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Lead Generation Strategies That Boost Your Profits

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Hello, I’m Robert Clay from Marketing Wizdom. Today’s video, the second in this series, is about profit boosting lead generation strategies.

For 23 years I’ve carried out considerable research into how to turn good businesses into great businesses; and how to turn great businesses into leaders in their niche.

In that time, I’ve taught more than 600 established businesses how to harness and apply these principles. That enabled them to outsmart the 98% of businesses that don’t.

In my previous post I explained how you can work smarter than 98% of businesses. You do that by harnessing the miraculous power of compounding to grow your business in three dimensions simultaneously.

Here’s a Question for You…

How do you succeed in a world where we’re all are bombarded with too much information? Where competition is fierce? Where technology is consistently changing? And where the routes to communicate are multiplying?

What could you achieve with a formula that doesn’t just boost your business but turbocharges it ahead of your competition?

The next 6 posts will introduce you to a profit acceleration formula. It shows you six ways to not only boost your lead generation but also turbocharge your business.

Lead Generation Six Turbochargers

Master any one of the six profit turbochargers and you can achieve significant business growth.

By applying your efforts to all six and understanding how each one has a compounding effect on the others, you could boost your revenues by 175% to 365%.

What’s not to like about that?

The First Turbocharger: Lead Generation

Without sufficient lead generation, interest and prospects you’ll likely be fighting a never-ending battle to generate enough cashflow to ensure the survival of your business.

Scarily, all too few entrepreneurs or business leaders have an accurate idea of how many leads they generate. And while it’s great to generate lots of leads, they’ll do you no good if you don’t convert them into business.

Lead Generation Basic Ingredients

Generating a constant flow of interest, leads and prospects requires a specific set of ingredients. So let’s take a closer look…

First, you should first be really clear about your values, vision, mission and your business purpose, beyond making money. Get these fundamental things right and you can attract the right prospects to your business like metal filings to a magnet. And they’ll set you apart.

Lead generation fact

You also need to be very clear on all those things that make your business better and different to your competition. And they should be things that also matter to your customers and potential buyers.

Know Your Customer

It’s vitally important to identify precisely who your customers are. And for lead generation purposes you also need to know:

  • what they like and dislike
  • what attracts or repels them
  • what really matters to them
  • what problems they urgently need to solve, and
  • how your product or service makes their life or business better

If I asked you right now to answer to those questions, how would you respond? Could you even give me an answer? And if you can, then how do you know? Do you know them for a fact, or are you making assumptions?

If don’t know the answers to those questions, then how can you expect to attract the attention of your marketplace? And how much of an edge will your competition have if they know those answers and you don’t?

Once you’ve established what matters and appeals to your customers, you can develop compelling messages, irresistible offers and stories that resonate with them.

It’s only when you truly understand who your ideal target customers are and what motivates them that you can generate content that resonates with them.

Content (together with content marketing) is now an incredibly important part of lead generation. But most entrepreneurs still don’t begin to understand how vital it is in today’s world.

Once the basic building blocks are embedded in your business you can boost your lead generation by telling your story in a variety of ways.

Here’s Something to Consider…

With over 90% smartphone penetration in the UK, people go online to find answers to virtually every question that occurs to them, as it occurs to them.

If they don’t find the answers they’re seeking when they visit your site, they’ll be off again in seconds. And if they can’t even find your site you might as well not exist.

Traditional marketing approaches like direct mail, telemarketing and advertising are still relevant in some situations. But your communication strategy in today’s world should also incorporate video, blog posts and content shared through social media channels such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Medium, and
  • TikTok

The channels you should use will vary depending on your business and the preferences of your target market.

Being found online depends on the quality of the content you publish, and the way you use social media to distribute and amplify that content.

It may also be appropriate to engage in PR activities, special events, joint ventures, and strategic alliances for your lead generation … the list goes on!

None of these things are hard to do, when you know what to do.

But you can’t expect to just “do” any of them in a half-hearted manner without getting half-baked results.

Every one of them, to be effective for lead generation, requires considerable thought, planning, time, effort and commitment.

Lead generation Porsche 911

From One Man Band To No.2 in UK With The Right Lead Generation Strategies

Now you’ve had some food for thought, here’s a quick example of how a special event took a one-man band to No.2 in the UK in his field. And he did it using a lead generation strategy, that cost him next to nothing.

My client, an independent Porsche specialist, offered to host a regional event at his premises for members of the Porsche Club of Great Britain. It was enough to lift his fledgling business off the ground and immediately accelerate his success.

He simply offered a free check to anyone who came along on the day. But he was amazed when 100 people in 80 Porsches turned up that one Saturday afternoon.

Just from the free checks he gained more business than he could cope with for the next month. It was an extremely effective lead generation strategy and he realised that he had to do this again.

One of his major established competitors turned up that afternoon and was astounded to see how many people turned up, every one of them a prime prospect. A year later my client owned that company as well.

He now owns the second largest independent garage in the UK and went on to become chairman of the independent garages association.

That one lead generation event gave his business a boost of hundreds of percent… Which he then repeated.

He then went on to use other strategies I’ve mentioned. His reputation started to spread far and wide, with people even bringing their Porsches to him from as far away as Switzerland. He is now very busy growing his business internationally.

Hundreds of Ways to Generate Leads

The point is there are any number of lead generation methods available to you to create almost endless interest, leads and prospects. We’ve spent 23 years documenting well over 150 different lead generation strategies which work well in any business.

Your goal should be to get your business working smarter, not harder for you on an ongoing basis.

Now here’s a thought … what would happen to your business if you applied this first turbocharger … generating more leads, but doing it more effectively than most of your competition?”

Now that’s something to think about!

How Much Do You Really Know About Your Customers? Please Comment Below

Please share with us below how you identify precisely who your customers are. Where do you find them in high concentrations? What do they like or dislike? What really matters to them? How do you know? Please share your experiences in a comment below.

Please also comment if you’ve found this article on profit boosting lead generation strategies helpful. And if you have any of your own ideas, insights, perspectives and experiences to contribute, please share them.

And let us know below if you have any questions relating to lead generation strategies. Or if there are any specific topics you’d like us to cover in future articles.

This is Robert Clay. Thank you for joining me. I look forward to sharing many more concepts with you that, when you put them together and execute them effectively, can take your business from arithmetic to geometric growth and to market leadership in its niche.

Please share your thoughts and add your questions to the comments below. I’ll try to provide as many answers as possible in my future online videos, seminars, workshops, masterclasses and blog posts.


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