pre-sold” enquiries as well as generating a significant number of introductions and referrals who have a high likelihood of doing business with you.
  4. Convince your prospects and clients to willingly pay what your products or services are truly worth by educating them to fully understand the advantages and benefits you offer and how or why your product or service performs more advantageously, beneficially or tangibly than an alternative one.
  5. Convert the largest number of your prime prospects into clients who enjoy an on-going purchasing relationship with you as a result of focusing only on people who already need your product or service and by making the initial transaction so irresistible that it’s harder for anyone who’s qualified to say “no” than to say “yes.”
  6. Double the size of your business every few years by simply reducing the number of customers who stop doing business with you, and turning lost customers into active paying customers again by delivering consistently higher than expected levels of service and vastly improving upon or adding to the way everyone else in your industry does business and in the process developing a far deeper, closer and longer-term relationship than you had originally.
  7. Increase the size of every purchase your customers make from your business by offering irresistible value; by introducing additional products or services that will increase the result of the transaction they’re doing with you; and by positioning yourself at a higher level of distinction or quality than your competition rather than allowing them to relegate you to being nothing more than a commodity that’s bought on price.
  8. Create guaranteed future cashflow and compelling your new customers to buy from you over and over again by demonstrating how much you care about them and their well being … and keeping that connection alive and flowing, thus building a stronger and richer relationship that helps your customers to gain for themselves a greater benefit, result or advantage out of your products and services.
  9. Use a step-by-step operating system for growing your business, which will allow you to accurately measure, track, test and improve your sales and marketing processes so that you’ll minimise or eliminate your risks, manage your growth and maximise your return on investment. These systems alone can improve the results of everything you do from 50-5000%.
  10. Put in place a proven framework within which you and your team can operate as well as providing you with the ideas, marketing concepts, strategies and other methods you need to produce quantum leaps in your business in an amazingly short time.

A couple of lifetimes’ worth of knowledge …

In other words, you’re likely to walk away from the workshop with more knowledge about growing your business than most people would get in a couple of lifetimes. You’re also likely to have an entirely different mindset to the one you came in with, as well as having a clear idea of what it will take to achieve your business objectives. And along the way you should gain confidence and clarity on the route you need to take to get there.

What you learn from this workshop will become the foundations you will build on as the Eureka program unfolds, when you’ll get all the in-depth step by step information, knowledge and support you need to build a world-class business that will eventually grow by word of mouth and become a leader in it’s niche.

In case you were wondering, the induction workshop is simultaneously very intensive, exhausting and exhilarating. But we make no apology for that because we want you to get as much value out of the 2-days as possible. If this were sold as a standalone event, it would sell for £2,500 + VAT (but be worth many times that investment), and it is included free of charge as part of your Eureka program.

And of course there’s the Eureka Guarantee …

If by the end of your induction workshop you’re not already convinced that the Eureka program will give you a significant return on your investment, you can leave the program there and then, cancel all ongoing arrangements, receive a full and immediate refund for everything you’ve already paid and owe us nothing. No questions asked. No fine print. No red tape. And no hard feelings either.