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The average business Attending the Quantum Leap Workshop Identifies four simple strategies that can Boost their business by 93% in The following months. Join us for 3-days, Then Try All 50 ideas For a full year and If You Don’t get at least five times your money back it’ll cost you nothing. Guaranteed!

Learn more about growing your business in 3-days than 99% of businesses will learn in a lifetime.

Dear Email Tips Subscriber,

As you subscribe to my regular marketing tips by email, and we’re re-launching a truly unique workshop that could transform your business, I thought it was time to show you some special preferential treatment.

If the workshop turns out to be right for you, we’ll not only contribute £540+VAT towards the cost of your ticket, but with our “Better than your money back” guarantee, there’s no risk. Let me explain why the workshop might be of benefit to you right now …

After 3 years of global financial meltdown, turmoil, uncertainty, and unprecedented change, the business landscape is changing more rapidly than at any time in history. For many people in business there’s no end in sight, and mere survival is all too frequently the name of the game.

We also live in a world where it’s almost impossible to get decent returns on your investment. 1-3% interest is regarded as a pretty acceptable return for instant access to your invested money, and in business a return of 5%, 10% or 20% is often considered outstanding.

But those limitations simply won’t apply to you once you’ve you attended the Quantum Leap workshop…

After 3-intensive days you’ll understand how a series of simple, obvious, commonsense and easily implemented marketing strategies will change everything for you – yes, even in these turbulent times!

You will understand how you can boost your business substantially, without significant cost and with close to zero risk. You will understand why past participants are not only bucking trends in the marketplace right now, but, in many cases, also breaking their all-time sales records – often by significant margins – while their competitors stand still, go backwards or go out of business.

And the workshop will make you realise that running a business gives you a massive advantage over other people to an extent that you may never have appreciated.

Let me explain …

Why running a business gives you a massive advantage …

When you run a business, based on what you learn from this workshop:

  • You can be something like a hundred times more certain of creating wealth than if you invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other traditional investments.
  • You have the ability to routinely achieve hundreds or even thousands of percent return on your investment, even in today’s tough marketplace.

When you make an investment of any sort, there is always a correlation between risk and reward. To make £1 Million from a passive investment not only requires you to already have (and risk) a substantial amount of real money, but also means you have no control over the results…

You’re betting on what someone else does, which in turn is likely to be influenced by many factors beyond your control – and in a stock market crash 20%, 30%, 50% or more of the value of your investment can easily be wiped out. We’ve all seen it happen.

In a world where passive investments can deliver to you a 10% ROI in a good year but devastate your finances in a bad year, there is nothing easy about creating wealth.

But when you run a business you have total control over where your investment is going, because the ultimate financial leverage is available to you. And that leverage is your investment in marketing, i.e. the investment you’re making to identify, attract, get and keep your customers.

By applying a series of simple marketing techniques to your business, making small improvements, tweaking what you already do and doing things that little bit better (often for little or no extra cost), it’s possible to achieve massive leverage and dramatically improve results.

I’m not talking about just 10% or 20% ROI, instead you’re easily looking at 100%, 500% 1,000% … even more.

Too good to be true? Here’s why 1,000% ROI is entirely achievable …

Like a lot of business owners, you may not believe such dramatic growth is possible – that it sounds like a fantasy.

But I guarantee it isn’t … IF you know the secret.

So let me take a moment to explain why results like this are not only possible, but can also be both certain AND predictable. Yes, even in the middle of a major financial meltdown.

Let’s say you have 1,000 current and/or historic clients. If they’ve done business with you, and they think highly of you or your product or service they’re likely to be very responsive to any relevant offers you might make.

It will cost you all of about £500 to send out a sales letter to 1,000 clients, (and a lot less to send out the same number of emails). By testing several variables in your sales letter, such as your headline, offer, proposition, pricing, copy, incentives etc., it’s entirely possible to bring the highest performing individual elements together and generate 10%, 15%, 20% or even greater response.

If you achieve a 10% response to a product or service you’re offering for, say, £600, you’ll generate £60,000 in revenues for an investment of just £500. In other words you’ll have achieved 120 TIMES return on your £500 marketing investment. That’s not just 10% or even 100% ROI, it’s actually12,000%! And it doesn’t take months or years to achieve that result, but a matter of mere days or weeks.

Whilst it’s extremely rare for a passive investment to deliver anything close to this sort of stellar return … results of this magnitude CAN be accomplished every day in almost any business situation, regardless of the economic climate, just by employing the right marketing strategies, and implementing them effectively. But that’s only the beginning …

If you currently have to engage with twenty prospects to gain one client, and you now introduce better conversion strategies that improve your result from one in twenty to one in ten, you’ve immediately DOUBLED your new business and sales revenues. That’s really great leverage. And it’s not hard to achieve either.

If that one customer typically spends £250 and you now introduce some simple strategies that increase your average transaction value to £500, you’ve immediately DOUBLED your business AGAIN and leveraged it substantially.

If that customer previously bought from you once a year, and you now introduce some simple strategies to get them to come back twice a year, you’ve potentially DOUBLED your business AGAIN.

You’re actually achieving leverage upon leverage upon leverage…

This takes you way beyond standstill or the linear growth that most people in business today would be pleased to achieve or maintain. Instead it gives you geometric or even exponential growth, even in today’s tough business climate … and it’s actually a LOT easier to build your business this way than to do it the much harder way that most people choose.

Companies like Dyson, eBay, Amazon, Apple, IKEA, easyJet, Red Bull, Google, Carphone Warehouse, Virgin and others have emerged from obscurity to industry dominance in just a few short years by leveraging everything they do. The same marketing principles have also taken some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs to where they wanted to be.

Whether you previously understood it or not, this ability to leverage everything you do, then leverage it again and again means that if you run a business you’re actually in the most exclusive and prosperous club in the world, because your business has virtually unlimited potential.

You’re ONLY restricted by the number of concepts, tests and different marketing approaches you’re capable of combining together and implementing in a given timescale and, literally, by how much geometric growth you’re comfortable with achieving or are capable of handling.

This “geometry” of business growth is just one of the ‘secrets’ most people in business fail to grasp. You learn about it in the Quantum Leap workshop and it enables you to do more business with more customers, more often and more profitably than ever before. And it is also just one of 50 business boosting strategies that you can start implementing immediately when you participate in the Quantum Leap workshop.

Saving you from information overload!

As if things weren’t bad enough before with email, voicemail and meetings – online search tools like Google and social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube bombard us with more information each day than most of us are capable of handling in several lifetimes.

People today are so time pressured that when faced with any information they don’t need to complete the task in hand, they simply choose not to process it. They just don’t have the time or resources to look at new products, services, or better ways of doing things unless they’re vital to their lives right now.

Simply not knowing what all your options are or not having the time or ability to evaluate them and decide on the best actions to take means that, ultimately,it’s often easier to do nothing and simply continue to do what you’ve always done. But in a rapidly changing world, that’s a dangerous option.

In this age of information overload it’s almost impossible to find the nuggets of information you need among all the pebbles on the beach …

Time pressures and advances in technology have changed the way you, your prospects and your customers buy products or services. Many of the marketing approaches that worked in the past are either no longer effective at all, or they don’t work in the same way as they did before.

Finding information is easy with today’s technology. But finding the information that matters is harder than ever.

According to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, more data is now produced every 2 days than existed in the entire history of the world before 2003. That makes it impossible for you or anyone else to sift through every pebble on the beach in the hope of turning up the few nuggets you need.

Finding, evaluating and staying up to date with constantly changing marketing strategies which are going to accelerate your business becomes a never ending, thankless and quite frankly, impossible task that will likely send you mad if you persevere with it for any length of time…

… but you don’t have to do that research yourself because that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for years, so that you can benefit immediately.

Introducing the ‘Quantum Leap’ workshop…

Over the past 15 years we’ve amassed, collated, assembled, indexed, filed, analysed, cross-referenced, documented, put into use and endlessly honed the secrets of more than 350 of the greatest marketing minds in history. We’ve also identified, got to know, and had regular interactions with hundreds of the world’s most advanced thinkers in entrepreneurship, marketing and business growth; and we not only use sophisticated tools to monitor their latest cutting-edge thinking every day of the week, but we’ve done this for years and documented it.

These ongoing processes, combined with years of applying this knowledge to our own and clients’ businesses has given us deep insights into:

  • the marketing strategies that worked in the past (and how and why)
  • those that work in today’s very different marketplace
  • and how both traditional and cutting-edge marketing thinking can be combined in innovative and effective ways to produce results that continue to amaze onlookers who have a partial grasp of one or the other of these disciplines, but rarely both simultaneously.

In the process of doing this, we’ve built up over 3.5 million pages of notes, all organised in what can only be described as a vast interconnected mindmap, that exists nowhere else in the world, all stored in a sophisticated artificial intelligence data retrieval system.

In 2001 we started delivering a very intensive and highly condensed version of this knowledge to selected entrepreneurs via our now-famous “Quantum Leap” workshops, which were always exceptionally well received.

In the nearly 10 years we presented this workshop, one highly polished marketing nugget was presented after another after another, providing the attending business founders and directors with a distillation of the very best business growth strategies anywhere.

Using bespoke software a unique blueprint was tailored for every individual business, to indicate how each business could achieve the highest possible results for the lowest investment of time, effort, manpower and money.

That original Quantum Leap workshop had a massive impact on participants.

Based on the last 500 workshop attendees, the average business found that the top 4 easily applied strategies identified in their blueprint could boost their business by 93% in the following months.

With our help dozens went on to build their businesses from start-up to market leadership in 3-4 years. Others grew more than tenfold in a few short years, still others became the fastest growing companies in their field – one even built a group from nothing to £100M revenues in 7 years before exiting and starting again!

Along the way many participants won prestigious awards like “Business of the Year”, the “Queen’s Award to Industry”, and Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” (in one year both the national winner and the runner up were participants).

Several rose to prominence in their niches and ended up as President or Chairman of their industry associations. One became known in the media as the ‘Saviour of Scottish Industry.’ Some even achieved mentions in the Sunday Times Rich List; still others exited and sold stakes in their business for up to £247M.

All of them would tell you that the Quantum Leap workshop was one of, if not THE most important catalysts for the results that soon followed.

Now, after a 3-year break, the Quantum Leap Workshop is back … bigger, better, completely revamped and right up to date with the latest thinking

Although these workshops have not been offered for three years, enquiries and recommendations for them have continued and with the seismic changes in the way business is now being done, demand has, if anything, grown.

So we listened and started again with a clean sheet of paper. We rethought the workshop; re-wrote the special software used by participants from the ground up; revised and re-arranged the content; brought everything right up to date; removed some strategies that are no longer as relevant to today’s tough business environment, while adding 14 new strategies that are critically important in today’s very different world.

So for the first time in more than three years, you have the opportunity to participate in one again.

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“This workshop has far exceeded my expectations… I’ve had around 10 businesses in my life, the biggest got to 46% market share, so I thought I was a pretty good businessman, but I don’t think I have ever listened so intently for three days and not been tired. It’s been phenomenally informative. In my MBA I probably learned 1% of what you’ve taught us in the last three days. It’s going to help our business tremendously and I want to thank you.”
 —Robert Drew, when CEO of the World’s No. 1 Membership Organisation for Chief Executives

This unique workshop – which simply isn’t available anywhere else in the world at any price – will give you the tools, the knowledge, the focus, the sense of direction, the inspiration, the reassurance and the encouragement you need to double, re-double, and re-double your business again, even in today’s incredibly tough business environment.

Following a successful test of the new content with a small pilot group in July 2011, we are now re-launching the workshop to business founders and marketers who are keen to take their business to the next level despite the difficult economic climate, or who are aspiring market leaders in their field.

Here are what some of the those pilot group attendees had to say:

“If you want to improve your knowledge of your own company and impart that knowledge to the market, then come on this course. Robert is the fountain of it!”
—Matt Curley, Appointments BiLanguage

“Enlightening, empowering and exciting. A crash course in marketing that cuts no corners and gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to grow your business. Just one strategy will make a big difference. I’m trying to digest over 30.”
—Stephen Irvine, Babble

“It’s been exciting to discover how small, easy strategies can have such a big impact and the workshop has given me a roadplan to move the business forward immediately. If you want easy, practical marketing ideas to increase sales, value and customer retention, then this is the workshop for you. My Klout score has gone from 7 to 28 over the past 2-weeks after applying just a couple of the principles from your workshop – thank you.”
—David Gibson, Eureka

As you’ll gather from past participants, the Quantum Leap workshop just happens to be the most powerful, intensive, ideas-filled, practical, profit oriented 3-day business learning programme you’ll ever find.

And it’s also RISK FREE – backed by my personal iron-clad 100% ‘better than your money back’ double guarantee…

Attend this workshop and you’ll experience a unique methodology which always far exceeds the expectations of attendees and leaves them both thrilled and amazed at the range and depth of opportunities they uncover.

Join us and you’ll discover the secrets of:

  • building your foundations for exponential growth – less than 1 in 1,000 business owners knows how to do this. Armed with this knowledge you can quickly and easily become the leader in your field.
  • creating an effective online and social media presence – servicing your customers in the way they prefer, from Facebook and Twitter to email and the web, builds loyalty and helps you keep your customers. Integrating social media into your customer feedback loop can also enhance what you do, leading to increased revenue generation.
  • generating more leads, enquiries & customers – increase the potential of your business to grow by using strategies that help you get more enquiries and customers for the same amount of marketing spend.
  • improving your conversion rates – better conversion strategies can bring in greatly increased numbers of your ideal customers and can boost your business dramatically for little or no extra cost or effort.
  • increasing your transaction values – reach your goals faster and with fewer customers. These techniques can instantly multiply the results of everything else you do and can give you dramatically better profitability for little or no extra workload.
  • increasing your customer retention – 68% of customers change suppliers simply because they feel their existing supplier doesn’t care enough about them. A 5% increase in customer retention has been shown to boost profits between 25% and 85%!
  • generating more repeat business – once a customer has bought from you, they’re more likely to buy again, if you look after them and encourage them correctly, and it is six times cheaper than generating first-time customers.
  • multiplying the impact of everything you do – blending the techniques you learn – one successful strategy layered on top of another and another – compounds the benefit, and profits, you can achieve.
  • improving your performance in all areas – small improvements in all areas of your business compound the effect of each individual part, resulting in a business ‘machine’ which is hard for your competition to beat.
  • out-marketing your competition – the majority of businesses use just a handful of marketing methods, many of which are outdated and just don’t work as effectively as they once used to. You will learn more than 50 strategies which have been fine-tuned to work in today’s massively changed business world, even in the toughest economy.
  • building your business by word of mouth – word of mouth is by far THE most powerful , persuasive marketing weapon available to you in business. It drives more people to try more products and services than any other marketing technique … more than advertising, salespeople, direct response, and public relations combined! Most people have no idea how to harness this most powerful of all marketing weapons, yet there are dozens of techniques you can use to launch highly successful word of mouth campaigns that trigger exponential sales.
  • pulling all these concepts together to create your own “Quantum Leap” strategy – how to take the online and offline marketing and business growth techniques you learn, and combine them to form a powerful, bespoke blueprint, tailored to maximise the results you get for your business.

This means that instead of you spending years searching for the marketing strategies and tactics which will accelerate your business in a consistent and predictable manner, this 3 day workshop presents one highly polished nugget after another after another which you can take away and implement in your business straight away.

Now you can share in the lifetime secrets of 350 of the greatest marketing minds in history, combined with the very latest cutting-edge marketing thinking.

The concepts you’ll learn about work in any business and have been the driving force behind £ billions in sales and profits for over 10,000 companies across more than 400 industries.

Before you even attend the workshop you’ll explore 72 eye-opening questions that will make you see your business in an entirely new light.

In the workshop itself you’ll learn 50 marketing approaches you can immediately apply to your business to increase your sales and profits.

You’ll also learn how to differentiate your business from your competition; how to dramatically increase your sales figures; how you can make marketing the most powerful and profitable business activity you can engage in; and how you can create highly leveraged strategic alliances and joint ventures with your suppliers, even with your competitors!

Each subject is covered in detail supported by in-depth explanations that are both clear and easy to understand, drawn from over 3.5 million pages we’ve amassed from state-of-the-art theory, real life applications and case studies.

“Thank you for an inspiring three days in an ideas machine on fast spin. I enjoyed the workshop very much and I left each day with a list of to-dos. I think that the software makes a very good tool for the workshop. Great to use it to get all your thoughts down and to see the priorities emerge over the 3 days.”
—Paul Moss, IT Consultancy

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Here are 10 of the 50 powerful business building secrets you’ll discover as you progress through your Quantum Leap workshop …

  1. How to identify and communicate what’s unique or special about your business in everything you do and how you should articulate what you can do for your customer that delivers to them a result or an advantage that’s superior to your competition.
  2. How to make your products or services more distinctive so that they’re seen to be different to your competitors and more highly valued in the marketplace so they’re no longer perceived as mere commodities.
  3. How to identify exactly who your prime target audience is and focus all of your efforts on communicating only with them, instead of trying to be all things to all people.
  4. How to understand life from your customers perspective and see the transaction through their eyes so you can comprehend what they really want, need, are drawn to and repelled by – so that you can provide for their real needs, desires, wants, hopes and problems and talk in the language they want to hear.
  5. How to develop and present every facet of what you do in a compelling way that fully educates your prospects so that they immediately understand and appreciate the tangible, compelling reasons for dealing with you as opposed to your competitors.
  6. How to market your business online or offline extremely effectively and in a very targeted manner, by focusing the entire thrust of your communication on your prospect’s interests, not your own; and how to offer something appealing that will compel your prospect to respond now.
  7. How to get more high calibre “pre-sold” enquiries as well as generate a significant number of introductions or referrals who have a high likelihood of doing business with you.
  8. How to be found online using the 3 new pillars of marketing by publishing valuable content, engaging in search engine optimisation and using social media effectively. You’ll learn how to access and build audiences, connections and relationships in real time with otherwise inaccessible prospects, locally, regionally, nationally or anywhere in the world.
  9. How to set the buying criteria for your marketplace so that you become the only logical choice for your prime prospects, whilst simultaneously reducing the barriers of entry to make it more advantageous for your prime prospects to buy from you, rather than buy from one of your competitors … or not buy at all.
  10. How to discover whether what you’re doing is as effective as it could be by testing one approach against another, one supposition against another, one way of doing something, of saying something, of pricing something, of guaranteeing something, of explaining something, of promoting something against another … then measuring and comparing results, discovering which approaches always out-perform the alternatives, so that you can combine the approaches that produce the greatest effects and achieve maximum result with the minimum of time, effort, risk and expense.

            … Plus another 40 powerful business building secrets!

Pulling everything together … your personal ‘Blueprint For Success’…

Every marketing workshop, course, seminar or book we’ve come across has the same problem. Even the best of them leave you with no more than a collection of useful, but often unconnected, ideas, tactics and tips – but no plan.

How do you put all the approaches together? How do you combine them to maximise your results? How do you actually implement them in your business? Which bits apply to what you do and which bits don’t? Where do you start? What comes next? Hardly anyone out there can tell you … and that’s why only a tiny percentage of any knowledge imparted is ever implemented in a recognisable form.

“Off the peg” solutions might work well for franchises, but they won’t work for your business. You need something that’s designed specifically for you.

“Apart from the content, which is superb, there are many other spin offs such as ideas coming from other attendees, business being generated between other delegates and the chance to stand back and focus on how to develop the business rather than day to day fire fighting.”
—Gil Moolenaar, who then worked for “employer of the year” and “business of the year ” award winning service office provider

Unique software to capture your thoughts…

To eliminate these major shortcomings, we’ve created some totally unique computer software which is designed to do only one thing … make it simple for you to first capture then digest all the secrets you’ll be learning and integrate those approaches and ideas into a carefully designed, practical, individually crafted “blueprint for success” that’s both unique and uniquely adapted to you and your business.

Using this special software you’ll be able to capture all your thoughts and the multitude of revelations that occur to you throughout your workshop, AS they occur to you. As each example is given you can immediately capture the ways that YOU can see that example working for YOU in YOUR business … before your idea has a chance to get lost, never to re-emerge again!

Creating your own blueprint…

At the end of your workshop the software assembles all these nuggets into a unique and priceless digital “Quantum Leap Blueprint”. Your own unique 500 page reference document will reach you within hours of completing the workshop — supplied to you both as a pdf and a set of editable notes that you can keep adding to. This unique document is totally tailored to your specific strengths, resources and goals, with each strategy ranked to reflect its importance to your business.

Using conventional methods most people only retain about 15% of what they hear, and only go on to implement a fraction of that – around 1%, (yes, seriously!) – but the Quantum Leap workshop is different, you can go over and over your blueprint again and again.

This unique approach allows you to revisit and take in every idea, every word of advice and every revelation that’s occurred to you over the three intensive days you attend the workshop – at your own pace…

… forget nothing, remember everything!

You can focus on each individual idea, recommendation and marketing approach in turn. You can go over any parts of your blueprint you find particularly informative, until you fully distill every word of advice and completely comprehend how each marketing approach will work for you.

You’d have to spend tens of thousands of pounds on marketing consultants and hundreds, or more likely thousands, of hours putting together that kind of plan – until now.

And to show you how useful the plan is, we still get reports from people who attended the early Quantum Leap workshops, more than ten years ago, that even now they’re still referring constantly to the blueprint they created.

Understanding how everything comes together…

At the end of your workshop you’ll clearly understand how and why all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle come together to create a very cohesive model with your own individual stamp on it and unconstrained by the way that other people have approached it.

You’ll also come away understanding how to formulate and structure your activities on a daily, monthly and yearly basis … knowing how you can achieve remarkable results from simple actions, that you don’t need to be Superman to implement.

These are just some of the reasons why this workshop WILL exceed your expectations, and we guarantee that you’ll look back on it as one of the most worthwhile experiences of your business life.

Reading about this workshop is one thing, but the only way you’ll fully appreciate its staggering depth and range, and the impact it’ll have on your business, is to experience it for yourself … with absolutely no risk.

This workshop represents a very small investment compared to the very real returns you stand to gain.

Remember, the average business attending this workshop identifies how to boost their business by 93% in the following months using just four of the 50 topics covered. If your business has £1M in annual revenues now there’s a good chance you’ll leave the workshop knowing how to add another £930,000 in the next few months using just the top four strategies you identify.

In fact, any one of the 50 topics could repay your investment in the entire workshop not once, but many times over. But is it right for you?

Do you qualify for this unique workshop?

  • Are you the founder or a co-founder of your business?
  • If you’re not a founder, do you have influence within your organisation to make significant bottom-line decisions?
  • Are you unafraid of innovation or unconventional business thinking?
  • Are you prepared for serious growth in your business profits?
  • Are you prepared to invest 3 days of your time in return for business-building, wealth generating strategies?
  • Are you ambitious for yourself and your business?
  • Are you already profitable, but keen to be super successful?

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Where, when and how much?

The Quantum Leap workshop is held in Milton Keynes over 3 days and your investment would normally be £1,800 + VAT.

However, as you subscribe to my regular marketing tips by email, we’re extending to you a special invitation to participate at the one-off special price of just £1,260 + VAT in celebration of the relaunch of the workshop.

That’s a massive 30% saving, but it only applies if you can attend the workshop we’re running on 22-24 November 2011. Any bookings after that date will be at the full rate.

What’s more, if you book and pay in full before 30th October 2011, you qualify for an additional early bird discount which means that you can attend for just £1,050 + VAT, a further saving of £210.

That’s a total saving of 41% or £750.

What’s more, if you would like other key people from your business to attend the workshop at the same time, each additional place costs only £500 + VAT.

Therefore if two of you come your investment will be just £775 + VAT per person, or if three of you come your investment will be just £683 + VAT per person.

Note: Many previous participants have benefited greatly from having additional people there as well. It often helps to have someone else who looks at your business from the same perspective, and who speaks the same language to create the higher levels of buy-in and ownership you need to ensure the strategies get implemented after the event (Most businesses attending the workshop bring at least 2 people, and some have been known to bring as many as 6 to 10 key members of their team).

Whether you come on your own or bring additional colleagues with you, we guarantee you’ll learn more over your three days than most people will ever learn in a couple of lifetimes in business.

For your investment you’ll receive …

  1. An online grounding workbook. This special online workbook will prepare and pre-stretch your mind for everything your Quantum Leap workshop has to offer.
  2. The full live 3-day “Quantum Leap” workshop. Intensive, powerful, comprehensive, with more ideas and applications than you could fully implement in a lifetime. You use unique software to capture all of your thoughts and assess 50 powerful, practical, strategic marketing approaches that’ll turn your business inside out. To obtain anything approaching this calibre of information from any other source would require at least five to twenty times your investment in this workshop … even if that information were readily available.
  3. Networking and Masterminding. As you progress through the elements of your “Quantum Leap” workshop, this life-changing focus group of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners will be the source of dozens of fresh perspectives and inspirational ideas for your own business.
  4. Your own priceless personal written “Blueprint for Success”, a 500 page digital “roadmap” of all the strategies you can implement to grow your business. This unique document is totally tailored to your specific strengths, resources and goals, with each strategy ranked to reflect its importance to your business. You’ll understand how you can achieve the greatest yield for the minimum use of your precious time and resources. As you go back over your blueprint you’ll be able to take in every idea, every word of advice and guidance and every revelation that’s occurred to you — again and again, at your own pace. Any comparable bespoke plan with similar depth of content would easily cost you £10,000 or a lot more … if you could even find such a thing.
  5. An unedited audio recording of the entire 3-day event, so you can listen back to every point, every idea, every perspective – exactly as it was said and in context – you miss nothing, and every time you listen to part of it again you’ll gain further insights. Audio recordings of the Quantum Leap workshop normally sell for £1,250 + VAT on their own, but you get this recording free of charge as part of your package.
  6. One hour with me. You get a whole hour of my time by telephone after the event, once you have had a chance to go through your blueprint, notes and event recording to ask any questions you might have, and to help you get started. I no longer offer one-to-one consulting, but when I did my fee was £625 + VAT an hour. You won’t have to pay a penny!

You’re guaranteed to receive value from your Quantum Leap workshop that far exceeds your investment. And as I said earlier, you get all of this, at absolutely no risk to you because of…

My Personal Iron-Clad 100% ‘Better Than Your Money Back’ Double Guarantee

Guarantee #1 ? 100% refund if not thrilled.

Yes, it’s that simple. If you’re not absolutely convinced by 2 pm on your second day that you’ve already been given new ideas worth many times your investment in this workshop, then we honestly want you to ask for a full and immediate refund. No strings attached. No questions asked. No fine print. No red tape. No hard feelings either.

Guarantee #2 – The full year 5 TIMES YOUR MONEY BACK challenge

If at the end of a full year after you attend the workshop you haven’t made at least five times your investment in additional or replacement revenue by implementing and using the new and revised strategies you learn, just send us proof that you have implemented the top 10 strategies identified in your Blueprint, ask for a refund, and you’ve got it – every single penny, even if you ask for it at the end of the full 12 months.

That’s all there is to it!

I doubt you can find anybody else offering any kind of business building support willing to provide a guarantee even half this strong.

Why such a generous guarantee? To demonstrate our absolute confidence that the Quantum Leap workshop will be worth many times your investment and give you the complete peace of mind you need to book with confidence.

We can also tell you that in 10 years not one of the hundreds of participants has ever wanted a refund.

The worst that can happen is that you come out streets ahead just for deciding to participate. There’s absolutely no way you can lose, even if you do want your money back.

Is that fair?

The truth is that once you understand the impact of applying the secrets of the greatest marketing minds on the planet to your business, it’s most unlikely that you’d want your money back because this workshop probably represents the biggest goldmine of structured marketing approaches that’s ever been made available to you — Just attend the workshop to see if we’re right!

Book your place now and judge the workshop for yourself … 100% RISK FREE! Call Marketing Wizdom now on 01908 933535 … or book online using the button below … but hurry, the workshop only runs four times a year, participation is limited to just a select group of business owners or key influencers, and you’ll never be able to attend on such advantageous terms again.

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Warmest wishes

Robert Clay

P.S. It is unlikely that we will maintain this level of pricing for future workshops – the value imparted is far beyond any investment you will make, so you need to act now before the workshop increases to the £2,500 price tag it deserves.

And remember, your invitation to participate at the further reduced rate of £1,260 + VAT (or just £1,050 + VAT if you take advantage of the early bird discount) is a one-off opportunity to celebrate the relaunch of the workshop in its revamped form. It only applies if you attend the workshop we’re running on 22-24 November 2011. All bookings after that date will be at the full rate.