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Business Growth and Marketing Speakers

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Business founders and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve and grow their businesses, and that’s what our speakers deliver – real depth of knowledge, years of experience, a proven track record and practical, valuable strategies, ideas and solutions that enable any business to grow, often dramatically!

When choosing a business speaker for your event they must be able to deliver on your objectives, impress your delegates and leave them wanting more.

Speakers That Always Exceed Expectations

Marketing Wizdom’s Robert Clay and Chris Billington Hughes are both experienced speakers who have helped numerous businesses to grow with their proven skills and knowledge. Over the years they’ve met or exceeded the expectations of 99.7% of their delegates. That’s why they’re invited back again and again.

Typical audiences are business owners, entrepreneurs, directors, business leaders and marketers who are looking for practical ways to compete more effectively, attract more clients, raise their performance and sales value, and increase repeat business.

Specialising in business growth using proven, practical strategies, as speakers on business growth and marketing strategy they appeal across the board from accountants to IT companies, manufacturers to trade based organisations, PLC’s to sole traders.

Topics include:

  • How to sell more, faster, and more easily to demanding customers in highly competitive markets
  • How to outsell, out manoeuvre and outsmart your competition
  • How to turn qualified prospects into first time buyers, repeat customers and loyal clients
  • Turning loyal clients into advocates
  • The seven musts of marketing
  • How to dominate your market niche

Having delivered literally hundreds of keynote seminars for the likes of:

  • Banks (Lloyds TSB, Barclays, NatWest, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland)
  • Professional Bodies (The IoD, CMI, IIB, NAEA, MIA, PCG)
  • Entrepreneurs World
  • Chartered Insurance Institute
  • Personal Finance Society
  • National Association of Estate Agents
  • Chambers of Commerce (Milton Keynes, Luton & Beds, Hertforshire, Coventry & Warwickshire)
  • Academy for Chief Executives

…and a variety of other businesses and organisations, Robert and Chris understand exactly what is needed to deliver for their host and to their audiences.

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