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7 Ways To Outsell, Outsmart and Outperform Your Toughest Competition – Moorgate, London, Thursday 26 March 2015 

If you’re the founder or leader of a business with 1) Annual revenues in the £2-20M range 2) Traction in your marketplace, and 3) High growth potential, you’re invited to attend this special event in London on the morning of 26 March 2015, followed by lunch.

Hosted by Marketing Wizdom and Smith & Williamson, this event covers 7 ways you can outsell, outsmart and outperform your toughest competition. You will walk away with some fascinating and thought provoking insights into the business acceleration strategies used by high growth businesses to attain leadership of their niche.

This hands-on workshop is the by-product of 18 years research into the equivalent of a DNA code for taking any business with high growth potential to market leadership in its niche. The concepts covered on the day will give you a flavour of a series of strategies that are not widely understood or spoken about and that have been tested and proven with over 500 businesses, many of them becoming market leaders within three years or accelerating their previous growth rate by 200-400% … and sustaining that growth through the recent recession while their competitors were often downsizing or going out of business.

Businesses using these approaches have won top awards e.g. Ernst and Young National Entrepreneur of the Year Winners and Runners Up (in the same year!); Sunday Times National Estate Agent of the Year winners for five consecutive years and many more … and in many cases the entrepreneurs running those businesses exited for £10s or £100’s of millions.

If you meet the criteria described above and you’re ambitious for more business growth, this event will be excellent use of your time.

You’ll benefit immediately from some “quick wins” as well as taking away some very robust strategies to implement over the weeks and months ahead that will work year on year. You’ll hear about the science behind these marketing approaches and why they work; you’ll be inspired to take your business to the next level; and you’ll understand what to do next.

So join us in London on 26th March 2015 to find out how you can outsell, outsmart and outperform your competitors and take your business to market leadership in a controlled, profitable and predictable way.


Your Speakers:

Robert Clay, Founder and Chief Enabler
Robert Clay
Managing Director
Marketing Wizdom

The author of over 30 published books, he is independently ranked amongst the UK’s Top 3 marketers out of 319,455 UK advertising and marketing professionals on LinkedIn. He has also amassed around 100,000 followers on Twitter
Guy Rigby
Guy Rigby
Head of Entrepreneurial Services
Smith & Williamson

Guy’s book, “From Vision to Exit – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Buying and Selling a Business”, has received significant critical acclaim. Interviewed on TV and radio, Guy is regularly quoted in the FT, The Times and The Telegraph


Your Agenda For The Day
08:30 am Danish pastries and Networking
 09:00 am Guy Rigby
Welcome, agenda and objectives
 09:10 am Robert Clay
An overview of the 12 essential elements you must master to take your business to market leadership in your niche … based on 18 years of research
Exercise: You’ll learn how to construct a one-sentence pitch using a format that has been used many times to secure VC funding. Many valuable lessons emerge from this exercise that you’ll use again and again in your business whether you need funding or not
Exercise: You’ll experience a story that nearly everyone can repeat word for word after hearing it once. You’ll then learn how to construct the memorable and transmissible stories that are essential for stimulating Word-of-Mouth in your business
Primer: You’ll learn how people make decisions and buy; understanding each step in the buying process; identifying the right marketing tasks to undertake at each step and why it is essential to provide your prospects and clients with irrefutable proof to validate all of your claims and accelerate customer decisions
 11:00 am Coffee and Networking
 11:15 am Guy Rigby
How to make your business valuable, then sell it … and live happily ever after. A practical overview of the steps involved in building a successful and valuable business and realising its true value when you sell it.
 12.00 pm Robert Clay
Inbound Marketing:  Why in today’s world you need to build relationships, peer influence, trust and engagement with a self-selecting audience of ideal target clients, supported by an eye-opening case study and exercise
Relativity: Your introduction to a facet of Nobel prize-winning behavioural economics theory which can effortlessly increase your business results by hundreds of percent. 
 13:15 pm Buffet Lunch and Networking
 14:00 pm Close

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7 Ways To Outsell, Outsmart and Outperform Your Toughest Competition – Your Speakers 


Robert Clay, Founder and Chief Enabler
Robert Clay
Managing Director
Marketing Wizdom

Robert Clay

Robert Clay is an entrepreneur who at age 19 and 23 started two businesses in the automotive industry with no capital. He disrupted his marketplace by figuring out HOW to do things others hadn’t considered or been able to do, and both businesses went on to achieve global success. He sold both businesses to a division of Astra Pharmaceutical (now Astra Zeneca) then played a major role in taking the combined business to No.1 in the world in its field.

Considered to have an unusual flair for marketing, he went on to provide marketing consulting services, whilst also becoming a relentless student of marketing; got to know some of the world’s leading business thinkers; painstakingly researched and tested hundreds of business growth strategies over 13 years with around 500 businesses; and worked out HOW to grow any business, while simultaneously amassing more than 4 million pages of know-how.

The innovative techniques that have emerged from this process open people’s eyes to the hidden profit potential in their business. He has also developed unique ways of imparting his vast body of marketing and business growth know-how to hundreds of clients, many of whom have been catapulted from obscurity to market leadership in their niche, winning prestigious awards, mentions in the Sunday Times Rich List, and achieving £ multi-million exits.

The author of over 30 published books (mostly in private circulation, i.e. not for public consumption) on the DNA of taking any business to market leadership. He is independently ranked as one of the Top 3 marketers out of 319,455 UK advertising and marketing professionals on LinkedIn, based on rankings sorted by recommendations (November 2013). He has also amassed nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter and his first two purely experimental podcasts reached the top 10 best selling business titles on iTunes in their first 2 weeks.


Guy Rigby
Guy Rigby
Head of Entrepreneurial Services
Smith & Williamson

Guy Rigby

Guy is an experienced chartered accountant, entrepreneur and author. A natural and driven enthusiast, he built and sold his own accountancy firm, as well as pursuing other commercial interests. He has been a director and part owner of a number of different companies, including businesses in the IT, property, defence, manufacturing and retail sectors. In an unusually varied career, he has been the senior partner of two accountancy firms, a finance director, sales and marketing director and an adviser and mentor to many entrepreneurial businesses and their owners.

Guy joined Smith & Williamson in 2008 and leads their entrepreneurial services group.  His day to day activities include advising entrepreneurs and their businesses and coordinating Smith & Williamson’s activities in this increasingly important market.

Guy’s book, From Vision to Exit – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Buying and Selling a Business, has received significant critical acclaim. He often writes or provides comment for the press, has been interviewed on Bloomberg TV and on radio and is regularly quoted in the FT, The Times and The Telegraph, among other publications.


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7 Ways To Outsell, Outsmart and Outperform Your Toughest Competition – The Venue

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Smith & Williamson
25 Moorgate

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