50 Ways To Outsmart, Outsell and Outperform Your Competition

Robert Clay delivering the Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop

The Quantum Leap marketing workshop in action, being delivered here by Robert Clay.

The Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop in session

To ensure you remember everything and forget nothing you’re provided with a computer and special software that allows you to capture every idea and thought that occurs to you.

The Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop in session

The Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop software

The software allows you to take extensive notes; assess the relative importance of each strategy; and builds a 3-400 page blueprint uniquely tailored to your specific business and circumstances.

The Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop software

The Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop software

The Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop venue

The workshop venue, in Milton Keynes, offers accommodation, restaurant and leisure facilities and is easy to access by road, rail and air.

The Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop venue leisure facilities

The Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop guarantee

This marketing workshop ALWAYS far exceeds expectations, with hundreds of testimonials on file as proof:

Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop thank you note

What is the Quantum Leap Workshop?

Quantum Leap is a 3-day immersive marketing workshop for founders and CEOs of entrepreneurial businesses who wish to significantly accelerate their business growth. It equips you with the knowledge, tools and strategies you need to transform your business and outsmart, outsell and outperform your competition.

Described by many as the equivalent of an MBA, it completely changes your perspective on business. The effective use of technology means you’ll learn more in three days than most people will ever learn in a lifetime, and more importantly, because of the technology used in the workshop, you’ll retain and be able to use that information to grow your business for years.

This marketing workshop has emerged from 17 years of amassing, collating, assembling, indexing, filing, analysing, cross-referencing, documenting, researching, implementing and endlessly refining the knowledge information and tools you need to grow your business in today’s very different world. The average business attending this workshop has around £1.5M annual revenues, and emerges knowing how to achieve an additional £2 million … using only 4 out of the 50 strategies covered over your 3-days.

Aims of this marketing workshop

To demystify how you can distinguish and differentiate your business, identify, attract, engage with, convert and retain your ideal clients, charge what you’re worth and multiply your growth and profits.

To give you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to grow your business, make money in a fast changing world where one business model after another has become obsolete overnight … and the tools you need to construct whatever outcome you want for your life and your business.

To give you a distillation of the secrets, lifetime knowledge, and experience of more than 400 of the greatest entrepreneurs, business and marketing minds in history, all pulled together and concentrated into 3 intensive days.

What will Quantum Leap give you?

  • This marketing workshop gives you strategies that are more practical and applicable to entrepreneurial businesses than any other marketing qualification.
  • The range of audio and visual examples of strategies being successfully applied by other businesses is huge and helps you to determine how and where you can apply those same strategies in your business.
  • The unique technology used in this marketing workshop enables you to record all your thoughts and “must do” ideas so that you can refer back to them with ease.
  • The built-in scoring system enables you to assess each individual strategy relative to your own particular likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and resources, producing a unique and personalised priority plan of action for your business.
  • The editable notes you receive after this marketing workshop enable you to continue adding to and developing your thoughts as your business progresses … and as you go over the materials and audio recording again and again.
  • The full unedited audio recording you receive after this marketing workshop enable you to go back over any of the content again and again for years to come, when it’s convenient for you – so nothing ever gets “lost in the cracks.”

You leave with the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to buck challenging trends in your marketplace; satisfy customer expectations that have changed beyond recognition in recent years; change the way you do business; and break your all-time sales records … while your competitors stand still, go backwards or out of business. You’ll understand how to accomplish these things without significant cost and for close to zero risk, saving you untold weeks, months and years of trial and error and frustration.

Unique Software … and 3-400 page Blueprint

To ensure you remember everything and forget nothing you’re provided with a computer and special software so that you can capture every idea and thought that occurs to you, as it occurs, and assess the relative importance of each strategy. You’ll use the software to build a unique 3-400 page blueprint totally tailored to your specific interests, strengths, resources and goals, with each strategy ranked to reflect its importance to your business.

For years into the future you can revisit, refocus on and take in each individual idea and revelation that occurs to you over your three intensive days – at your own pace. You can go over any parts of your blueprint you find particularly informative, again and again, until you fully distill every word of advice and completely comprehend how each marketing approach works for you.

Full unedited recording

You also receive a full editable set of your notes, as well as the full unedited audio recording of your 3-days. You can keep adding to your notes and listening to the recording again and again, cross referencing it with the notes in your blueprint to further reinforce everything you’ve learned.

Workshop Fees

The fee for the first person attending this workshop is £2,500 + VAT, but if you book and pay at least 30 days before the event your fee will be reduced to just £2,250 + VAT. Additional colleagues may join you for just £1,250 + VAT each.


These workshops are normally held in Milton Keynes. Days begin at 08:00 and finish at 18:00. A three course lunch is provided as well as refreshments throughout the day.

A Guarantee Like No Other …

The Quantum Leap marketing workshop is unlike any other workshop, event or course you’ll ever attend … and that’s reflected in this guarantee:

“If you’re not absolutely convinced by 2 pm on your second day that you’ve already been given new ideas worth many times your investment in this marketing workshop, then we honestly expect you to ask for a full and immediate refund. No strings attached. No questions asked. No fine print. No red tape. And no hard feelings.

And it doesn’t end there … because you also get a full 12 months to study and digest the bespoke 3-400 page strategy blueprint that you create during your workshop. We’re so confident that you will not find a more comprehensive business transformation plan anywhere that if you don’t agree, you can just return it at any time within 12 months and every single penny will be returned to you.”

N.B. Participation in this workshop is required for admission into the company’s ongoing invitation-only Eureka Mentoring program. Why? Once you understand all the strategies covered in this workshop and how they all inter-relate, your chances of success are multiplied … and you will hit the ground running.

More Information …

TOPICS COVERED: A lifetime of business knowledge packed into in three intensive days

Your Quantum Leap workshop is packed with practical, easily understood and extremely powerful content, delivered in twelve sessions over your three days. Each topic is based on extensive real-life experience and has been carefully crafted and honed over 12 years to convey maximum understanding in the shortest possible time, illustrated by hundreds of visuals, real life examples, audio and video clips.

Each strategy builds on and complements previous strategies. By combining, blending and building layer upon layer of strategies you end up with a construction kit that allows you to design and achieve whatever outcome you choose.

And the special software you use on the workshop allows you to jot down every thought and idea that occurs to you, as it occurs to you, so that you forget nothing and remember everything. You also use the software to assess the relative importance of each strategy as you build your own unique 3-400 page blueprint totally tailored to your specific interests, strengths, resources and goals, with each strategy ranked to reflect its importance to your business.

Each of the twelve sessions covers four to six topics. Any one of the strategies covered on this workshop could transform your business, but when taken as a whole you will emerge with an entirely new perspective on your business. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to achieve the outcomes you’re seeking. And you’ll be raring to go!

“Your workshop has far exceeded my expectations … I’ve had around 10 businesses in my life, the biggest got to 46% market share, so I thought I was a pretty good businessman but I don’t think I have ever listened so intently for three days and not been tired. It’s been phenomenally informative. In my MBA I probably learned 1% of what you’ve taught us in the last three days. It’s going to help our business tremendously and I want to thank you.”
— Robert Drew, CEO Europe Middle East and Africa, Vistage International, World’s No.1 Organisation for Chief Executives

Click on these headings to reveal the topics covered in each session:

Session 1 - Your Introduction To Quantum Leap Principles

1.1 The ten key objectives of your Quantum Leap workshop
1.2 Why strategic marketing should be at the heart of everything you do in business
1.3 How to grow your business in three dimensions … the secret of exponential growth
1.4 The biggest single factor that will determine your success in business
1.5 What people really buy when they buy your product or service
1.6 How to harness today’s very different new marketing realities

Session 2 - Build Your Foundations for Exponential Growth

2.1 How to determine and address the real needs of your marketplace
2.2 How to identify the unique advantages that set you apart from your competition
2.3 How to disempower your competition and set the buying criteria for your marketplace
2.4 How to make it easier for your buyers to say yes than no
2.5 How to give your buyers immediate and compelling reasons to do business with you
2.6 How to identify and target your most receptive and lucrative prospects

Session 3 - Effective Lead Generation Strategies

3.1 How to gain more customers using the 4 secrets of highly effective advertising
3.2 How to multiply your sales effectiveness using direct mail and email
3.3 How to make it easy and irresistible for customers to start doing business with you
3.4 How to bring in more customers and cash right away with joint ventures
3.5 How to generate hot leads, windfall sales and profits from special events
3.6 How to gain distinction and credibility with free media coverage and publicity

Session 4 - Achieve Online Visibility and Engagement

4.1 How to maximise your online visibility and amplify your content
4.2 How to build an engaged social media audience and turn it into a goldmine
4.3 How to build a valuable, credible search engine friendly blog or website
4.4 How to research virtually anything using Twitter and make global connections fast
4.5 How to engage with Facebook’s vast audience and precisely target individual prospects
4.6 How to create lucrative business relationships on Linkedin

Session 5 - Harness The Power of Word of Mouth

5.1 The illusion of marketing as we’ve known it … and the role of word of mouth
5.2 How to harness the power of word of mouth in your marketing
5.3 How to accelerate decisions for different prospects at each adoption stage
5.4 How to get expert and peer group endorsement for everything you do
5.5 How to accelerate customer experience gathering to achieve sales more rapidly

Session 6 - Convert Your Prospects Into Buyers

6.1 How to give your business a huge boost with better conversion techniques
6.2 How to instantly transform your team’s sales skills to achieve new heights of success
6.3 How to communicate the compelling, meaningful reasons why buyers should act now
6.4 How to set your prospects’ buying criteria so you become the only logical choice
6.5 How to make it easy and irresistible for your buyers to start doing business with you
6.6 How to be one of the top 8% of sales people who consistently get 80% of the sales

Session 7 - Improve the Value of Every Sale and Increase Margins

7.1 How to instantly improve the value of every sale using an easy and effortless process
7.2 How to offer almost irresistible value while simultaneously increasing your profits
7.3 How to charge what you’re really worth, and reduce or eliminate discounts
7.4 How to grow your business faster with more affluent and less price sensitive buyers

Session 8 - Develop Repeat Business, Loyalty and Advocacy

8.1 How to double or triple your growth rate with little or no extra effort or expense
8.2 How to almost instantly reactivate up to 60% of your inactive customers
8.3 How to get the highest level of ongoing involvement and connection with your customers
8.4 How to give customers more than their money’s worth and earn their long-term loyalty
8.5 How to move your business from the realms of the ordinary and make it extraordinary
8.6 How to educate your customers to return and do business with you again and again

Session 9 - Optimise Your Business Results

9.1 How to get the maximum possible return while using less time, energy, capital and risk
9.2 How to get people to value, understand and believe in everything you do and stand for
9.3 How to inspire passion and get extraordinary results from everyone in your business
9.4 How to adopt success-proven, profit-certain practices that work in other industries

Session 10 - Ten Key Business Accelerators Part 1

10.1 How to multiply your marketing results without spending more time, effort or money
10.2 How to generate an immediate response, action or decision from every marketing activity
10.3 How to distinguish and differentiate your business in everything you say or do
10.4 How to convert new or one-time customers into valuable ongoing repeat business
10.5 How to create priceless on-going customer relationships and advocacy

Session 11 - Ten Key Business Accelerators Part 2

11.1 How to get any individual to understand the benefits of taking a specific action
11.2 How to get your buyers to appreciate the true value and benefits you offer
11.3 How to ensure your clients think and talk positively about you and refer others
11.4 How to recognise which marketing approaches work best for you
11.5 How to identify and develop business from your most lucrative target markets

Session 12 - Bringing everything together

Your final session examines the potential impact of your highest scoring strategies, based on your personal assessment of each strategy as the workshop unfolds. It also opens your eyes to the true potential in your business.

Quantum Leap Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Quantum Leap marketing workshop. If you have a question that is not answered here, please call us on 01908 933535 and ask for Andrea Pickerin, Robert Clay or Kirsty Parris. Alternatively, email us.

What are the entry requirements?

You do not require any qualifications to attend this marketing workshop, and its content is applicable and valuable for businesses of any size, age or stage of development.

Who should attend this marketing workshop?

This marketing workshop is primarily aimed at business founders, entrepreneurs, chief executives and business leaders of entrepreneurial businesses that are growing or would like to grow.

Once people attend this workshop they often send their key sales and marketing staff, as it helps them to understand, buy into and contribute to the strategies that emerge from it.

Unless you are already achieving as much growth as you can handle in your business, we guarantee you WILL gain enormous value from this marketing workshop regardless of any qualifications or experience you already have. Even people with marketing MBAs tell us they benefit massively. If you have any concerns, please call us on 01908 933535 to discuss your circumstances.

If I have another marketing qualification, is it still worth attending?

Yes … for several reasons:

  1. This marketing workshop gives you strategies that are more practical and applicable to entrepreneurial businesses than any other marketing qualification.
  2. The range of audio and visual examples of strategies being successfully applied by other businesses is huge and helps you to determine how and where you can apply those same strategies in your business.
  3. The unique technology used in this marketing workshop enables you to record all your thoughts and “must do” ideas so that you can refer back to them with ease.
  4. The built-in scoring system enables you to assess each individual strategy relative to your own particular likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, producing a unique and personalised priority plan of action for your business.
  5. The editable notes you receive after this marketing workshop enable you to continue adding to and developing your thoughts as your business progresses … and as you go over the materials and audio recording again and again.
  6. The full unedited audio recording you receive after this marketing workshop enable you to go back over any of the content again and again for years to come, when it’s convenient for you – so nothing ever gets “lost in the cracks.”

How much interaction occurs between participants?

This marketing workshop is about giving you the full spectrum of knowledge and tools you need to transform your business and thinking forever. You will walk out with more knowledge after three days than most people will ever learn from a lifetime in business.

While there IS plenty of ad-hoc interaction between participants, there simply isn’t enough time in three days to go through formal interactive exercises on each topic as well as covering the vast range of topics that make this marketing workshop so unique and valuable. The emphasis is therefore on covering as much ground as possible in the time available, rather than the alternative of spreading the workshop over maybe 5-10 days.

I have a short attention span, so will I get the full benefit?

Because this marketing workshop is simultaneously highly engaging, stimulating and immersive, and also uses technology in a novel way, it successfully holds your attention for the full three days, even if you normally have a short attention span. Some past participants have reported that it was the only time they’ve ever accomplished that in their lives.

If you’re concerned about missing important points while pondering other matters raised in the workshop, you needn’t be. That’s because you can capture every idea, thought and revelation that occurs to you, as it occurs to you, using the computer provided. You then receive all of your notes, ideas and thoughts as part of the 3-400 page blueprint you’ve created. You also receive them in an editable form so that you can continue developing and adding to your thoughts for many years to come.

In addition you receive a full set of notes on every topic covered, plus the full unedited audio recording of the event. You can go back over that information again and again for years to come until you have extracted every nuance and nugget from it.

Where does this marketing workshop take place?

At Kents Hill Park Training & Conference Centre, Milton Keynes. This venue is 5-10 minutes drive from Milton Keynes city centre, Milton Keynes Central railway station and Junctions 13 and 14 on the M1.

It’s too far for me to travel each day. Where can I stay?

Staying at the workshop venue itself would be advisable if you’d like to avoid travelling at the beginning and end of each day. It is reasonably priced and has excellent leisure and catering facilities on site. If you would prefer a bed and breakfast arrangement or indeed a different hotel or serviced apartment, you may like to search Trip Adviser.

When will I receive my digital blueprint and audio recording?

Your digital blueprint and audio recording is ready within three working days following the end of your marketing workshop. Please note that these files are too big and too numerous to be emailed to you, so a secure Dropbox folder is set up for you, and the files are added to that folder. You are notified by email when your files are ready for collection from your Dropbox

Can I have a printed version of my blueprint?

Yes. A printed and bound copy of your blueprint can be prepared and sent to you. There is a fee of £125 + VAT for this service.

How much does this marketing workshop cost and how do I pay?

The fee for the first participant from your business is £2,500 + VAT. This can be reduced to £2,250 + VAT if your marketing workshop is booked and paid for 45 days in advance. Each additional participant from the same business can attend the same workshop for just £1,250 + VAT.

Please call us on 01908 933535 or email office@marketingwizdom.com to book. Most businesses pay by BACS transfer, but you can also pay by debit/credit card or cheque.

When is the closing date for applications?

Bookings must be made at least two weeks before the start date of any workshop. If you’re keen to join a particular date and there is less than two weeks until the start date, call us on 01908 933535 as it may still be possible to fit you in.

Can I reserve a place?

Yes. Please call 01908 933535 to reserve your place, or email office@marketingwizdom.com

Can I transfer from one workshop to another?

Yes. You will need to give two week’s notice of any date change. If you’re unable to give as much notice as that, you will probably be required to pay a fee to change as costs from both the venue and computer hire company will have been incurred. Please call us on 01908 933535 and we’ll work with you as best we can.

Quantum Leap Testimonials

A small selection of testimonials can be seen in the sidebar to the right. There are additional video testimonials here:

Click here to view more video testimonials

You’ll see more testimonials below, and many more will be added here in the months ahead. You can also check out the independent online reviews on Coursecheck here:

Click here to see independent reviews on Coursecheck

Originals of all of these testimonials (plus more than 3,000 others) can be inspected in our offices, by arrangement, in written, audio or video form. Some also originate on LinkedIn.


“I’ve been in business for 32 years and just wish I’d had a workshop like this 12 years ago, 22 years ago, 32 years ago. It would have made a huge difference to what I’ve done over that time. It’s been interesting because I was doubtful before I came that this was actually the right kind of workshop for us, but it certainly has been and I’m very pleased with it. It’s reinforced a lot of ideas which we’ve been trying to put into practice without huge success … we now need to apply what we’ve learned. Although we’ve had strategy away days for the management team this has been enormously valuable. Certainly from my point of view it’s a realisation that I need to put aside one or two days every week just dealing with strategy. It’s been great, thanks very much indeed.”

— Christopher Goodhart, CEO, Tickets.com

Talisman Partnership:

“What was really really enlightening for me was the clarity of the strategies, how simple they are if you choose to implement them, and how fruitful they can become. As with any business, the simpler the concept or strategy is to implement, the more productive, efficient and enjoyable it’s going to be, and that’s what for me has really come out of these three days. It took me a long time and several meetings to decide “OK I’m going to pay the money to do this.” For a business of our size the outlay for this course seemed hard to justify. I thought I was doing a pretty good job as it was. It’s only a 3-day course, how much can I learn in an extra 3 days? But each night I’ve gone home and I’ve just been buzzing. I’d say now that it was the 3 most enlightening days I’ve ever had in my life and from where I’m sitting now, I’d pay double. Even so, I would still find it very difficult to explain the benefits of this course to my friends and business colleagues. if I tried to put over the full power and potential of it in black and white, I couldn’t even scrape the surface of what you would get from it. So I would say just trust me, you need to go on it. Until this point I thought I was going in the right direction, and all was going well. But now it’s like “PING! The sleeper has awoken!”

— Scott Conchar, Co-founder, Talisman Partnership, Bars, Restaurants & Clubs

Parity Plc:

“I came into the workshop with some pre-knowledge because I’ve known Robert for a while. I’ve always been skeptical, exceptionally skeptical, about marketing. And what has really hit me over the three days is that I’ve been wrong. I’ve relied on vastly expensive organisations in the past to put campaigns together for me and I’ve spent a whole wad of money … big, big, millions of pounds … on campaigns that I don’t think really were done correctly – and certainly done by people who didn’t have this knowledge. We would have been much better having gone on one of Robert’s events years ago and applying this knowledge internally, so it has been excellent and I’m chuffed to bits. The effect on me is far beyond what I expected and it exceeded my expectations in all areas. I also loved the interaction by the way. As a Managing Director I was challenged in my thinking and motivated to explore some ways to maximise growth. You should not miss an upcoming event.”

— Doug Brownlie, Managing Director, Parity plc, UK’s No.1 IT Training Company

Parity Plc:

“It’s 1,000 times better than I expected. I didn’t think any course would ever make me more enthusiastic than I already am, and this has done it. The whole three days has been completely and utterly 100% inspiring. We now have an absolutely clear plan as to what we need to do next, all the steps that we need to take, and how we get there, right down to the nuts and bolts. It’s not just conceptual stuff, it’s the actual day to day ”there it is, and that’s what you do to do it.” I just wish I’d done this 10 years ago. I can’t praise it enough. I expected it to be telling us things I already knew. It’s thrown everything I did know on its head and made me start again. I’ve now got a plan to do about ten times better even the things I thought I was strong in and knew. I look at them now and think ”no there’s a far better, more effective way of doing all this.” And that’s really blown me away. The whole thing about reducing attrition has also been stunning for me.”

— Alan Suggitt, Parity plc, UK’s No.1 IT Training Company

JZ Machtech:

“I have been searching and searching for some sort of guidance and it’s nearly impossible to find. I now feel that I’ve found a way of harnessing what I have inside me and this course has started to link a lot of things together. Long term it’ll allow me to apply a scientific approach to everything I’ve had ideas for. I’ve been desparate to find that personally because I’ve had no training ever, I was terrible at school, never went to college, and I’ve never been on business courses. Yet I was always sure that I could improve what other people were doing. This has been extremely beneficial and it’s exceeded all my expectations because I’m very cynical about the idea of paying someone a few £ thousand and making your life better … but it’s proved to me that there are good people out there, it’s just a matter of finding them. I would advise any other business to take the chance and go on this workshop. You’ve got nothing to lose and all to gain.”

— Jonas Zambakides, Founder, JZ Mactech, UK’s No.1 Independent Porsche Specialist and President of the Independent Garages Association

Pure Media:

“This workshop has taken the mystery out of marketing for me and is great value. It has shown me that with common sense, structure, planning and sharing information, we can become a successful business without having to break our backs in the process. It’s taught me to look through my customers’ eyes, to treat them like gold, to reassure them that they have made a good decision which they will continue to enjoy and to clearly define what they need and how we can deliver that in the most efficient and customer friendly way. It will not only help us to retain our customers but will also make us happier in ourselves and create pride in what we are building, making every day more of a pleasure for all concerned.”

— Julie Gibbons, Founder, Pure Media, Design/IT

Chase Consulting Group:

“Before coming on this workshop we had spoken about whether we REALLY could afford this time, because we’re just so damn busy in trying to grow the business and it’s a bit like ”I haven’t got time for this gatling gun, I’m fending the invaders off the ramparts with my spear, go away.” Of course we didn’t know this workshop would turn out to be a gatling gun. I thought I was going to hear a lot of things I had heard before. I thought I knew how to run businesses, but I’ve learned things. It’s a bit like this big black curtain alongside me, and I’ve never realised it’s there and someone’s now gone ”Hey, have a look at this …” and I’ve now looked at it and thought ”Oh! Them shiny things are like the shiny things I’ve got, only they’re bigger and better!” I now understand why things that I thought I was doing well are not having the effect that they should. So it’s given me clarity and more than anything else, focus. It has lasered us down onto two or three things that we really just have got to do, bar nothing. And then I think we’ll start to move. The other thing I’d say is that I’m now looking at a much bigger mountain but I can see a path up it. The fog’s cleared up and I can see the mountain now, whereas before I could see bits. But now I’m very focused on what that mountain looks like and how I can climb it where before I just knew it was there and I was sort of trying to attack it. I suggest you go and listen with an open mind. You’ll understand why you’re not succeeding. You’ll understand what you have to do. More to the point, you’ll understand WHAT you need to do to be more effective, how to achieve it and how to deliver it.”

— John Wigham, Chase Consulting Group, Management Consulting

Honeywell Aerospace:

“I’ve learned an awful lot about understanding the customer base and their needs and how acting on a multi-layered plan will multiply its effects. I now realise how much of what I do is a total waste of time so there’s a whole host of things that I’m not going to do any more, because they’re almost valueless. I never realised before that the USP is a whole library that you can make available and dip into and select when you need it. It has been enormously powerful to recognise that. I now have a COMPLETE plan for growth with an end result, not just more questions. Thoroughly enjoyable. So thank you.”

— Robert Burley, Honeywell Aerospace

Cap Coder:

“I’ve done an awful lot of courses in my life so I thought here we go again, another crusty boring thing, but actually it wasn’t crusty and boring at all. For me this has been a mind-opening experience into something I knew nothing about. It’s made me look at things quite differently and I suspect that anything we’ve done until now, however well intentioned, has been blundering around in the dark. Now I believe that there’s a candle to illuminate that darkness. We’re going to look at things totally differently from now on. You presented it very very well, and you’ve made the subject exciting, whereas I was always doubtful about marketing people before because no-one knew what they were doing, they often inflicted crazy ideas on us all and frequently they were impractical. But this is a practical course. A scientific approach to marketing without going into mumbo-jumbo. It’s been three very enjoyable days. Go. It will open your mind.”

— Chris Kenney, Director, Cap Coder, Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Addison Buildings:

“We are flooded by competition and we’re fed up with getting nowhere and banging our head on the wall trying to promote ourselves. What we’ve been through in the last 3 days has really opened our eyes up to the potential. Very well researched and planned. Easy to follow in well planned stages. Great software. Very good insight into marketing. We now see the whole picture not just small fragmented parts. It will allow us to rise above everybody else and set new standards in the way we work, the things we do, the products we offer and the way we market ourselves. The evidence you’ve given us over the three days is very very compelling and it all fits into place just as you said it would at the very beginning, so it’s been very very useful. Thank you.”

— Nigel Smith, Managing Director, Conservatory & Outbuilding Manufacturer

CGP Engineering:

“Well quite worryingly really, it’s made me realise after going through this excellent software that we’ve managed to stay in business and go as far as we have through complete brickwall stupidity and enthusiasm. I don’t really quite know how we managed to do it to be honest. And yes, it’s highlighted our complete ineptitude when it comes to running a business, from the marketing point of view. I have a host of things I will take back to the company and work through from now for the forseeable future. Masses of ammunition and new opportunities. Working through the software has made me realise the differences our company has compared to the 20 others that are within 3 miles of us, let alone everyone else in the local area, so yes the workshop has been a really positive experience and we’ll now get somewhere and become a lot more professional. Thanks a lot.”

— Phil Harrison, Director, CGP Engineering, Plastic Moulding Toolmakers

Meridian 1:

“If you are serious about growing a successful business you can’t afford to miss this workshop. Probably my biggest single fear was that a) my business idea might not be quite right b) I might not be able to compete against the existing encumbents, some of whom are very big, very rich, very powerful, and have been around for a long long time. I now realise the problems and issues people have with existing management consultants and it’ll be very easy to create a very open honest ethical informative educational truthful document, pitch or whatever that completely positions what I do. So the workshop has clearly identified the most important strategies and their priority and dependency, which means that I will now be able to launch into a difficult market with confidence and optimism. It’s exceeded my expectations and moved my ideas forward in three days probably the equivalent of a year, so from my perspective it’s been incredibly valuable. Thank you.”

— Steve McGrady, Meridian 1, Founder, Change Management Consultancy

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