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3-day Quantum Leap Workshop FAQs

Marketing Wizdom Quantum Leap Marketing Workshop FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the 3-day Quantum Leap Workshop

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Quantum Leap workshop. If you have a question that is not answered here, please call us on 01908 933535 and ask for Andrea Pickerin, Robert Clay or Chris Billington-Hughes. Alternatively, email us at office@marketingwizdom.com

[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Are there any entry requirements?” title_closed=”Are there any entry requirements?”]

No. You do not need any qualifications to be eligible for this workshop.


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Who should attend?” title_closed=”Who should attend?”]

This workshop is aimed at business founders, entrepreneurs, chief executives, business leaders of entrepreneurial businesses that are growing or would like to grow. Once people attend this workshop they often send their key sales and marketing staff, as it helps them to understand, buy into and contribute to the strategies that emerge from the workshop. Unless you are already achieving as much growth as you can handle in your business, we guarantee you WILL gain enormous value from this workshop regardless of any qualifications or experience you already have. Even people with marketing MBAs tell us they benefit massively. If you have any concerns, please call us on 01908 933535 to discuss your circumstances.


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Where does this workshop take place?” title_closed=”Where does this workshop take place?”]

At Kents Hill Park Training & Conference Centre, Milton Keynes. This venue is 5-10 minutes drive from Milton Keynes city centre, Milton Keynes Central railway station and Junctions 13 and 14 on the M1.


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”It’s too far for me to travel each day. Where can I stay?” title_closed=”It’s too far for me to travel each day. Where can I stay?”]

Staying at the workshop venue itself would be advisable if you’d like to avoid travelling at the beginning and end of each day. It is reasonably priced and has excellent leisure and catering facilities on site. If you would prefer a bed and breakfast arrangement or indeed a different hotel or serviced apartment, you may like to search Trip Adviser.


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”When is the closing date for applications?” title_closed=”When is the closing date for applications?”]

Bookings must be made at least two weeks before the start date of any workshop. If you’re keen to join a particular date and there is less than two weeks until the start date, call us on 01908 933535 as it may still be possible to fit you in.


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Can I reserve a place?” title_closed=”Can I reserve a place?”]

Yes. Please call 01908 933535 to reserve your place, or email office@marketingwizdom.com


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”When will I receive my digital blueprint and audio recording?” title_closed=”When will I receive my digital blueprint and audio recording?”]

Your digital blueprint and audio recording is ready within three working days following the end of your workshop. Please note that these files are too big and too numerous to be emailed to you, so a secure Dropbox folder is set up for you, and the files are added to that folder. You are notified by email when your files are ready for collection from Dropbox.com.


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Can I have a printed version of my blueprint?” title_closed=”Can I have a printed version of my blueprint?”]

Yes. A printed and bound copy of your blueprint can be prepared and sent to you. There is a fee is of £75 + VAT for this service, including delivery.


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”How much does the workshop cost and how do I pay?” title_closed=”How much does the workshop cost and how do I pay?”]

The fee for the first attendee from your business is £1,250 + VAT. This can be reduced to £995 + VAT if your workshop is booked and paid for 45 days in advance. Each additional attendee from the same business can attend the same workshop for just £600 + VAT.

Please call us on 01908 933535 or email office@marketingwizdom.com to book. Most businesses pay by BACS transfer, but you can also pay by debit/credit card or cheque.


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”If I have another marketing qualification, is it still worth attending?” title_closed=”If I have another marketing qualification, is it still worth attending?”]

Yes … for several reasons:

  1. This workshop gives you strategies that are more practical and applicable to entrepreneurial businesses than any other marketing qualification.
  2. The range of audio and visual examples of strategies being successfully applied by other businesses is huge and helps you to determine how and where you can apply those same strategies in your business.
  3. The unique technology used in the workshop enables you to record all your thoughts and “must do” ideas so that you can refer back to them with ease.
  4. The built-in scoring system enables you to assess each individual strategy relative to your own particular likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, producing a unique and personalised priority plan of action for your business.
  5. The editable notes you receive after the workshop enable you to continue adding to and developing your thoughts as your business progresses … and as you go over the materials and audio recording again and again.
  6. The full unedited audio recording you receive after the workshop enable you to go back over any of the content again and again for years to come, when it’s convenient for you – so nothing ever gets “lost in the cracks.”


[toggle hide=”yes” title_open=”Can I transfer from one workshop to another?” title_closed=”Can I transfer from one workshop to another?”]

Yes. You will need to give two week’s notice of any date change. If you’re unable to give as much notice as that, you will probably be required to pay a fee to change as costs from both the venue and computer hire company will be incurred. Please call us on 01908 933535 and we’ll work with you as best we can.


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