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Marketing Wizdom provides business and marketing mentoring to aspiring market leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers through a series of highly acclaimed workshops.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or marketer the legendary Quantum Leap workshop will teach you more about growing your business in three days than most people will learn in a couple of lifetimes. Guaranteed! This remarkable workshop was delivered for nearly a decade, and produced some astonishing success stories. Now completely revamped and updated.

Once you’ve attended a Quantum Leap workshop you can, if appropriate, join Eureka, an ongoing mentoring program for aspiring market leaders. To qualify you must already have a successful business and have the desire, ability and business acumen to become a market leader in your niche. The Eureka program is by invitation only.

Quantum Leap — 3 day workshop for business founders and marketers

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or marketer looking to reinvent or expand your business, increase your turnover and profits, become more competitive or simply improve the effectiveness of your marketing, you are guaranteed to learn an array of immensely valuable strategies from this fast-paced, intensive workshop.

Quantum Leap is a stand alone workshop, delivered four times a year. The main content is delivered over 2-days, but if you can spare an additional day, you can attend a third day free of charge to build on and bring together everything you learn over the previous two days. Join us for this workshop and we guarantee you’ll learn more about growing your business in three days than most people will learn from a couple of lifetimes in business.

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Eureka — an ongoing mentoring program for aspiring market leaders

If you’re an aspiring market leader and meet the qualifying criteria, you can now participate in Eureka, an extraordinarily powerful mentoring program that gives you the world-class know-how, systems, processes, tools and the peer group support you need to build your foundations for exponential growth; turn your business into the ultimate sales machine; attain and maintain high net margins for your sector; grow loyal clients; and turn those clients into zealous advocates who talk about you constantly and spontaneously whether you’re there or not.

The Eureka program is delivered by Robert Clay who not only built two global businesses from scratch and sold them, but was also instrumental in taking the merged company to No.1 in the world in its field. He has since helped many others to achieve market leadership in their own niches through the application of low-risk/high-return marketing approaches, mixed with a simple, obvious, common sense approach to building businesses that routinely outperform their competitors.

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